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Questions needing to be asked and answered.

And not just about Maine real estate either. Where the property is on the planet? What it is like in Maine? Do you have a Walmart in Houlton Maine, how fast is your Internet, what do you do for fun? If you are an out of state property buyer, have never been or lived here before it means you have lots of questions. Frequently asked questions answered helps everyone set expectations. To know what’s going on and what comes next and why.

I used to be a broadcast news director and why keep anything in the dark or murky? That only causes confusion and costly mistakes when you don’t have all the information you need today.

Way way beyond just the Maine real estate property listing details question answering needed right?

Not just concerned about the “sticks and bricks” generic property listing rundown. Hungry, thirsty for more than that. When you are brand new to an area, it is a clean empty chalkboard. This is a big purchase. A move, relocation to Maine is no small matter. We get it. You want to get answers quick, easy and please make it complete.

Worrying about the same list of unanswered questions that haunt all real estate buyers and seller is wasting your time.

Losing sleep for no good reason. Can’t have that.

 So one major part of our time, day and night effort is devoting to showing you, telling you about the great state of Maine. Our MeInMaine Blog posts help you sample the flavor of “Vacationland”.

So do the blog posts in Active Rain where Mooers Realty is the top state of Maine real estate blogger.Our social media channels, video platforms do the heavy lifting to assist you as well.

Ask questions. Any type. As many as you like.

Get information, helpful details, Maine links, data with images, video can really help you on your end wherever you are now. We cover the A to Z of frequently asked questions. But new ones you may have will help us add to our list.

Quickly connect, graze, glean, be up to speed on what you need to know. Where you need to be. No delay. Right now. Reach out and connect with MOOERS REALTY, Maine real estate broker for 38 years!

Our whole focus is to save you time, money, frustration … to deliver the Maine property real estate listing and community area information to you.

Not make you have to scratch hard, wait, be delayed just getting what you want. The information you deserve that you need now should be easy to gain quickly. That’s my job. Been doing it for forty years and counting. Fire away and what you need to know is among the list of frequently asked questions we field day and night. No need to swallow those FAQ and let’s discuss what you wonder and maybe worry about for questions.

One common question is “how far from where I live out of state to Mooers Realty, 69 North Street Houlton Maine 04730 if driving?”  Here are others below.

Thank you for your Maine real estate website visit and hope something on your mind was answered.

Here for more information! Ask those questions. Here to help be a local community tour guide, a resource for buying, selling Maine real estate property listings.


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