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Home Remodeling | Improving Small Bathroom Situations

Home Remodeling | Improving Small Bathroom Situations

When we have a property listing to market, a small bathroom is not a feature to headline.

To lure a buyer of a home for sale to make the purchase. Small bathrooms are not sought after by Maine home buyers. And why they happen? You would have to ask the home builder who may be six feet under or gone on to the great beyond.

Like buyers for land in Maine who don’t ever ask for “what do you have for a good swamp”, small bathrooms are not attractive.

Especially if a handicap buyer needs room to maneuver and get into the bathroom quickly when nature calls with a sense of urgency.

So improving, fixing, curing small bathrooms when space is at a premium and the way the waterworks were placed was not the best it could be. There are lots of tricks to untangle the crowded-ness of a small bath. Here are a few of them that are obvious, some not areas you may have thought about before now.

Cures for small bathrooms in homes for better living or simple resale.

When the budget is small or major renovations are just not in the budget or you rent the place you want to expand without a wrecking ball involved. The list includes adding larger mirrors. Especially opposite a window to make the appearance of two windows, a more deeper sense of space. The mind can accept certain optical illusion tricks easily.

Also transitions of surfaces the eye, the less the better.

If you are adding tile rather than stop over a shower short of the ceiling, take it all the way to the top.

Consider painting the ceiling the same lighter shade of the walls. Or because ceilings can appear a little darker from shadows, make the same shade as the walls a few ticks to the light version of the color selection off the wheel.

Small showers can save space, and sacrifice the Saturday night bath tub experience.

But you have to use the the junior sized showers. And if your shadow is large, it  makes a shoe horn needed to enter them, the jaws of life to extract, Get out when the water stops.

That is not going to work. On the get to work by nine, hop out of bed and get on the road on time. To keep that job to make the house payments on the home with the runt of the litter bathroom. bathroom size photoThat has no his and her sink, vanity for getting pretty with sit down stool and desk. 

Consider going into the next larger room to rob space for the shower.

Or loosing the closet in that bedroom to become the all important shower in the under size, welter weight bathroom.

Glass doors open up the room unlike a solid shower curtain when closed. Sinks that are hung off the wall and open underneath can expand the room feel. But you lose the space to hide all the stuff we all do under those sinks.

So now where to put that all important plunger, extra toilet paper. And the scrubbing bubbles to work hard. So you don’t have to as the ad reminds. To entice you to throw a spray bottle or two into the wire cart with the bad squeaky wheel and head to the check out.

Recessed areas in between the wall studs is one option for toiletries.

A small, deep cabinet with a lid behind the toiler and level with the top or slightly below is an option for everything having it’s special space for items other than tooth brush, comb, q-tips, finger nail clipper, tweezers and the like. The cold medicine, other pillage, lotions and sprays. To work best in a small bathroom that needs desperately needs an enema expansion. bathroom photo

Corner sinks can help a small bathroom relieve some of the pressure coming from the four walls internal squeeze.

Rounding those sharp hip grazing corners of bathroom fixtures is pleasing to the eye and cuts down on the black and blue bruises.

When things go bump in the night, or kids hurry and scurry in and out on a daily basis. So round out the sharp edges of a small bathroom to make it more workable and pleasant functioning.

And if the bathroom is long, but narrow, consider a sink that is too.

It makes up for the lack of depth with width and can look stylish, different, unique in a good way. Caution; Those out of the main stream mass produced bathroom fixtures come at a higher price as specialty items. granite bathroom tile photo

Ordered off the standard menu of items of what are crowd pleasing for most of the building fixture and material buying audience.

Large tiles don’t work as well as smaller patterned walls or floors or ceilings either.

And a buzy bathroom with lots of colors, too many textures and transitions between building materials only give off sour notes. The take away is bitter tasting and every trip in reminds the new home owner this bathroom is not one I am fond off but like it or lump it.

More changes, easy fixes for home remodeling when the target problem to address is a too small bathroom, situation. When the sink is smaller, the counter space for those essentials that are usually left out around it have to be parked somewhere. Sliding door or opening cabinet in the recessed cubby hole between wall studs could work.

Space in a tight bathroom comes another way.

Could be found using an even easier home improvement DIY avenue. With the introduction of a shelf over the toilet and the same or a little less width to make a special place for everything needed to get pretty. Or to feel human and ready to brave a new day. To go out and face the World. If drinking the right octane coffee mixture. downeast 11 art work moose photo

The material used or shelving, flooring, walls can be less costly in a bathroom and look exotic, rich, anything but ordinary for less.

Because smaller bathroom means less of the expensive materials to make it luxurious. And left over material like granite, marble, glass brick or tile from a big job could work nicely to complete one more area of a little one. Stained glass adds a touch too that lasts and greets you daily. 

Left overs can stretch the food budget the same way to squeeze out another meal on the coat tails of the last couple served up but not eaten. As long as pushed to the back and forgotten until ooh ooh, what’s that smell does not happens.

Be on the look out in your travels for small amounts of material that could work wonders in a tiny, small bathroom expansion, re-modeling project.

And revisiting the add a larger mirror suggestion. Instead of just adding a few inches, make the entire wall a piece of mirror. You can pull it off in a smaller room and the sizes are affordable because it’s not the size of a gymnasium right?

Those over, super sized bathrooms are found in the palatial homes where the bathrooms outnumber the bedrooms by two, three or more. Living in small town frugal rural Maine, never could figure out why eight bathrooms in a three bedroom home would be needed. Unless it was The White House and lots of visitors, steady stream of traffic in and out. Needing to trot, visit the bathroom to powder their nose.

Mount the towel rack on the door instead off the wall. Less intrusion and the door does not close completely shut anyway.

Or you might consider a pocket door to slide in and out of the wall. And a towel ring not a rack might alleviate the waste of space. Or those old fashioned three dowels you see in country kitchens near a wood cook stove. That fold flush with the wall that come out, to dry the towel and are put back at the end of the day.

Or maybe the towel is hung on a rack in the bedroom to take to the shower, to tub time and brought back to dry on the same rack.

The bedroom may have plenty of space unlike the teenie weenie bikini sized bathroom that missed out when the square footage house cards were being dealt. That came up short or was not considered a priority when built or was an after thought and only so much space was available for the sink, shower or tub and toilet.

What about lighting small bathrooms?

How can that help in the tug of war for more space and using what you got in the right way in a too small bathroom dimension? balloon colors photo

You want to avoid glaring, sharp lighting and anything but fluorescents from the 1950’s that make you and I feel, look like we are in a morgue.

Because we look a little dead in the morning rise and shine until doing a few tasks to improve the look after laying the head in the bed.

To catch up on some Zzzzzz’s.

Spotlights, can highlight with pools of lighting to showcase each of the bathroom stations. And trump the arch welder bright light that blinds and stuns.

Like when they ask for license and registration on the highway patrol.

Making small bathrooms bigger, picking the right colors.

There are lots of thoughts on the subject and colors picked, the scheme can help or hurt if not given consideration. But with small bathrooms the topic narrows and the concerns increase.

Especially if look mom, no glass to clean those smudges. No window in the bathroom which means to be up to code there is a air exchange moisture vent needed! That comes on unless a second switch installed to not make you feel. like you are heading into an airplane bathroom. realtor pin photo

That is just about as small and tight without the folding door and “in use” slide or light for anyone waiting in line out in the hall.

Hope these cures for small bathrooms in your home remodeling plans are helpful and email, add a comment om your own suggestions.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

207.532.6573 | [email protected]

MOOERS REALTY 69 North Street Houlton Maine 04730




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