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Tooting my own real estate horn is not something I like to do.

Not wild about others who go on and on on how super duper they are at this or that either I guess. I know if I did a good job or not and that is the personal satisfaction.

I am my own harshest critic. But since 1980, have received lots of thank you cards, emails from happy Maine real estate buyers and sellers.

Our Maine real estate office appreciates the kind words, pats on the back. I love what I do to serve people, promote listings and Maine because it is not a job. It’s a labor of love. More like a sport.

Some say real estate is an addiction. Not everyone is cut out to wear the “R” pin.

It’s what I was put on the earth to do for work and real estate is a jealous master. Wants, no demands results. Pushes you for your best.

Here are some highlight testimonials. (Copies on file for review, verification in case you think I’m fibbing, fabricating. Available for inspection any time, no prior notice, appointment needed.)

Barbara & Rob Douglas write….”Andy, you did an awesome job selling mom’s house. But above and beyond just “selling the house”, you showed my mom (Mabel Britton) overwhelming patience, respect, dignity during the process. You were so good and thoughtful to her. We appreciate all your did.” 

Thomas & Rebecca email ….”I have seen a couple of your real estate videos on You Tube and particularly like your approach to viewing the property. And the way you seem up front about any issues.

Charles & Noreen Smart write ….”Just a note to express our gratitude for your going above and beyond the call of duty to get our property sold. Noreen and I appreciate all you’ve done, again thank you!”

Brian Ellis writes…”I’m saving money serving in Iraq and found your real estate website searching the Internet. yours seemed more professional than most with a personal touch.”

Kenneth King writes…”I just wanted to think you for a very nice, professional job on the sale of my Mt Chase land to Mr. Nichols.”

Steve and Leanne Ross write…”The speedy manner you helped us accomplish our home sale goal was more than we hoped for. Thank you.”

Bill Huml writes…”Your website is fantastic, helpful.”

Denise Bishop writes…”Your website is awesome, makes me want to move to Maine NOW!”

Susan Laxson writes…”You are an Ambassador for Maine, your blogs give us such a wonderful flavor of the lifestyle there.”

Mary Kay Hopkins writes…”Andrew, every time I read your posts about real estate in Maine, I want to do exactly as you say and “hop in the car” in search of that summer time get-a-way.”

Suzanne Nottingham writes…”I watched the Youtube video you did and this really is exactly what I was searching for to retire in.”

Karen Steinhaus writes…”Wow, what a quick and thorough response. I am not clear on what I am looking for, but you have given me many options.”

Jane Collins writes…”Thank you so much for your welcoming, informative Houlton Maine videos. My husband and I are relocating to your area next year. This helped us get a snapshot of your town.”

Lenny & Cheryl Carmichael writes…”Thank you very much for your assistance in selling the 7 Kendall Street, Houlton Maine apartment building. It’s a great relief to have this off our backs.”

Joe Risho writes…”I want to thank you for taking a couple minutes of your busy day to update me on the properties I have listed for say through you. P.S Hello to Robin, she is always very pleasant on the telephone, is truely an asset to your business”.

Christopher Robin writes…”You are really great. I really appreciate a realtor like you who values every customer. You have my loyalty.”

Lori-Ann & Walter Brown…”We appreciate your time in emailing us. Others we have contacted haven’t taken the time to do as much as you have. Your assistance with properties is greatly appreciated”.

Richard L. Frank…”Thank you so much for finding the rental in Maine for me.”

Tim emails …”I gain so much from watching your Maine real estate videos”.

Daniele in Puerto Rico writes..”The video on the place we bought in Houlton Maine without visiting it in person did the trick. Thank you!”

Chris Watson writes…”Just wanted to say thank you for working so hard on our behalf. You made this transition in our lives very smooth and peaceful. You showed professionism as well as dedication getting the job done”

Dana & Debbie Graham write…”Thanks for selling my house. The effort you put in was unbelievable. There is no doubt in my mind that if it was done by another real estate agent I would still have it on my hands.”

Barbara Todaro…”Andy, you are a master of your trade, marketing. I continually try to take a page out of your book. “Marketing The Andrew Mooers Way” 

Larry Anderson…”Just a thank you for all your help in selling my Maine land. You made it extremely easy for me and I appreciate your effort, hustle.”

Valerie Schultz…”I live on Cape Cod In MA and considering relocation to the Houlton ME area. I enjoy your website, have discovered your pdocasts, helpful videos on property and the area I am new to.”

Don Murdock writes…”The Maine real estate site you guys have put together with everything is awesome…awesome!”

More Real Estate Testimonials …

Jenna Leekay writes…”Your videos really let me scope out the property. This property is amazing.”

Mr & Mrs Lewis … “Matthew and I would like to thank you for helping us on the land purchase, and still help us on the land we found on your web site. Your service was really great. So if we ever sell the land or buy a home we would like you to take us on as a broker.”

Yankeetrader67 emails “Andy, Just want want to say thanks, came back from house and we love it. Just to let you know which you already know! We would never have seen the property if you didn’t have your you tube video. I may be responsible for about a 100 hits of the viewing myself. But I believe you are the best advertised realty company by far. It seems like every possible link in Northern Maine ends back at Mooers Realty.  My family and I were saying the whole time, there’s Andy again, he’s everywhere. Thanks again Darren”

Kathy Miskelly writes…”Thank you for the spirit and wisdom of your MeInMaine, Active Rain blogs and videos. They’ve been encouraging, echo the reasons for our move from Florida to Maine to the Court Street home we bought from you.”

Bruce and Kathy of Blacksmith Farm remark…”We love your videos!”

Andrew and Krista Putnam write in a note : “Andy, Thanks again for all you have done to get Court Street sold for cash at our listed price to a New Mexico buyer. And also getting us in to our new country home. We are so happy to have it all behind us now and couldn’t have done it without you.”

Let’s talk about property listings. Are you thinking of buying, selling, trading Maine real estate?

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