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Maine Land | Not Just Residential, Homes, Houses Property Listings.

Maine Land | Not Just Residential, Homes, Houses Property Listings.

The real estate agents, brokers that only get to list, market and sell houses, homes, residential property listings are missing out on all the fun.

Variety is the spice of life and the same logic applies to Maine real estate listings. Maine land sales are a big part of what we have done over the last 32 years as a real estate broker in Vacationland.

Because in a less populated state like Maine, land is king and queen.

Plentiful, attractive, varied, low cost Maine land surrounds this real estate broker’s property operation. Not just the cute cape and rambling ranch style home that gets promoted by our Maine real estate agency.

Maine land, the kind you can enjoy in retirement, those long three day and week long vacation getaway trips. Your time off.

To invest in some property acreage that is on a lake, river, pond or the oceanfront in Maine. Makes the ho hum simple home and house residential market not the only flavor of real estate we serve up to Maine property buyers.

Land in Maine can mean just an acre lot is plenty.

 Come closer (whispering) an acre is all you need of Maine land. Because we have plenty of space around it. If all you want, can afford is a simple acre of Maine land as a base to explore, discover, you are kid in a candy store like in luck. The folks around each and every Maine land purchase are not wall to wall. Not elbow to elbow so more space is not something you are going to wish for, lament over. Especially in Northern Aroostook, Washington, Penobscot, Piscataquis Counties Maine when considering a land purchase.

Southern Maine has a people per mile density of forty four. (Slide show carousel advances one notch, bright light then image of “the Crown of Maine” splashes overhead). But more wildlife, less people with only eleven folks per square mile spacing in Northern Maine. It’s what keeps the four season beauty unspoiled. The little extra mileage up the Interstate 95 means the Maine land price per acre goes down proportionately too. Drive a little and save a lot is the simple matter of fact, what it all boils down to situation. When you are panning for Maine land, low cost property acreage “gold”.

So what to look out for with a Maine land purchase. If it is a simple approach to purchasing a property listing, an acreage. Because no home with issues, no house that is haunted. No well, septic or improvements to worry about either. Then what should a Maine land buyer ask for questions, from a scan on his yellow legal pad of situations to stay away from and points to make sure to cover one by one.

Get answers on issues like power, is there any now or possible to the Maine land?

What is the cost to run a line, per foot if you are really hankering juice to plug in to from a local Maine electrical utility. Power line easements, big swaths that will eat up four acres of your property if the transmission towers and wires ever are constructed. Wind beaters, generators planned on the horizon to spoil that view, orientation? Means check your deed in the Maine land title search for any mention in the legal description for any kind of easements that others retain, can use in the future.

Have the Maine land title attorney doing the search of the property peek at the earlier deeds in the chain. Did the title search show an excepted and reserved easement for a power line, right of way road that others can use smack dab down through the center of the Maine land you are considering investing in, purchasing to be what you thought was your one and only to enjoy? Don’t just check the current Maine land source deed because the easement(s) might have been left out. Not mentioned, carried over in the most recent document at the registry of deeds. Any earlier mortgages, property tax or other liens on the Maine land you can not see, know about just walking it?

Do you need to own a helicopter for legal access? Are you skilled at pole vaulting when heavily loaded down with building supplies?

 Will you get a key to the gate on the next door approach Maine land. The property you don’t own but need to pass through to get to your property? Have a Maine land title search performed to know what you do or do not own, get in the land purchase that affects your plans, dream, full enjoyment. 

If the Maine land is a hundred acres and half of it is fields, high and dry and not near any other wells, septics, then a soil test is less important for a waste disposal system. But if the Maine land is waterfront real estate, shoreland zoning located, then soil testing importance really kicks in, applies big time. A teenie weenie small property parked on the Maine land waterfront where you can feel the breath of your neighbors on your neck. So close you feel like you are in the center of a fly airport, then definitely make the property sale contingent upon a satisfactory soil test.

Get the HHE 200 set of septic system plans for a Maine land soil test.

 So you know going in, before you buy, up front what you can and can not do with the Maine land. 

So title is sqeaky clean on the Maine land. Check. No easements, right of way road issues for others or for your access to the Maine land. Check. You could put in a septic system private waste water disposal system and you know the approximate cost of the design that works best. Check. Power is or is not an issue because you know you can get it without cutting off an arm or a leg. Selling a major organ to fund the process for power to the Maine land.

Maine Moose BathingOr power to the Maine land is a non issue. Or a plus that it is missing. Not an option. Because you are planning to homestead, start a farm with the Maine land.

Living off grid, unplugged on your own patch of Maine land to grow your own food, raise crops and critters. Heat the home you built with you own wood from the Maine land.

And you kinda like the fact power is not going to happen without a king’s ransom being raised, forked over to get juice to the Maine land.

Because that means no other neighbors who have to have power for their Maine land purchase next door go away. Protects the peace and quiet seclusion, tranquility of the Maine land for years to come is your reasoning.

One last Maine land concern to consider is the wooded sections and are they in tree growth? Big penalty to remove it if it has been put in tree growth to lower the taxes. Even for just that Maine land cabin, camp, home site you have your heart set on creating being removed. 

And look for a Maine wood lot land massacre deep in the interior of the acreage. Where are the property lines that define your Maine land around those wooded sections is pretty handy to know. What are you buying, what do you own, where does it start and stop? Any blazed lines, corner Maine land markers?

Has the timber been hacked to heck, looking like a Vietnam battlefield after Napalm dropped to defoliate it to see the enemy hiding beneath?

Don’t just look at the edge of the fields and think those wooded sections on the Maine land look healthy and hardy. Walk all over the Maine land, get a work out. Beyond the curtain of uncut Maine land. To see before you buy how spindly and “scorched earth” the less easily accessed by foot sections of the Maine land are. So the sinking feeling, “oh oh” surprise does not sucker punch you in the property Maine land buying gut.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker  

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Welcome to our Maine real estate website. I am the father of four grown children, have listed, marketed, sold properties for over forty years. Lots of changes in the real estate industry over that many decades and daily we re-invent our job. I grew up on a Maine farm that I bought from by three older brothers. My youngest son continues in the tradition on that same Maine farm. Here to help with property searches for homes, farms, land, waterfront, multi housing rentals, small mom and pop business listings.

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