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Learn About More Than Maine Real Estate Property Listings. The Process Of Buying, Selling, Trading And What The Local Area Is Like. Get That Too And Much More! All Designed To Save Time, Money, To Avoid Hassle.

Maine Real Buyers Served Here | Not Kid's Menu Portion Sized Either.

Your Maine real estate buyer is one busy boy or girl.

Cow In Maine Says Show Me Everything PhotoLittle time, need all the information yesterday. Don't take kindly, put up with being teased. If it is like pulling teeth to get the bits and pieces of property listing details.

The days of worry that if you tell them everything, the real estate buyer won't call or stop into the office are over.

Right along with full property disclosure on any nicks, dings, dents or bruises, show all the information cards face up.

No smoke, mirrors, mystery, slight of hand or excuses. The buyer in a hurry taps, drums his fingers impatiently.

Show me, I want to see the area, what I need to know if new to these parts. Tell me, tour, one by one with video walk throughs the property listings in Maine. All what we want to do pleads the buyer.

The complete meal deal supersized with NASCAR efficiency. Any hour. To give the buyer all the property puzzle pieces fit, locked in place.

More images, greater property details, helpful links, listing video embeds, aerial maps and regular updated FAQ sections in all our real estate media streams.

The office in no longer 8-5 and just locals get served up. No no, the office is online, spread all over over 400 syndicated listing deliveries to the total span of niche, segment audiences. Not one size fits all in real estate information delivery. Just like one weather forecast or size clothing fits every area, person. 

 I remember every so often a real estate buyer would request a now retired local attorney to handling the property closing. And he was definitely analog in a digital real estate arena. Liking to use the mails to slow down correspondence with the other attorney. Not emailing, not even using fax machines to pick up the pace.

Nice guy but told me, if he had email, everyone would be pushing him to work faster.eye on the ball hustle houlton maine photo

Not able to keep it under control, slowed down. With the excuse of playing phone tag and waiting for a call back.

And "it's in the mail"  delays. So the entire real estate closing conveyor belt gets down shifted into first gear. Then swerving hard (rumble strip sound) into the break down lane.

Better slap on those four ways flashers will ya? Thanks. 

The buyer of Maine real estate does not have time for dinosaurs.

Wants, will get hustle. Things to crank up to his speed, appetite.

Because the lack of high tech, fire in the belly the results sometimes in a deal causing derailment. From lack of a pulse.

No effort. Not dying of natural causes of the bank turned the loan down. Or appraisal came in too low. Or too many repairs and updates needed. And no money on either side of the buyer/seller real estate teeter totter. To hold the property transaction together. But the players lost the game that could have been won easily. I try to see the process, who needs to do what and when. Set expectations. To navigate, keep the eye on the ball. 

It is late at night, early AM hours where I sleep but the online real estate buyer is hot to trot for local information.

For the across the board real estate property listing splash of this, that, everything. We stock the shelves in the deliveryLike Fresh Squeezed Juice Photo vending machines. We give them everything they need for those times when they don't need us, want us buzzing around. The everything easy, help yourself.

Freshly squeezed, hand crafted vine ripened delicious.

Hits the spot. It's all there to have it your way like the place with the cardboard crowns works best. More people served up, fed, got a meal too. The buyer sees, hears and kicks tires on more property listings. Making way way better informed decisions. 

Have fun with our Maine real estate website site, the blog posts, video board. Push it, work it hard, you can not hurt or break it. Follow our other blog post channels The Maine real estate  video playlists too.

They all work together on the same team all designed to give you want you came into the canvas tent to get. To save you time. Make the experience fun, helpful, quick and easy. Just what you wanted right? Nothing limited, held back in the full throttle, high RPM marketing. Nothing served up with kid's size menu portion sizing.

I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

207.532.6573  |  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  |  MOOERS REALTY 69 North St Houlton ME 04730

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