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How MOOERS REALTY markets Maine real estate.

Think customer is how we market. What would I want if I was on the other end of the signal. The Maine real estate buyer or seller receiving the message has little time and needs lots of information.

The more complete, the easier to access the better to not waste anyone’s time. Real estate buying and selling is a major life decision not to be taken lightly.

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Tell Me About The Maine Community Where The Real Estate Listing Is Located Please!

MOOERS REALTY markets Maine real estate property listings AND the local community providing greater detail than anywhere else.

The imagery, video, print better be hot and ready for the Maine real estate pit stop. To fuel up on the newest current listings for sale. Besides more information about the what’s for sale, the location and community where the real estate listings are located get lots of the spotlight. That’s the big difference in how we market.

How we market means “see”, “talk” to every Maine real estate buyer is not always familiar with the area in and around the property listings.

Brand new to the area can make it scary. Who to call for the best return on your hard earned dollars locally? You just don’t know when everything is different than what you are used to around wherever you lived.

Buying and selling Maine real estate is something I have done for over forty one years. How do we market ? By providing more than skimpy tired real estate presentations. Adding second and third helpings of local community information.

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Fixin’ To Move, Relocate To Maine If The Properties, The Area Checks Out?

The buyer and seller don’t have the experience with all the ins and outs like a full time seasoned Maine real estate professional does. 

Setting expectation is a big part of the Maine real estate marketing.

“I love it when a plan comes together.” How we market? Include everyone that is out in the audience in the presentation. No one likes to be left in the dark and not sure of what’s going on around them.

The MOOERS REALTY marketing starts with listening to understand what the buyer and seller need to accomplish. It is all about making their life easier and helping avoid unnecessary time delay or extra expense. 

Like clothes or a weather forecast, it is not one size fits all in the real estate in Maine marketing treatment.

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Looking For Wide Open S-P-A-C-E In Maine? Maine Is The Way Life Should Be!

Each individual real estate property puzzle is solved differently. People are involved and sensitivity to their needs not the real estate agent or broker is priority one.

The marketing of Maine real estate has to be far reaching and thorough.

MOOERS REALTY blogs about the buying and selling experience, produces and uploads regular videos on property listings. These two marketing practices stock the information shelves with valuable information on how to buy and sell topics. They showcase the local Maine real estate listings.

How can we help you today?

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Whew! Almost To Maine. Here Comes The Big Green Bridge To Vacationland.

MOOERS REALTY is here to coordinate the matchmaking of Maine real estate buyers and sellers. As a member of the Maine and National Association of REALTORS, MOOERS REALTY networks and keeps current in the constantly changing field of real estate.

Everyday my job is reinvented to learn even better ways to market real estate and to help Maine buyers and sellers. To improve the way we market real estate in Maine takes education, keeping your eyes and ears open. To realize there are always new and better ways to do the list, market sell (repeat).

Each MOOERS REALTY listing gets uploaded to the Maine Listings portal that syndicates to over 82 large national real estate marketing outlets.

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Weary Internet Travelers On The Information Highway Heading To Maine.

You can not just be on the Internet, you have to be found. And all over the Internet coming up on the top of search engine queries on a slew of real estate topics. To market real estate takes more than posting 3 bedrooms, 1.5 baths and the lot is 20 acres big.

No, way way more details about the property, the local area, home town financing customs in the market real estate details for each and every Maine property listing.

That’s what is needed to deliver quick, easy, completely to save all of us in the real estate equation precious time.

Combined with this Own Maine Real Estate website, with the video channel powered by YouTube, the blog posts constantly being uploaded, exposure happens. Reach, frequency is how more people are helped buying and selling Maine real estate.

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MOOERS REALTY Local 4th Of July Parade Float With Little League Team.

Marketing Maine, the property listings here.

Ready, set, go. Buying, selling, trading Maine real estate. It would be an honor to connect with you whether you are buying, selling or doing both at the same time as your partner. Please reach out and let’s start the conversation to figure out together how MOOERS REALTY can help you in whatever your Maine real estate needs.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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