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Maine Town Spotlight – Houlton ME, Aroostook County

Maine Town Spotlight – Houlton ME, Aroostook County

Houlton Maine Town Spotlight | Welcome To Aroostook County

Are looking for community information on “The County”‘s oldest town?

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The County Seat Of Aroostook, Houlton Maine

Maine has sixteen counties, Aroostook is the largest with Houlton ME the “Shiretown”.

Clancy, Houlton Maine Boy And The BootThe “Crown Of Maine” is the size of Connecticut, Rhode Island combined!  Houlton ME is the county seat of Aroostook.

Houlton Maine borders the Province of New Brunswick Canada. Interstate 95 begins in Houlton Maine, at the cross road connection of US Rt 1, 2, 2A.

Being a Maine Canadian border town has lots of perks depending on the way the currency exchange rate swings.

The Trans Canada highway joins I-95 in Houlton Maine. Lots of USA border traffic flows freely in to Houlton Maine, the gateway to the Atlantic Provinces of Canada.

The Boy With The Leaking Boot, one of Houlton Maine’s most photographed local hero. The local Rotary club of Houlton Maine uses the boy with the leaking boot as a pewter fund raiser. Clancy is a friendly Houlton Maine ambassador. He spends winter inside the Houlton Police department lobby not far away from his summer sunshine all day tourist location. And KHUL is the Houlton Maine International Airport designated call letters. Located two miles east on the US – Canadian border, Houlton Maine’s airport has an elevation of 490′.

One Houlton Maine Airport’s paved runways is 5015′ long x 100′ wide.

Maine Soap Box Derby Held In Houlton METhe other runway is 2700′ long x 60′ wide.

The Houlton Maine airport’s use, on the Canadian border location was vital. During the Lend Lease program with England prior to actual  entry of World War Two.

It housed army barracks. Camp Houlton a German prisoner of war camp during the war effort. Camp Houlton allowed base inmates to work the area farms. To help get the crop in and out of the ground.  Local Maine farmers were a little short on labor during the war.

Local residents remember hearing open truck loads of the field workers singing German songs. As they were delivered to and from the potato fields.

POW labor at Camp Houlton  used to take the place of missing field hands “over there” across the pond. Good workers, glad to be let out of camp. To make a little money for smokes, treats. While they waited for the war to end.

Today, an active Industrial park exists at the airport. With tenants like Ward Log Homes, the nation’s oldest cedar log cabin producer. Smith and Wesson, the well known hand gun, hand cuff producer also owns an expanded facility in Houlton Maine’s Industrial Park.  And Zildgian making the crashing cymbals.

The population of Houlton Maine is 6123 in the six by six mile township itself.

But many bedroom communities surround the town of Houlton Maine. You sleep outside of town but the shopping, education, health, business center for Southern Aroostook County. It’s Houlton Maine.

Settled in 1807 by Joseph Houlton, Aaron Putnam and family, friends from New Salem Massachusetts.  Houlton Maine incorporated on March 8th, 1831. Maine a part of Massachusetts and not becoming a state of its own until 1820. Fertile soil, clean natural waterways, valuable timber and ample space, elbow room. That is what the attraction was for the earlier Houlton Maine settlers. 

Derby Hill, Houlton Maine Car Race TrackHoulton Maine, the largest soap box derby race city five years in a row in the entire nation.

The Maine Soap Box Derby races are held on a specially built hill to the left.

Engineered after the one for the World Series of Tracks in Akron Ohio’s All American race course.

Early black and white television children’s show host Howdy Doody owned the local WHOU radio station for many years and two other stations besides Houlton Maine. 

The Houlton Pioneer Times is the local weekly newspaper. The black and white folded newsprint and digital versions still serving the Southern Aroostook readership. It is the only paper in the World interested in the area we call home. 

Ricker College operated a higher education center in Houlton Maine from 1848 to 1978.

Ricker College started the annual Meduxnekeag River Canoe Races, which the Rotary Club of Houlton Maine took over for many years. Today, annual spring canoe and kayak races are orchestrated by the Dollars For Schools SAD 29 and SAD 70 schools systems.  And what about places to spend the night, Houlton Maine motel options for rooms?

University College In Houlton Maine helps in post high school education pursuits. 

Houlton Maine, County Court House In ShiretownHoulton Maine is a very well known musical town.

With years of success in our local schools with strong, vibrant show choir, jazz band, percussion ensemble and voice / instrument programs.

Houlton Maine is often the state venue for music competitions due to a strong  volunteer boosters program.

McGill’s Community Band is 100 dedicated musician volunteers who entertain the Houlton Maine summer community Thursday nights. Pull up a folding chair in front of the the Amphitheatre platform. The outdoor musical performing stage is located behind Cary Library.

Houlton Maine is a rural community, connected by a smaller family atmosphere of  hard working people.

Farming for potato, grains, broccoli, dairy, beef are the norm agricultural endeavors.  So is harvest of our natural timber wood resources in Southern Aroostook County, Northern Maine. Sporting lodges of all types and the Big Rock Ski Area, the Southern Aroostook Agricultural Museum all help to pump tourist visitor dollars in to the local economy. The Houlton Community Golf Course is located on the shores of Nickerson Lake, New Limerick Maine. Hike, bike, hit the trails. Climb in a kayak and swim, water ski. Or down hill snow ski depending on which calendar month is displaying on the kitchen wall.

We rounded up a lot of leads for job seekers, place to start the career search.

Looking for a job, seeking employment in Houlton Maine?

The architecture of the Houlton Maine area is Victorian and brick structures dominate the downtown, Market Square. Thank you for reading this post and letting me be your local personal tour guide to share information from an insider who lives, works, plays here!  Houlton Maine’s weather, climate, topography is Many Lakes Surround Houlton Maine, Like Drewsfour season pleasant.

Our summer average daily temperature is 72 degrees.

 In winter the average height of the mercury level is at the 19 degree mark.

Our recreation activities happen outdoors year round.

Usually involves water, like a Maine lake, river, stream, ocean front for our enjoyment from boating to fishing, swimming, water skiing.

The fun in Houlton Maine is no cost, low cost. Hiking Mt Katahdin, Aroostook State Park, Mars Hill, Mt Chase Mountains provide great exercise and a family event that becomes a tradition.

There is no shortage of Maine lakes surrounding the Houlton Maine area. The Houlton Community Golf Course greens overlook the Nickerson Lake crescent shape waterfront.

To the south, Grand Lake is one of the Maine’s top eight biggest lakes.

Since 911 happened, the Houlton Maine port of entry on the US Canadian border has been beefed up, staffed heavier with more jobs in the Customs, Immigration and Border Victorian Homes Fill The Township Of Houlton MainePatrol law enforcement fields.

The Maine State Police Troop F, The Aroostook County Sheriff’s Department are based out of the county seat of Houlton Maine.

Houlton Maine is part of Vacationland. Learn the quick Maine state tourist information game show question winning answers. 

You are relocating, retiring, moving to Northern Maine and want to know about Internet, phone, cable providers in Aroostook County. Well, not any more.

Houlton Maine Regional Hospital on Hartford Street services the Southern Aroostook area’s medical needs. So does Katahdin Valley Health Center on Bangor Street. There are a number of nursing home facilities, assisting living options in Houlton Maine. Everyone gets the quality care they deserve.

And the local Houlton Maine police department provides more than adequateMeet Your Friends, Grab A Family Ice Cream At The Houlton Farms Dairy Bar service to protect the local citizens.

The Local HFD Dairy Bar is a hot spot for cooling off.

For ice cream cones, shakes, sundaes and more quality summer ice cream products from local, happy Aroostook cows.

A small town dairy bar is a meeting place to mingle and sample something local and sweet to eat. 

Maine, the 4th lowest crime state, northern sections of Vacationland and impressive half that pretty special state average.

Tourists not desiring the traffic traps of the Maine coast where 100 cruise ships visit along with many motorists each year seek out Maine Snowsled ITS Trails, ATV Four Wheel PathsHoulton Maine’s layed back, relaxing vacation options.

The sportsmen’s year round visits to the Southern Aroostook area happen year round. Hit the recreational trails and enjoy your time in the Northern section of the state. 

The town of Houlton Maine has a dairy facility supplied by local farmers, happy local cows to assure freshness. Without growth hormones. 

The Houlton Farms Dairy is a good corporate partner supporting many worthwhile local causes. In addition to offering dairy bar ice cream, a variety of other milk products, the Houlton Farms Dairy has supplied the Southern Aroostook area since 1938. Samantha Smith the global peacekeeper was born in Houlton. 

Houlton Maine town property taxes are due October 15th. Here’s a of Houlton Maine lawyers, attorneys if that helps, is needed.

Down Town Houlton Maine Celebrates Midnight Madness, 4th Of JulyThe 4th of July In Houlton Maine offers a multi day state fair and Midnight Madness retail celebration in the down town.

Watch a video of the Midnight Madness.

Catch a Houlton ME State Fair video.  

The School Administration District 29 (SAD 29) serves Houlton, Littleton, Monticello and Hammond Maine K-12 school children.

 SAD 29  provides a quality education to area youth. Neighboring SAD 70 in Hodgdon Maine is the closest other school system beside the non-denominational Houlton Christian School.

Maine has roughly five thousand home schoolers and a network of help, support for this method of teaching, learning is strong in the Pine Tree State.

We are all taught to be good with spending, saving growing up in Houlton Maine.

Frugal, living within our means is an art form.

Overspending is frowned on and money not used to impress. To cause envy. Folks are down to Earth, friendly, hard working and family oriented for life. Taking care of what you are lucky to have, earned is the way we roll. 

Houlton Maine's Market SquareBuying some of Northern Maine is not a problem with several Houlton ME financial bank mortgage lenders to pick from, consider. 

Houlton Maine is served by six banks, the worship clergical needs met by a dozen churches.

The weekly the Houlton Pioneer Times, a radio station WHOU.

Discover more information, helpful links, Houlton Maine images

More Maine photos. Learn more about what is going on, what there is to do in Houlton Maine. And is that your stomach we all hear grumbling. Let’s fix that quickly.

List of Houlton Maine restaurants, diners, cafe, drive thru eating options.

Stay tuned for more blog posts topics to help you learn more about this neat area of Maine. Lots to share so let’s connect. Learn about the parks and rec trails, our historic two screen movie theatre, how neat being on the Canadian border is and about our down to Earth people.

There is no better place to raise a family, to enjoy volunteering to make the area what it is. Small towns, that is what Maine is all about for a healthy way of life. Maine only has a handful of cities. 

Map locations of important places in Houlton Maine to know about if you are new to the area, Southern Aroostook County.

Houlton Maine Winter Moon Photo

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