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Simple Maine Living, How Small A Home Works For You?

Simple Maine Living, How Small A Home Works For You?

Small, okay tiny homes in Maine.

Pint size, the runt of the litter. Not the norm because for years three generations or more lived under one Maine home roof line.

So the Maine house was almost as big as a barn that was out back.

With a collection of other big storage buildings that all had a specific important use on a Maine farm.

But if you were in a stage of your life when it was just you. Or are a couple.

No mother in laws, no kids in the nest.

How big a living space would you need? How tight a quarters would simplify your life? 89 square feet enough Maine home? No McMansion.

To feel not cramped but not getting lost in a place the goal. Needing GPS to find your way back to the kitchen. Or your bedroom after a nature call late at night.

Maine is big, wide open, four season.

So our “living room” is outside. Not contained, boxed in four walls. Or a number of rooms. We cook outside year round thanks to a wonderful invention called the gas grill. It would be harder in the dead of winter to have to build outdoor fires to cook on like the cowboys did nightly. Or Cookie, the chef that knew little to no English did on the westerns.

Getting out of the rain, the snow, the weather is necessary at night. But many prefer sleeping under the stars whenever possible. Or climb up places like Mt Katahdin at Baxter Park to use super warm high tech clothing, sleeping bags to be warm as toast. But back to the housing in Maine question about how big a place could you be happy with if small is the mission. Less is more.

Have sold land in Maine to folks who put up a yurt. Others who have brought in an Amish shed from Smyrna Maine that is all she wrote. Fine and dandy for housing, keeping high and dry. Everything they need for procession with is not a lot, all secure and stored inside just the same.

Tiny House Blog is one resource to try on a smaller house. To see if you could get back to high school skinny, to try wearing a smaller house around you. Not a lot of rooms to roam. Heck one room that has built ins beyond an Maine Farm Houses Big, Lots Of Buildings To Maintainordinary motel unit. More like an efficiency but with cupboards, cabinets, closets to save space.

Much like if you were going to live on an orbiting space station, submarine or the back of a pick up camper.

And that’s all she wrote for your four walls to call “home sweet home”. Or to convert a bus, create something on wheels like a circus wagon.

Akin to the one the Wizard lived in when he dropped into Kansas. And did not live where roads were paved in gold anymore. Or took time off from wizardry, life behind the lime green sequined flowing curtain.

Tumbleweed Houses is another website to tap tap, double click to browse. Wander around. The creative tight corners when space is a premium and not to be wasted.

Some housing units resembled a decked out Maine ice shack. Some are pretty palatial and have all the creature comforts. Including satellite receiver, galley equipped kitchen and a full assortment of game boards, other entertainment features for when company snow sleds in.

What is a tiny home owner like? The person who makes the home shine, sparkle and what are their habits? Is the smaller square footage the foundation of less home meaning more rich living? Not being a slave to heating, cleaning, repairing and paying larger property taxes on a bigger version monstrosity? Maybe not worrying about property home insurance at all. Because if the smaller footprint dwelling was no more, a new and improved version would be whipped up?

And the money paid out over the years to insure would far exceed the actual cost to replicate if built with odds and ends.

Reworking materials some would call worthless, debris that were often packing, shipping crates. Or containers, big construction boxes, railroad cars, utility  trailers. Does too much investment in the sticks and bricks of a conventional Maine house and tied to a foundation make the owner stuck, permanently “nailed to the forest floor”? Stifled. Suffocating. Buckled up. The light never going off to allow movement. Never free to move around the state, country, World.

Big Maine houses and all that expense, upkeep, worry and concern. Not able to go where the wind blows. Not freed up so their fancy takes them places when the urge hits. When a new interest peeks and off it is time to go. To explore, discover because the gypsy, nomad lifestyle is part of being unfettered and alive. Not saddled with a fixed based, expensive Maine smasher size Victorian Queen Anne or farm house. But free as a bird instead… in a house not much larger than our winged friends flit in and out before flying south for the winter.

If you had children would they be destined to stay Smurf sized for life just without the blue skin?

Like fish in a small bowl, never to grow larger. Stunted, vertically challenged. As if they took to drinking, smoking at Royalty, The Elite Needed Big Houses, Had Staff, early age and end up being like the seven dwarfs never grew tall?

Can not go on the rides at Disney because lower than the cut off of 44 inches? Tiny houses in Maine. None of us are royalty, need space for boatloads of company or to house servants at our beck and call 24/7/365.

We get our own snacks during commercial breaks.

How small could you go for square footage and could you do it at all?

Or maybe for a summer place, hunting camp but only a seasonal shack and temporary living?

Would a small living space make you feel like the four walls were closing in like Indiana Jones movies?

Where the walls, floor, ceiling of the tomb on the way to all the gold, silver and jewels starts to shrink? Creak, grind, vise their way in. Would you feel claustrophobic, becoming nervous, clammy and anxious because everything is just too close? Sweating, tossing, turning. Not able to sleep nights because of trying your dardest to live in a tad larger than California king size coffin dwelling space.

Areas so small and crypt resembling, tomb like. But you are not a vampire. Can’t fly. Like to move around. Don’t sleep for years, decades, centuries at a time. Not planning to grow fangs, to become one. Don’t look good in Gothic dark odd clothing. Are not afraid of sunlight and thrive on it. Need to be bathed in bright natural lighting inside and out when you are lucky enough to live in Maine. Tiny small Maine houses, homes, could you be happy, content in one?

Maine, the place with the space.All size, types, prices of houses. Many on the waterfront, often with large acreages of Maine land attached. Sample ME.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers,ME Broker

MOOERS REALTY 69 North Street, Houlton Maine 04730 |  207.532.6573  | [email protected]



Andrew Mooers

Welcome to our Maine real estate website. I am the father of four grown children, have listed, marketed, sold properties for over forty years. Lots of changes in the real estate industry over that many decades and daily we re-invent our job. I grew up on a Maine farm that I bought from by three older brothers. My youngest son continues in the tradition on that same Maine farm. Here to help with property searches for homes, farms, land, waterfront, multi housing rentals, small mom and pop business listings.

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