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How we market Maine real estate property listings starts with information.

Tons of concise details on the property we list. But also the state, communities the real estate listing is located in. So many of our Maine real estate buyers are not local. And need just as much help with what Maine the state is all about first. Before they pull the trigger to reach out and pick a property listing in Maine that works best for them. And buy it.

We produce videos, over 1100 of them on the You Tube channel alone.

You Tube is the second largest search engine, owned by Google. One powerful means to broadcast “Coast to Coast” the Maine real estate property listings, the local community flavor. More, wider, better taken photos help remove the doubt and add to the information transfer. As you size up and sort and filter in your Maine real estate search. Mooers Realty wants to save you time.

Detailed rich copy, deeds, aerial maps and full knowledge of the Maine real estate property home listing is the first step to knowing what we are selling, how to promote it. Every property is different and how to market it is never the exact same. 

maine photos
White Tail Deer Greet You In Maine.

All the real estate images, copy details, videos are not much good if no one outside your home town knows about your Maine property listings.

So my past Maine marketing / broadcasting / journalism work experience and college degree helps.

And we still use real estate brochures. The relocation packets placed at the state’s tourist information centers add to the exposure.

Not every one is online or just want something to touch, smell like the newspaper you open up with fresh coffee each morning. Internet is fast, but not familiar to some.We respect that. So fresh, current, helpful brochures, 4000 of them cranked out at a time.

Over 700,000 visitors tap into what we place at just the Kittery and Yarmouth Visitor Centers alone.

Brochures and active on sight display screens help in the how we market Maine real estate listings. We stock the shelves at the tourist information centers to make the print media brocures finger tip ready. To pick up and stick around. That are passed to others interested in Maine real estate listings for sale. Our job is to be personal, professional, informative, and to always be available. Not MIA or too busy to help a buyer or seller. The brochures are in your hand to run and gun. People are busy. Their time is valuable.

To snack on later, To carry out the real estate mission hunt and search and to be eye-balled. Shared with others. Studied on the travel into, out of Maine, that is one big Vacationland. The real estate brochures are used for slow drip direct mail too. Besides just placement at New England tourist information centers, other venues. Print is not dead. It’s just used differently.

Videos on Maine real estate listings and our local community lifestyle are uploaded to many platforms.

Not just the 800 pound gorilla You Tube. To circulate, reach and expose because 85% of folks go on line to find anything these days. We need consistent frequency to connect with them. To establish a connection, make the engagement, to develop the rapport that happens after the capture their interest. 

The same videos linked in emails hitch a ride to customers to get them to watch, listen, learn. Placed on social media sites to be seen on Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin and others blog platforms like Active Rain MeInMaine and many more.  Flickr helps us show Maine a photo at a time. Zillow, Trulia, in the box of real estate marketing crayons too.

Each property real estate listing in the Northern Maine market needs special handling, with a little humor, lots of passion added.

houlton maine transportation cross roads
The Major Highways All Connect In Houlton Maine. US Rt 1, 2, 2A, I-95!

Blog posts written with niche Maine real estate audiences in mind.

One post geared for this segment. The next one designed  for another Maine real estate market group. This is part of the many ways we approach the how we market property listings. Not every real estate buyer wants the same thing. Not every property seller needs the same handling to serve them best. Every Maine real estate sale is different.

The days of just one howitzer big shell bang advertising approach for Maine real estate marketing to reach further. Packed with obnoxious frequency is not the way to create multiple listing sales.We want to help not harass the property buyer.

Big out of town newspaper advertisements, regional and national magazines have given way to blogging, social media platform insertions. Because they last more than a weekend edition or the monthly mailing.

Our Maine statewide MLS insertions get syndicated to hundreds of other sites, far reaching portals. Mother Earth News, Field & Stream, Lands of America, etc some pretty big heavy hitter household names.

That’s nice company to keep.

Available 365/24/7 round the clock on the buyer’s busy time frame.

Videos, more imagery, helpful buy resource blog links, websites are rapidly taking over to develop a following for our Maine area and property information. For on demand, a right now open house, drive through quick tour of property listing and area information.

maine real estate videos
See, Hear, Watch And Listen. Maine Real Estate & Community Videos. Log On!

Maine real estate, any property sells if fairly priced, marketed properly.

Signs, websites, being involved in community events and knowing local “movers and shakers”.

Blogging, uploading videos, direct mailing. Knocking on doors, and promotion of Maine property, my area is what we do all year round.

Having over 40 years of Maine real estate marketing experience helps.

But growing up on a Maine potato farm learning how to work harder, smarter and the broadcasting / advertising degree does not hurt the marketing reach, frequency either.

If your are serious about about selling your Maine real estate, so are we.

Pricing the Maine real estate has to be realistic, logical though. Watch a real estate selling, listing price video we made to explain ways highly creative but that won’t fly in the real world.

Let’s talk. Marketing, promotion of your property, the great state of Maine is what we do. Let us know what you are thinking of selling. We can help outline the specific marketing strategy best suited for your real estate sale, life situation. No two properties are the same.

maine waterfront land photo
Maine Is Waterfront Land. All The Property Listings Are Large Sized, Low Cost.

Every marketing approach considers those strengths and promotes, highlights the Maine real estate listing to its maximum level. Please Google us. See how extensive our online media marketing extends really is.  But remember, without proper Maine home pricing, real estate sales don’t happen. 

And lastly, remember the buyer for your Maine real estate is not just hometown, not located just down country a few miles.

Prospective buyers many states, countries away are interested on what our area of Maine offers for quality of life and low cost real estate listings. Maine, 4th lowest crime, 46th lowest state for foreclosure, short sale, repossession (FSSR).

Maine small town, hardworking wholesome family values gets heavy promotion.

Then roll in, they see our display of realistic low priced, heavily marketed Maine real estate listings. The videos of the area, properties tractor beam, draw in buyers even closer. The actual visit and tour with all the facts of the place, area statistics digested before they get here.

And another Mooers Realty Maine real estate sale happens. Goes up. Being a matchmaker to pair the buyer with the property listing that works. That they can afford and want, need. I love what I do. Put this Maine REALTOR to work for you.

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I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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