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FAA Registering Real Estate Drones, Aerial Photography.

FAA Registering Real Estate Drones, Aerial Photography.

The real estate drones used to get a bird’s eye perspective in stills and video needs to be registered with the FAA. Back in the end of July 2015 the National Association of REALTORS had an opinion on aerial real estate drone use.

Quote “Given the current FAA prohibition, the National Association of REALTORS® recommends that its members not use this technology for any purpose related to selling property.”

We have had a drone for real estate photography, videos since early in 2014.

The quad copter drone uses, carries a Go Pro camera not the big model we have in the video arsenal.

Which would be too heavy to lift tree top high.

Like anything, a good thing can be used for harmful purposes.Drones are no different in the wrong hands.

And accidents happen when a drone goes astray or is too close to an airport.

The take off, landing of real airplanes, helicopters needs policing. Rules to regulate drone aerial photography were pretty wild in the beginning. Needing a pilot’s license batted around. 

A the FAA, the public, the media thought about what was needed. To sky marshal herd and police the swarm of drones. As lawmakers came to the party way way late. After the drones were already out of the barn.. I mean DJI box.

 They’re here, like the little blonde girl watching television snowy static reports. In an eerie voice, from a dark bedroom, on her knees in the phosphorous glow. Before all heck breaks loose.poltergeist

Like the killer bees that they warn are headed north from down south.

Drones are out there.

Here to stay. Amazon is still talking about using drones for package delivery

The FAA banned that notion back in the June of 2014.

So if you had a real estate drone, were an early Wilbur or Orvile Wright, a Lindbergh or Aerhart taking it to the skies, mums the word. Loose lips sink ships. Not always a popular notion on the grapevine or broadcast streams. drone quad copter photo

Since late 2013 Amazon has been looking for a way to add a fleet of drones to package delivery routes.

This year, the FAA expects over a million drones to be sold, brought to the living room all decked out Christmas tree.

While the agency in charge of air travel control and licensing still wrestles with are they legal or not.

Evasion of privacy and used for terrorist acts is a real concern.

But it is the operator, not the device. Like guns don’t shoot people. People pull the trigger.aerial-lake5

I live in a rural area of Maine.

Only 11 people per square mile.

If we list a three hundred acre Maine farm, having a drone to show the back forty to a buyer many states or out of the country is key. He is not going to bee line north for a looksie. The cyber walk around the acreage and knowing what he is buying is not delayed until a physical visit to the Maine farm.

On demand is what real estate video show and tell presents the buyer on his time frame.

Same with a Maine lakefront property listing that looks nice from the open deck view gawking at the water.

But nothing helps the information transfer, the delivery to the buyer no matter where they are on the blue and green revolving marbel. Than a video coming in low across the Maine lake and then the stick pulled back. The tilt and lift to circle and capture the entire property land, home footprint.

And aerial still, video capture with a drone. Provides the sheer sense of the entire lake exhilliration. Proves the point that this property listing is part of something bigger. To enjoy with a boat water skiing with kids.

Fishing early in the morning with hot coffee and extra helpings of peace and quiet. Kayking, swimming with Maine loons sharing the waterways and singing, crying depending on the mood.

The angle of the presentation makes it stand out from the rest of same old same old too.portland maine cobble stones photo

Real estate is emotional, the online delivery should be memorable.

Getting the buyer’s attention, developing their interest, creating desire and ultimate action.

Trip to the check out register, the sit down real estate closing.

Pass the keys please.

Before the drone for real estate property listings, a trip once in awhile hanging out of the side of an ultra-light was an option.

Or a real silver bird plane, helicopter was another expensive choice. Not to be used daily in the list, market, sell (repeat).

So the latest with the FAA and drones for commercial, hobby use?  This week a FAA release on drones, registry and where the agency is at over the remote control, unmanned tiny aircraft.

Or anything weighing under the fifty five pound maximum. Roughly 2.5 pounds is what our little real estate DJI drone quad copter weighs in at soaking wet. If the flight is during wet conditions. A little more moving the scale needle with the extra battery and go pro camera payload under its belly on the scales.

No need to waste the extra $20 doing the $5 dollar registration for drone quad or how many engine copter either. Forget the third party extortion.

Like when we had business radios with use of a repeater to extend range, the FCC paperwork was a cinch. No third party needed to be in compliance so don’t get bullied into thinking you are doing something illegal.

Lots of folks pushing the drone registration process. Making it bigger than life, twice as frightening. Unless you just opt to skip out on the the registration of the drone quad copter all together.

The five dollar fee at this link to regidster your drone is waived if you get into gear.

Hop to it. The FAA is waiving this normal fee for the first 30 days (from Dec. 21, 2015 to Jan 20, 2016).videomooersrealty01

More from the FAA website regarding the registry of drones.

“Under this rule, any owner of a small UAS who has previously operated an unmanned aircraft exclusively as a model aircraft prior to December 21, 2015, must register no later than February 19, 2016.”

Owners of any other UAS purchased for use as a model aircraft after December 21, 2015 must register before the first flight outdoors. Owners may use either the paper-based process or the new streamlined, web-based system.  Owners using the new streamlined web-based system must be at least 13 years old to register.”

If the real estate drone is used indoors, no registry is needed. It is the skies the FAA is protecting and keeping as uncrowded or orderly spaced safe as possible.

To register your drone, the FAA online form needs name, home physical address and e-mail address.

You the drone operator / owner will get from the web application a “Certificate of Aircraft Registration/Proof of Ownership” to flash around. It will have a  unique identification number for the UAS owner, which must be marked on the aircraft. Vinyl decal, laundry marker legible scribble will work fine.

The hobby drone user has to only get the registration process completed once. The same ID number can be used for all there model hobby drones, aircraft, helicopters, etc. It is good for three years.

Like to dig in and read more? The 211 pages of recreational, commercial FAA drone use regulations pdf. When you think about a real estate agent, broker, REALTOR using a drone quad copter with camera in his or her daily life.

FAA Register your drone online form. It starts, the flood gates open for drone registration December 21, 2015.

Registering a quad copter flight plan every single time the drone goes up would be very time consuming. Maybe very needed in crowded urban areas of population. But not so warranted when you are in TA R2, an unorganized township. video camera hoto

TA R2 located below  Linneus Maine on the way to the Haynesville woods.

Where wildlife out pace humans in a head count by about three million to one.

We only have one area  code for Ma Bell in Maine for a reason.

Not many people. Lots of all natural unspoiled pure surroundings.

We’re grounded, don’t have our drones rigged with night vision. And you can’t flight nights legally.

Shouldn’t anyway.

Drones flying at night with the green and red lights blinking could increase the number of UFO calls.

Make everywhere feel like an area 51.

Real estate drones, using them for video and still photography.

Is one more tool to help the process be sweet, neat, complete for online Maine real estate buyers.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

207.532.6573 | [email protected]  |

MOOERS REALTY 69 North Street Houlton Maine 04730





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