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Maine Town Spotlight | Oakfield ME | Aroostook County

Maine Town Spotlight | Oakfield ME | Aroostook County

Oakfield Maine, located in Aroostook County has Interstate 95 access. The foothills of Oakfield Maine caused someone to dub the town the “Switzerland of Maine”.

Those same foothills have wind generators planted along the high terrain and local residents enjoy a stipend from the farm harnessing the breeze. Each full time resident pockets around $2100 a year in the fall. Just in time for real estate property tax bill settling up. And some tax payers receive higher check amounts due to sound or light flicker easements. The size depends on how close to a residence of the property owner the wind beater twirls.
Oakfield Maine, Switzerland Of Aroostook County.
I know one local resident of a Maine log home we are selling that gets a check for $5100 for the next sixteen years if all goes as promised.
There are just shy of 50 wind turbine electric generators standing tall at an average height of 450′. Up in the air in Oakfield Maine. The wind generator farm spans roughly 150 acres, producing almost 150 megawatts of power.

Oakfield Maine, rich in Bangor and Aroostook Railroad history.

The local railroad station in Oakfield Maine is on the historic register of important places. Take a ride on a passenger train in Oakfield Maine.

Like most towns in late to be developed Aroostook County, the shape of Oakfield Maine is pretty much six by six miles. More on the facts and figures of Oakfield Maine. Population around 726 in Oakfield Maine is what the search for souls shows. The median age of Oakfield residents is 48.7 years. This is the official website of Oakfield Maine.

Oakfield Maine, formally organized as a plantation from the unorganized township of T5 R3 WELS on February 21, 1878.

The organization reconfirmed in 1895, Oakfield Maine was first settled in 1831.Organized for property tax assessment in 1866. The town of Oakfield Maine became incorporated on February 24, 1897.smoki haulers oakfield club

The railroad still has a presence in Oakfield, Maine. The railroad station constructed in 1910.

Home maker Katahdin Cedar log homes is a big part of the local economy. Snow sledding and ATV trails in the Southern Aroostook area criss cross Oakfield Maine. The school age children attend the Southern Aroostook School in Dyer Brook, part of the RSU 50 educational system.

Woods work from vast wildland, rolling fertile farming and local lakes, the trails in Oakfield all contribute to the local flow of money.

Oakfield Maine’s list of waterfront bodies include the west end of Drews, all of Spaulding, Timoney, Long and the north half of Skitticook Lakes. The Mattawamkeag River meanders through Oakfield Maine. Take Interstate exit 286 to quickly access this Southern Aroostook County town. ba railroad station

Lots of hiking trails and being not far from the north entrance to Baxter State Park. Where Mt Katahdin is. It makes the scenery easy to access on foot hoofing it. Or parked along the trail like the snow sledders above.

Sam Drew Mountain is the highest point at 1,516 feet in Oakfield Maine. There is no shortage of neat hiking trails for any age or health hiker. Head out the Thompson Settlement or Brown Road or a slew of other drop off points to explore this unspoiled northern Maine paradise for recreation.

High speed Internet connectivity makes Oakfield Maine a new home away from home if you work online and need a strong connection. It’s here. Log on.

Gasoline prices in Oakfield are always close to 30 cents cheaper than in say Houlton Maine fifteen miles to the east.

Being close to the Canadian border with cross border fill ups common helps create this price margin difference. Plan to be on empty whenever you roll through Oakfield Maine to {ding ding) stop, shop, fill ‘er up in Southern Aroostook with two fuel outlets. That make Oakfield rein as the lowest price king for gasoline whenever you cross the pumps. Pretty good pizza to entice you to hook up the hose whether it’s Whitey’s Market or the Irving Circle K experience at the pumps. oakfield 2

Oakfield Maine has a small grocery store, a branch of Katahdin Trust bank, a local post office and a modern community center.

The Oakfield Maine fire department is located near the railroad station and features ambulance service, an overhead living area for first responders.

The neighboring Amish farm community in Smyrna spills over into agricultural land worked in Oakfield too. The Amish folks are well known for their little storage sheds that some use as mini homes. And for the metal roofing, siding that is used on lots of local house toppings when the shingles bite the dust.

Oakfield is bordered by Smyrna on the north, Linneus on the east, Dyer Brook to the west.

Unorganized township T4 R3 is directly under Oakfield’s six by six mile land square. katahdin cedar log homes

Fun in the winter. Or any of the other three seasons.You are in Maine remember? “Vacationland” is stamped as a reminder on the bottom of all the Maine license plates for a good reason!

The local volunteers work hard in Oakfield Maine.

The Smoki Haulers snow sled and ATV club trails are just one of several groups who help put Oakfield Maine on the map. Make it a vibrant small Maine town with lots of events going on to pitch in, become part of with your volunteer time.

For those traveling through the wood and field trails that open up the wilderness, the natural setting of Northern Maine.The same groomed and twitched trails weave around the waterfront, the scenic stops in Oakfield Maine too.

Hunting, fishing are big past times for visitors and locals in Oakfield Maine.

The scenery from the terrain elevations set Oakfield apart from many Maine townships and plantations. The ones not so blessed with lots of waterfront, without the interesting terrain twists and turns. Come see for yourself, don’t only take our word for it.

Here is a Google map of Oakfield Maine to show where everything lays.

Take a spin up on top of the Ridge Road, out the Thompson Settlement ribbon of pavement. Views of Mount Katahdin, Mt Chase, across large expanses of countryside are possible in many locations of Oakfield, Maine.

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