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Grocery stores, places to shop for food in Houlton ME.

Grocery stores, places to shop for food in Houlton ME.
houlton me
Welcome To Houlton ME!

Grocery stores, places to shop for food in Houlton ME.

Because you gotta eat, need to shop for grocery supplies. Before you know it, time to refuel at least three times a day. The stomach is grumbling. Let’s go shopping  for what we need or have run out off today. Where to do that in Houlton ME? To look for some food to prepare a home cooked meal. To enjoy it up to camp. Grillin’ and chillin’ out at the lakeshore cottage. Or dining in our family home while in Houlton ME.

No matter if you are passing through on vacation or when you live full here full time as a native. What do you have for grocery stores in Houlton Maine. It’s a FAQ we get as a Maine real estate office.

houlton me grocery stores
Welcome To Maine. Lots To Offer In Small Town Proud Grocery Stores.

Where do you go for grubb. In the Houlton Maine area for  grocery store shopping in this border town?

Finding your way around Houlton ME. Here some helpful advice. You are in luck. There are lots of options. This blog post outlines the many grocery store food sources. When a small convenience store with this and that in and out items just won’t cut it. When you are on the hunt for a full blown grocery store, With the bulging shelves and end caps, coolers, freezers all filled to the brim with a variety of food supply items. Come and get it. Grab a cart. Put it back for another one if it has a bad wheel, And saddle up. Taking off listening to the store music as you fill ‘er up.

In alphabetical order, Andy’s IGA tops the grocery store list.

Andy Marino’s grocery store in the Houlton Shopping Plaza on North Street is one option. The address is 132 North ST Houlton ME to dial into the GPS. When you grab the wire cart to troll for food for the prepared meals ahead on the weekly list, it may be at Andy’s IGA. At one time there were two Andy’s IGA stores…. on the old C & G Foodliner located at the beginning of North Street (US RT 1) almost on the shores of the Meduxnekeag River. The other grocery store outlet located but expanded in the shopping center spot near Machias Savings Bank, Label Shopper, Mardens. Where you head when you want it your way at Burger King.

The Andy’s IGA now takes care of customers at the shopping center. Weekly specials, great selection of produce, meats, beer and wine. Get your smokes, lottery tickets, ice, charcoal, can goods, dairy case and freezer items with ease. You’ll be checking off all the grocery store items on the shopping list with ease at Andy’s IGA on North Street in Houlton ME. You can shop online and have the grocery items delivered right to your doorstep too.

local maine amish farmers market
Fresh Produce, Baked Breads, Sweets. The Local Amish Farmers Supply The Open Air Farmers Market In Market Square.

Next up heading higher in the alphabet is County Yankee Grocers.

The original Houlton store was where Don Brewer’s grocery was for years. What we sold that then became Mr Chip’s Superette. Lack of parking plagued the original County Yankee. So owner Dave Cunya drew up the blue prints. Started eying where to move as the business patrons following his success grew.

To serve you better, the expansion caused the grocery store relocation from the corner of Spring and Military. To just a little ways up the road a piece. Now located on a different corner on higher ground, next door to the Houlton police and fire departments, the County Yankee borders Hillview and Military Streets. A larger, brighter square footage to peddle groceries from, the County Yankee is the newest food store in Houlton ME. Now it’s located at County Yankee Grocer 101 Military Houlton Maine.

Where else to shop for groceries in Houton ME could you go in Southern Aroostook? Hannaford, what the locals still call Shop N Save.

Shop N Save, what was part of the Paradis grocery store chain in Northern Maine carries Hannaford products. Located just west of our last grocery store highlighted in this blog post, and across the road from the Maine tourist information center, it’s just called Hannaford’s now. Located at 33 Ludlow Road, grocery items, a pharmacy too is at your fingertips when it’s time to shop in Houlton ME.

Shop N Save Hannaford Grocery Store
Hannaford Houlton ME Grocery Store! Shop N Save Here!

If you have lived in Houlton ME for a few years, you might remember the Shop & Save on Military and Bangor Street triangle location. It was one busy location with Plaza Pharmacy next door for convenience. That Shop N Save started out where Samson’s was the place to shop for groceries back in time.

Before that, Houlton ME grocery stores were plentiful. The A & P on Kendall Street and Market Square was a busy place for all the food staples. Places like Wilson’s on South Street was where my Mom liked to shop back in the 1960’s. It lacked the crowds, you could get in and out easily and the neighborhood grocery was family owned.

Friendly, personable, and a low key place to grocery shop. Anderson’s, Dow’s, Fred Berube and many other small mom and pop groceries thrived years ago. Before the larger franchise grocery store outlets came into the picture.

andy's iga grocery store
Andy’s IGA Donates A Lot Of Local Food. Handing Out Watermelon During The 4th Of July Is One Popular Event!

Last up for grocery stores in Houlton ME at the tail end of the A through Z is Walmart.

Store number 1974, Walmart like Hannaford’s next door has a pharmacy under the same roof. Unlike a super Walmart, the Houlton store has held back on grocery items. There is selection, but not as complete or expansive as the other grocery stores you can shop in Houlton ME. That could all change if the store floor plan was super sized into larger outlet for grocery items.  The Houlton Maine Walmart store promotes free grocery pick up on their website.

Walmart Houlton ME
Walmart Houlton ME Store 1974 !

Shop til you drop or just for a few grocery items, where to do it in Houlton ME? Some people even cross the New Brunswick border into Canada to shop for grocery items.

andrew mooers maine realtor
Welcome To Maine. What Kind Of Property Are You After? What Price Range, Features Are You Searching For Today?

Lots of grocery store outlets around Woodstock New Brunswick Canada that some Houlton Maine shopper frequent.

To get items not available on this side of the border. For example, bread and butter mustard pickles for the bake bean Saturday night supper.

Pastry that is light and flaky was another popular item to get in Woodstock New Brunswick shopping jaunts across the border. My Dad’s mom was 100% Canadian so shopping, being “over home” was never strange or difficult. Lots of the folks you meet on either side of the border are your cousins, somehow related.

Schwann’s brings grocery items to your door on weekly visits. They have a grocery store on wheels parked out front your home weekly if you want.

Kind of partial to the deep dish pizzas. Very handy when the two boys were playing hockey and regular meal time planning was a little messed up.

The local Amish communities in Smyrna and East Hodgdon also grow a lot of produce, baked items made too. Visit them in the open air Market Square on Saturday mornings to stock on on home made items you can not purchase in any grocery chain store.

The Houlton County Co Op and Farm Store is another option for shopping for healthy grocery food. Get bulk grains, local organic farm food. Have a lunch and meet some neat people over coffee. Watch a video from the County Co Op Farm Store to check out the venue just beyond Market Square. Learn more about the local Maine communities and their unique flavor.

Hope this getting around the area blog post on where to shop for groceries in Houlton ME list of store is helpful.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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