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Why Wait Until You’re 16 To Drive?

Why Wait Until You’re 16 To Drive?

The “Thrill of the Hill” is a slogan adopted in Maine for the soap box derby race program.

   The Houlton Maine car racing venue has been the largest local race in the country for five years in a row.

Over sixty local Maine volunteers, enthusiastic parents, fans, drivers eight to seventeen take part in the down hill derby races.

Gravity is your engine.

The soap box derby cars come in a kit, identical to any of the others used in racing. But the way the cars are constructed by the kid driver and his Mr Goodwrench helper, mechanic is different. Like anything in life it is a million little things that make the split second time variables which is what wins the race.

The best time getting to the bottom of the hill in two lanes of racing called a heat. After each heat, derby car wheels are swapped to make sure no one has better wheels for an advantage. Thousands of a second seperate the winners of each heat that go on up the race bracket vying for a trip to Akron Ohio’s All American Soap Box Derby Race. Started back in 1934, it is definitely a national tradition.

Visit our site on the Maine soap box derby program. If you know of a boy or girl in your neighborhood that wants to race, and have questions email me. I will help anyway possible to get you started with helping them get car sponsors, building a ride for the local race wherever you live. 

Have been lucky to watch all four kids of my own learn the ropes of the Maine soap box derby program and would love to share what we learned.

Derby racing is fun, competitive and just like NASCAR, except no gas fumes, no loud noise of high RPMS, no motor except gravity. Follow on Twitter.

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Houlton Maine State Race Derby Racing Map

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