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Follow A Maine REALTOR Around, A Real Estate Day Exposed.

Follow A Maine REALTOR Around, A Real Estate Day Exposed.


The Maine REALTOR action packed days that buyers and sellers don’t see.

Because the job means making it look easy, not seeing the stitched together seams. The listings for sale in Maine are polished up, put online frim the office that never closes. With the busiest time in our Maine real estate office being 10:30 at night. That’s right. Meow. At night things are really heating up and purring nicely.beaver in maine photo

Online real estate blog, video, website logs show that is when the buyers are home from work.

Have the kids in bed, and finally a little property listing surfing time freed up.

To grab the mouse, tap tap the screen. Let’s tramp through some houses for sale in Maine online. Or to look over the latest inventory of other property listing types.

All pushed, rushed for the time. To fit in some screen time for the on demand property listing touring before shut eye. That’s how it is for your out of town, state, or the country real estate buyer.

Boom boom. The lights go out and here comes Mr Sandman with the handful of sleepy seeds. Good night. But not before touring three or four or more property listing videos or a quick scan of new real estate listings put online for all to see when they have time.

This morning appointments set up yesterday for showings today to a North Carolina home buying couple.

Also checking in on pending Maine real estate sale loose ends. Follow up cattle prodding of the players involved in getting the clear to close instructions everyone is anxious to hear.

 Preparing for an appraisal of one place for sale, the return of a different real estate appraiser. To make sure corrections were done to a property for his second follow up compliance inspection.maine antique cook stove photo

Closing pressure to close three Maine real estate deals.

Before the end of the week, the year is history.

Where it can make a huge difference in a 1031 exchange.

Or avoiding paying an extra full month of rent at the last apartment along with a new house payment double up.You have to be sensitive to the real estate buyer and seller’s tight schedule and tight as a drum window of opportunity. It’s fast paced, it’s delicate and time sensitive.

We trot in to the local registry of deeds for a Maine survey plat map. To burn a copy of a couple deed legal descriptions. Snap a couple new images of a house exterior because the sky is blue, the sun is out on the way back to the office. The time of day makes for the best image if we hustle to capture it before those dark clouds roll in overhead to ruin the Kodak moment.

Plant a couple real estate signs or straighten a few more that are cock eyed from the wind, snow plows or rug rats messing with them. Relocating those silent salesmen back to their real home.

Sign return maintenance especially high during Halloween. Where people that did not know their place was up for sale start getting calls, offers. Learn the power of the sign colors. That get planted out front by mischievious neighborhood marauders.

Meet with the walk ins that are welcome to drop in to the real estate beehive anytime. And juggle the phone lines on the return to the real estate office lobby where two other lines roll over and ring. A lot. Where the secretary hands me a list of messages, reminders on a to do, don’t forget list. Who you gonna call and the where you got to be hustle hustle jump, hop to it.When she says jump I ask how high?

Each morning when opening up the Maine real estate office shop to see what’s cooking inside the core of the operation.

We have lots of voice mail overnight calls blinking to answer. Cell phone voice mail to tidy up with buyers, sellers, renters, lawyers, bankers, insurance agents. Average of 250 real estate emails to sort through and begin the one by one answering the questions in the inbox too. To stay current, ahead of the new ones. Like weeding a garden that always needs the hoe action, feeding, watering.

Like this typical email this morning from a Maine real estate buyer that writes…

Hello Andy,
My husband Jay and I talked and would like to ask your services for looking for a home up in your area. We are trying to buy the property outright, no bank loan as it looks like we have interest in a buyer for our commercial building.
I have been researching for a few weeks and I think I have mention to you already that we decided we want to create and operate an all year seasonal campground with few cabins for hunting and snowmobile rental but also maple syrup (have experience) and Christmas trees too. 
We have an extensive background in construction working with state, government and local town contracts.
We also have multiple small businesses from grooming services to camping survival supplies so we don’t have all our eggs in one basket and keep things interesting. 
We want a change of scenery, pace and not get taxed to death like our state is doing to small businesses. I know I told we were thinking of renting at first but if the right place comes along and everything is good in zoning we will take that leap of faith.
So far there’s a couple of places we like that are over 100 acres and have access to trails, wooded and other good things.  We might take on a fix-a-upper but it depends on how much is needed, location and if the town is open to new business. 
I watched your videos which I have to say are awesome and creative.  I read your reviews and you seem to be a no-sense kind of guy and tell us what we need to know with no sugar coating.  I have a few questions and need your honesty. How receptive are the towns for new businesses?
Are there any towns that give a hard time in zoning changes or building permits?   Just need the meat and potatoes in this as it will be our source of income.  The towns we are looking at are Limestone, Mars Hill, Monticello, Littleton, Ludlow, Caribou, etc.  There’s one property we are really liking especially with the schools in the area for our daughter. 
Do you know how the zone laws are in this town and if there any land restrictions on the property?  Also need the property line map too.  If things go to plan we could come up in a couple of weeks in January to meet you and check out the area.  Thank you for your quick reply earlier and Happy New Year …
So we answer the questions posed on real estate in Maine, the local community too one by one.
And this blog post channel needs new articles. Along with other social platforms we stock for the Q and A. Keyword mooersrealty Please hit us up, reach out, connect. Allour social media hunt, pecked, put into action daily. Many of the questions we hear a lot and FAQ blog post round robin responses are needed. To set expectations. Provide the real estate education needed to cover all the bases plus save every one time, money, needless worry. Everyone Is busy, needs real estate and local area information so here when you are ready buying, selling, trading property in Maine!
207.532.6573 |  [email protected]  | 
MOOERS REALTY 69 Notth Street Houlton ME 04730



Andrew Mooers

Welcome to our Maine real estate website. I am the father of four grown children, have listed, marketed, sold properties for over forty years. Lots of changes in the real estate industry over that many decades and daily we re-invent our job. I grew up on a Maine farm that I bought from by three older brothers. My youngest son continues in the tradition on that same Maine farm. Here to help with property searches for homes, farms, land, waterfront, multi housing rentals, small mom and pop business listings.

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