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Waving the white flag.

Alone, “lost at sea” or sending up a flare looking for help, assistance, support. Buying, selling Maine real estate is an emotional experience. One that affects, changes your life. And in the hustle bustle, hurry scurry sometimes you feel like loose ends crop up, develop, happen.

Needing to be tied down, squared away, addressed.

You need to know you are not all by yourself, helpless, confused or “on your own”.

For over 35 years, I have listed, marketed, sold Maine real estate property listings.

But over and over, I have reminded myself to remember what it is like for Maine real estate buyers and sellers who have not had that experience, background.

To make sure to deliver the helpfulreal estate and community area information.

Not make you on the other end of the connection have to call, chase, email and scratch to dig for what you should be given quick and easy. Full details in the can I help you. Because it is my pleasure to serve you!

You deserve, expect special attention, service. Answers to questions to avoid needless worries. Expecations set of what to expect and navigation is my job wearing the REALTOR blue and gold “R”.

Ask boat loads of questions folks, really.

That is why I am here. To help you, be a guide, resource and to keep you from laying awake nights.

This means before, during, even after a Maine real estate sale.

Being here for life if I do my job right and your experience is good.

I remind emailers, callers, visitors to our Maine office that if you ask a question, and the answer I give wears off, I did not do my job right. Need to hear from you again. If you still wonder about something, I need to answer it again. From a different angle, to explain the process better.

So like your favorite teacher who reminds you there are no silly, crazy questions. Fire, ask away. Call 207.532.6573 Email [email protected]  Reach out and connect. Come visit us in person at 69 North Street, Houlton Maine 04730.

Our office is here to help with Maine real estate questions, problem situations, time saving solutions.

To be a resource guide for local community information too.

To assist you in any way possible with the process of buying, selling, even 1031 exchange trading.

Of properties in Maine. Northern New England.

I love where I live, work, play in Aroostook County Maine.

Tap in to what I have learned, what I know, what I want to share with you to make the process of buying or selling Maine real estate less stressful. It can be fun with postive results that you expect and deserve.

Short term Maine housing and apartment rentals, storage for personal property, help finding a job or just being a turn to with any questions real estate related or not.  I am here to be of service whenever, whatever, however the need arises. Please contact me, let me help and get involved.

Our job is so much more than just listing properties and simply selling you a Maine home, land, farm, waterfront retreat or business. We are here, ready to help as person in the community you are investing in. Call, click, visit us soon. When you are ready. When you need help.