Weather, Climate, Temperatures in Maine

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Weather, climate, temperatures in Maine.

Pick A Season, Check The Daily Forecast. Weather, Climate, Temperatures in Maine.

Nothing gets more air time in the Q&A in Maine real estate conversations than weather. What is the Maine weather, climate, temperatures and how hot or cold does it get in Vacationland? Why? Lots of buzz and chatter about Maine’s weather, especially the season of winter. And lack of folks who live here taking the time to speak up to correct the weather myths about winter.

The biggest source of most of the Maine weather misinformation is from folks who have never been to Maine.

But off the cuff repeat something they heard from others in the same boat n that have not personal Maine weather experience.

Like folks in Christopher Columbus’s day. Remember, spread the word. The World is flat not round. Be scared of falling off if you leave the safety of a harbor sailors.

This blog post about weather, climate, temperatures in Maine.

National Weather Service Regional And Daily Forecasts Help Plan What You Are Going To Do Outside Today, Tomorrow, Later In The Week.

Maine weather impacts everything from what you do on vacations to the seeds you plant and when in the warm fertile farm ground. Whether to fly or not depends on the weather and heck, even our Maine real estate video shoots are timed around what’s happening outside before we schedule  productions.

The weather in Maine is the backdrop that enhances the experience of being here any season.

But what if you are not a particular fan of Maine winter and all the recreation that happens needing snow in the forecast? Those folks get frost bite just seeing the word “winter” or “snow”.

Which Way Is The Wind Blowing, What’s The Weather, Climate, Temperatures In Maine Forecast Say To Expect?

Those snowbirds in the audience are the loudest critics of Maine winter weather. Don’t get them started like a reformed smoker who kicked the habit and wants to recruit others. To run away to the sunny south wearing short sleeves, shorts, sandals over the end of the year holiday season.

If you had poor circulation, were always cold, it is not going to matter much where you live. Layer up and put another log on the fire hibernation happens. 

Don’t get me wrong. I love to dig my toes in the sand of a Florida beach or climb the gang plank of a cruise ship setting sail for a blue green water exotic island. But winter in Maine is one of my favorite seasons. High humidity is missing in Maine. White, dry, fluffy snow flakes pile up!

It would be hard to down hill ski in winter in Maine without a layer of white snow. The ability to ice fish would be gone if below freezing temperatures did not occur. Snowmobiling in Maine would not happen without a snow blanket on the grooms sled trails for winter wonderland excursions.

Family Snow Sledding Adventures In Maine. Need Snow For Trail Riding. Any In The Maine Weather Forecast?

Kids would not be building forts, defending back yards from neighborhood attacks. Or digging tunnels, making snow angels.

And if snow is sticky enough to pack, rolling out snowman in backyard around Maine. Can not do any of that if fresh Maine snow flakes did not fall from the winter sky.

Watch this video on snow shoeing in Maine, one more healthy winter outdoor recreational exercise choice.

Weather, climate, temperatures in Maine.

The hourly Maine weather forecast varies greatly in a state this large. When I worked in broadcasting, the regional Maine weather forecast for a marine zone was very different than the one for an interior section.

Over in the western mountains or around Katahdin predicted different weather patterns ahead than the one you prepared for around Portland Maine. Up in the St John River Valley of Aroostook County’s weather any season was not the same looking out the window or driving the open roads down in Kittery Maine.

Outdoor Band Concerts In Maine. Clear Skies, Warm Temperatures, A Slight Breeze Please Mr. Maine Weatherman.

So weather in Maine, yes, we have winter and love it dearly.

We are outdoors in Maine everyday and dress accordingly. But from a local native who lives here, move over winter. More than just snow in the Maine weather forecast to discuss in the blog post today.

Bring in spring. As seed catalog orders arrive just in time for planting prepared soil. When young animals are born into the World to raise on farmsteads. The tree ends bud and green leaves expand to collect the Maine sunshine.

Another Fine Day On The Winter Trails In Maine. Snow Is Not A Dirty Four Letter Word.

Lawns return as winter snow retreats. Picnic tables are brought back out of storage or get leveled from leaning to shed the weather better. Snow shovels and scoops get parked until next winter arrives. Hammocks unrolled and hung between two trees. Deck chairs and patio furniture gets dusted off and placed to be ready for outdoor cook outs and daily outdoor conversations.

Spring planters, Maine farm machinery gets pulled out of machine sheds and heads to fields. Rotation of crops means and soil types mean there is a system in which Maine farm fields to plow and disc first, last.

The expression in Maine is “the farm field warms up slowly”.

Translated that means wet, you are going to get stuck in planting or on the other end during harvest is there is a lot of water in the Maine weather forecast. Like people, soils are different. Some soils are better drained than others or the land contour helps or hurts the water retention.

Outside In The Fresh Air, Near Or On The Waterfront. That’s Maine Year Round.

Camps, cabins, cottages on Maine lakes get opened up for the vacation season when spring weather arrives. Coastal homes owned by two timers that spend half and half there and here in Maine flocked back to Vacationland. Put away the snow toys and replace them with bikes, boats, kayaks, and hiking trail gear.

Summer in Maine, the weather is hot but comfortable.

The temperatures moderate and Maine weather could not be better. Tourist spots thrive, school is out for the summer in Maine and people can not wait to return to Maine (again). Along the rock bound coast, up in the woods, dotting a lake or river, Maine weather, climate, temperatures invite all to Vacationland for a change up recreational rest and relaxation routine.

Lobsterman, Fisherman And Coastal Boating Sight Seeing Cruise Tours. All Eagle Eye The Maine Weather Forecast For The Day, Even Hours Ahead.

But what about the nitty gritty numbers to go with the blog post on Maine weather, climate, temperatures? For starters, global warming has changed a few things. The winters now are not the same as the ones I enjoyed as a kid.

I don’t see snow fences rolled out and put up along the highways of the farm I grew up on in Houlton Maine.

The snow banks along the roads is not high enough to touch the telephone and power lines even if you were crazy enough to want to get zapped.

But this blog post on weather, climate, temperatures in Maine would be just fluff if the hard numbers and statistics were missed.

On A Maine Lake Year Round. No Matter If It’s Glass Bottom Smooth Water Or A Sheet Of Frozen Ice.

So the Maine weather numbers, what’s the trend to expect through out the year?

Maine is divided into three climate regions… the coastal region that extends in twenty miles or so from the ocean. Then the southern interior region that is about 30% of Maine. With the northern interior section covering about 60% of Maine weather reporting. 

70 degree temperature Maine summers are the best. Not too hot and consistent, comfortable is what Maine summer weather is described. Maine spring and falls can have coolness in the start and finish of the day’s weather temperatures.

Maine winters can have a period of colder temperatures but it’s not fair to broad brush the entire season as bitterly frigid. Weather, temperatures, climate in Maine. What’s in the forecast for Maine affects everything you do or don’t do.

Maine Is Four Seasons. Locals Love Them All Equally, Unconditionally Like Our Kids.

There are optimum days for downhill skiing or to go kayaking the lakes, hiking the trails.

What you do on the farm or not depends on the next Maine weather pattern.

Weather periods when skating inside an arena gets picked over pond ice hockey outside. Or tramping for game birds or white tail deer or black bear in the woods is a good idea or should be tabled. All depends on the Maine weather forecast you have to work with today or tomorrow.

19 degrees is the average temperature in winter where I live in Aroostook County, not 50 below with wind chills and non stop snow.

Cobalt blue sunny days and fresh air, no pollution is a big part of the Maine weather pattern. Maine weather is not riddled with ice storms, hurricane or tornado warnings like some areas of the country.

Maine Farm Fields, When To Plant, Cultivate, Harvest Depends On The Maine Weather Forecast And The Land Soils.

The Maine weather, the annual precipitation is between 40 to 46 inches depending on your region of Maine weather.

Fog happens along the coastal regions. The more snow we get in Maine, the faster the ride in the spring canoe races when runoff swells the waterways. 

The average snow fall in Maine can be between 50 and 110 inches depending on where you live. Up in the mountain elevation, white fluffy snow happens. In the lower areas dampness and rain or ice mixed with snow occurs.

Maine Weather Changes Quickly. Study The Forecast For Weather Temperatures, Conditions Ahead Is The Best Local Advice To Share.

Everywhere in Maine we know how to plow snow and drive safety around the storms.

Practice makes perfect applies and adapting to the Maine weather, climate, temperatures is easy when you are prepared. In northern Maine, the snowiest month is usually January with up to twenty inch accumulations.

The state of Maine weather averages about 203 days a year of sunshine. Farming benefits from that kind of sunshine and the fertile soil under foot and plenty of water does not hurt either. 

Weather, temperatures, climate in Maine.

Hope this blog post on Maine weather is helpful in planning a vacation and when. Or the possible move to Maine where you are thinking of buying, investing, relocating in the future!

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