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Maine Town Spotlight | Linneus ME – Aroostook County

Maine Town Spotlight | Linneus ME – Aroostook County


Small Maine towns are special, and the Pine Tree state has 108 of them.

Linneus Maine, population 984 people is located in Southern Aroostook County. Before Interstate 95 was built, put into operation, US Rt 2A that goes through the town of Linneus Maine was much busier. Lots of traffic from Northern Maine would have to pass through this major transportation artery in this six by six mile square town. linneus maine town sign

Now mostly potato, grain farming and logging trucks coming out of timber cutting woods operations happen.

Local residents, recreational traffic, trucks hauling agricultural crops, livestock and wood to mills make up the bulk of Linneus Maine traffic.

Plus traveling Maine  tourists wanting to skip the monotony of an interstate system. Take the exit. To go a route actually ten miles shorter to Bangor Maine. Through many quaint small Maine towns that were more hustling, bustling when US Rt 2A was “all she wrote”.  Things were all about live and local.

Hunting, fishing, snow sledding and four wheeling recreational cabins dot the highway heading south of the town of Linneus Maine.

Linneus Maine was pretty much the last outpost of civilization on the two hour drive to Bangor Maine for many years. Now this highway, US Rt 2A is nicknamed “the old way”, or the Bangor Road.

 With it’s unique location before entering unorganized townships with numbers and letters, not names.

Heading south down through the  “Haynesville Woods”.  A heavily wooded, mostly wildlife and not a lot of people section of Northern Maine. That Dick Curliss made famous in the country western song “Tombstone Every Mile”. The song about lost truckers in that cold, lonely stretch of Northern Maine woods.

Linneus Maine is fortunate to have many lakes, waterfront recreational options indrews lake maine photo the township.

The largest is Drews Lake or technically Meduxnekeag after the river that originates from it’s head waters. A Native American term meaning “rocks at its mouth”.

Nickerson Lake has it’s south shore located in Linneus as well. Both of these larger lakes have concrete ramped easy boat launches.

Ice fishing happens on each of these bigger Linneus Maine lake waterfront playgrounds.

The Houlton Community Golf Course is located on the north shore of the same lake. In the township of New Limerick Maine that fronts Nickerson Lake.

There is a restaurant called Grammy’s Country Inn in Linneus Maine.

Years ago Smith’s Lunch was in the same location, back when Linneus Maine had its own zip code. Rural mail carriers bring you those letters, bills, checks now.

A gas station, convenience store and a recreational vehicle sales outlet are open for business in this small Maine town. The Linneus Sno Sports club house is also located in this bedroom community town 9 miles from Houlton Maine. Next door to the east of Linneus is Hodgdon Maine

Groomed ITS trails for snow sledders and ATV networks both criss cross Linneus Maine. Are signed, well marked, the water ways bridged safely, and make Hodgdon Maine a place for outdoor exploring, family fun enjoyment. As one of many options to be outside any of the four seasons. grammys country inn photo

All the major shopping, employment, health care facilities are located in Houlton Maine.

Houlton is the Shiretown or capital of Aroostook County.

Aroostook County is the largest of the state’s sixteen. Is nicknamed “the Crown Of Maine”.

The country the size of Connecticut and Rhode Island combined. With only 11 people per square mile population density.

Schools for Linneus Maine students are located in Hodgdon to the east. At one time, the two towns shared the same town manager to save money. To avoid duplication of services.

SAD 70 is the school system for Linneus Maine youngsters to attend for their education. School buses pick up and return students.

State police from Troop F’s barracks in Houlton Maine and the Aroostook County Sheriff’s Department in the same town provide public safety, police coverage. Maine is the 4th lowest crime state. Aroostook County is half of that pretty impressive statistic. The numbers for Maine cut in half in the northern section.

maine potatofields photoFire protection is provided by a volunteer Linneus Maine fire department.

Ambulance service is contracted through the town of Houlton Maine.

Houlton Regional Hospital is the closest health care facilty.

And Linneus Maine has a modern, one floor subsidized apartment rental complex on US Rt 2A. Owned by Clay and Janice Good, with a neat view of the Oakfield Foothills out the back door. Near a red reindeer farm too. 

The Linneus Recreation Department in the past out does itself, has hosted several very successful fund raising “Haunted Hayrides“. 

All ages get into the act during the spooky nightly rides around Halloween each year. The town of Linneus Maine has a ball field, picnic area and play ground. It is located on the east side of US Rt 2A. Where the local Linneus Field Day games, activities are held each summer.

Local community members serve on the board of selectmen, recreational and planning groups, other local entities to make this Southern Aroostook town unique, close knit and vibrant.

The community recreational area is to the north of the white ranch style maine winter farm cows phototown office building in Linneus Maine.

Learn about current weather for Greater Houlton Maine, including the Linneus area.

Homesteaders in Linneus Maine growing produce, raising meat, poultry or other products can peddle it at a local Houlton Maine farmers market.

Watch the video for the Maine farmers market.

Red deer are farmed in an area only locals would know where you were talking about. In “Hendersonville”.

Marked by a name painted rock, not a spot on a map. Yet. Where the family of Boonie Hendersen, a local roads and ground work excavator raised a large family on the Drews Mills Road.

Farming, wood timbering operations are two of the major employers in Linneus Maine. The town has a residential group waiver home run for consumers under the Community Living Association (CLA) management umbrella.

Come visit the friendly small town of Linneus Maine. Meet the town officials, the manager Carroll Willette and Fran Hutchinson. The town office is  located just east of the intersection of US Rt 2A and the Hodgdon Linneus / South Oakfield Road blinker light. Check out the lakes, the Haunted Hayride, activities at the Sno Rovers Sled Club!

Check back for more information and helpful links added to this spotlight on Maine towns, Linneus ME in Aroostook County.

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