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Gallops Animal Ranch!

I LOVED going here and feeding the bears. Remember the buckets on clothes lines?? what a cool place.

Calais Road, Hodgdon

Gallops Animal Ranch. Loved going to this place when I was a little girl . Vaughn Gallop & Otis Gallop provided us with lasting memories !!!!!!

WOW, Great photo, thanks for bringing back some memories. Glad you enjoyed it. My Dad and Grandfather worked hard for that place. I have great memories of feeding the animals. Especially the Lions.

Otis "Ted" Gallop

Nice place. Enjoyed going there when I was younger. Would get a small bag with food for the deer and they would walk up to you and eat it out of your hand. Great memories!

Neighborhood kids got in free. I went there every day walked through than sat with Molly and watched the people and animals. Vaughan and Ottis made the neighborhood a cool place with the ranch and race track

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