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Maine Driving Distances…How Far To Here And There?

Maine Driving Distances…How Far To Here And There?

Maine is one big state with diverse climate, topography and weather.

Besides  Maine’s CTW, getting around Vacationland, how far here and there is a common question.

I get asked a lot for distances in Maine to other towns, cities in and out of state. 

Less people up here in the right hand, northeastern corner of the US.

Maine is the largest of the New England, and 39th in size among the 50 states.

So with Maine’s 33,265 square miles to cover what do you need to know to get from point A to B? Well for starters, Interstate 95 starts in Kittery and covers 305 miles to the Canadian – US border crossing in Houlton Maine.

Interstate 95 was designed to be a military highway to move equipment and men fast in times of national emergency. It was a quick way to get supplies and personnel to and from Loring Air Force Base in Limestone Maine.

US Rt 1 that runs along the Maine’s approximately 3478 miles of tidally-influenced shoreline is a favor vacation destination. Where tourists can stop at quaint village shops, sample the local Maine from the sea delicacies. Pick up some mementos, nick knacks.

  The Maine Turnpike, 109 miles of highway completed in 1947 was the nation’s second super highway.  The Maine Turnpike toll highway extends from Kittery to Bar Harbor Maine, Traveling By Boat Not Highway Is An OptionAugusta, Maine.

US Rt 1 and Rt 2 are the primary state highways in Maine .

Here is more on maps of Maine.

Also, study a mileage map for Maine.

Look over the distances to each Maine town or city.

To help you in calculating distances around the Pine Tree State, Vacationland.

Also this mileage chart to plug in two Maine distance locations is helpful. Three hours and fifty eight minutes is the distance from Portland Maine to Houlton Maine.

Traveling to Maine, you can get there from here. 

Here are some other traveling distances from Houlton Maine where I live to other places out of state.

Houlton Maine to…

Boston MA is 354 miles.  New York City is 565 miles. Hartford CT is 450 miles. Providence RI is 403 miles.  Philadelphia PA is 655 miles.

Plug in where you are and where you could like to go in Maine. Use the Rand McNally simple mileage calculator between two points program. Maine, a big state and don’t believe a crusty native when they say “You can’t get there from here chummy”.

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