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Northern Maine Electrical Providers | The Juice Power Utility Companies.

Northern Maine Electrical Providers | The Juice Power Utility Companies.

Moving, relocating, investing in Northern Maine real estate and wondering who to call for the juice, home electrical power ?

mainelakeicehammockWell if you are not planning to live off grid, or just enjoy a recreational Maine land property without being plugged in to a monthly bill, you have three choices.

Three power companies wire, criss cross cover Northern Maine in good shape to provide the steady electron flow of current.

The list of three Maine power grids you will be tapping into are Maine Public Service. Maine Public Service head offices located in Presque Isle, Maine.

Calais ME is the main beehive, business office for  Eastern Maine Electrical Cooperative . And last, but not least Houlton Water Company.

The final electrical utility, Houlton Water Company is community owned by the town of Houlton Maine. HWC provides water, sewer and power services. It’s poles, lines and transformer territory stretches around power service in the Southern Aroostook County area. And additional public water and sewer services are available to in town residential households and businesses in the actual in town location of Houlton Maine proper.

Often asked by Maine real estate buyers what to expect for their power bill. Especially the minimum monthly for lake or woods seasonal use camps, cabins, cottages.

Rarely is the way the full time residential customer’s home electrically wired the reason for a higher than normal bill. It’s the mainesunsetdaily living habits of the new Maine house buyer. Not the house electrical structure, not the former property owner’s monthly power bill usage.

Northern Maine electrical providers.

And does the real estate home buyer plan to use the clothes dryer and pretty much round the clock ? With loads of just a few items spread out to lots of daily tumbling, fluffing ? Or is the outdoor clothes line, the ropes along the porch ceiling, the unfolded clothes rack in front of the kitchen wood cook stove going to do the drying slowly, cheaply ?

Are you going to have a gas cook stove and water heater or using electric? Both put into production heavily or minimally daily ?

Or do you eat on the run, out and about ? Or with a microwave, ready made and just heat up quick like a bunny. Aligned more to your busy, overbooked, run the kids here, there, everywhere  lifestyle liking?  We always ask the former owner of a property listing what their Maine house utilities bills are for a history to share. Along with their heating costs so the next buyer of the house, the new holder of the keys to the front and side doors, garage has a handle on what to expect. If family sizes are similar and if the work out, gone all day or retired hanging around the roost situation is mirrored between the two Maine house owners.

But to be helpful, what is the minimum bill for power for a Maine power residential customer at the three electrical utilities? Sometimes because you are a seasonal users and want to know what is the damage to keep the juice account open, the outlets live and ready for at any moment, squeezed in vacation use.

Houlton Water Company, the electrical utility I am most familiar with of the trio.

 Because we send them a nice little thank you check in return for the bill on four properties in Southern Aroostook mainedeer6County each month. Talked to Houlton Water Company’s CEO John Clark this morning and got a pleasant surprise. Electrical rates for HWC are dropping five percent April 1st, 2013.

And next year, the monthly damage for HWC juice drops another twelve percent. Whoopie! Cool.

The reason, John Clark says for lower Northern Maine electrical rates each month, the drop is due to a brand new negotiated contract for power. (John Clark recently retired from Houlton Water Company and Greg Sherman is the electrical wizard these days guiding HWC)

From a new energy supplier, McLaughlin Energy Services out of Caribou who bought up some of the old power contracts. Keep up the good work John. The HWC local telephone number is 207.532.2259. If you have sparking, shocking electrical or water, sewer questions needing to be grounded, addressed. Get them a jingle.

While I had him on the horn, asked John for the minimums for power if you are not using your area Maine lake camp, cabin all the time. It’s $3.72, 50 kilowatts. The average that power companies in Maine use to estimate what your bill without knowing your true consumption habits is based on 620 kilowatts of power. Water cost based on an average of 1200 cubic feet of H2O per year out of the tap. $186 average yearly water costs and sewerage bill tied to the H20 minimum. Means roughly $358 annually for down the drain, getting rid of household waste.

The minimum electric bill for Eastern Maine Electrical Cooperative is $11.57 per month for seasonal users.

That tap into less than 4 kilowatts. For those using more, they may qualify according to Brenda in billing and end up with a minimum of $5.08 monthly. There is an $82 line restoration charge if you are seasonal. And ask to disconnect, then hook her back up. Find out the best options for your juice use in the Eastern Maine Electrical Cooperative power mainesunset01grid.  Reach them by phone at 1.800.696.7444.

Maine Public Service Electrical seasonally minimum power bill is $7.21 monthly.

If you are not a residential customer using more than 100 kilowatts of power a year. Power companies can not run lines out into the boonies, the willy wags of Maine and make a profit. You don’t break even with a line in TA R2 or some other unorganized location in rural Maine when the owner only visits a couple times a year. If five people want to hook up, then the economic dynamic changes and there is a return on investment.

The northern Maine electrical providers read meters with an AMR line device and to disconnect for season camp use means a $20 reconnect fee.

Andrea is the lady to talk to and like everyone in Northern Maine some kind of helpful, friendly. Give her a shout out at 1.877.655.4448.

There you have the power cost for Northern Maine utility round up as of today from the three major players.

Hope this Maine real estate blog post was informational, helpful. 

Or that at least pointed you in the right direction for power questions if it did not begin to answer, address those that you may still have. Maine, big state, neat people, and four seasons drop dead gorgeous. Hope this blog post on Northern Maine electrical providers is helpful saving you time for power hook ups or disconnects.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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