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Behind The Scenes In Real Estate List And Sell Of Properties.

Behind The Scenes In Real Estate List And Sell Of Properties.

Like most professions, making it look easy and smooth as silk is an art.

When you love what you do, that passion makes the job a labor of love right? But what happens that gets circulated that is not quite accurate in real estate listing, selling of property listings. Lots.

Because it is not just empty houses we sell or raw vacant land in Maine.

No no, people with deadlines, emotions.

Major get out of my way strong desires to have it their way as Burger King promises.

The whole sound bite is not circulated.

Missing information lost in translation or understanding the situation makes for public confusion. Jumping to the wrong conclusions and classic “he said she said”.

Hollywood movie productions, or slimey national publications around the grocery check out are famous for them if you are in the know of the topic to catch the inaccuracy.  To know and speak up about what is all wrong with the story being spun.

Examples of what on the surface gets broadcast that could not be further from the truth in real estate transactions?

Topics where a home is lost due to lack of payment, foreclosure tops the list. Like prisoners at a correctional center, we all know everyone is innocent right?

Well, pride enters the picture and admitting the seller lost the home due to letting the payments lapse, the property taxes not being current.

 It is not always because of life dips in the road thanks to death, disease, divorce or layoff from work.

Dropping the ball and being distracted with other priorities is calling a spade a spade.

Not disrespectful. Just the facts, truth of the matter in the real estate dog and pony.maine war hero photo

In the 1980’s during the height of Farmer’s Home Administration foreclosures, the reason many former owners losing a property used publicly was the place was haunted.

“Too hard to heat, she was a lemon.”

Or something other than the monthly budget being stretched in the wrong direction.

Is why the keys to the place were lost.

Handed back in and the locks changed.

Like the property ownership to the sticks and bricks title recorded at the registry of deeds.

To finance toys, hobbies, pastimes other than property maintenance or operating costs. That was the real reason. Not keeping the budget in the black and too much red ink being spilled. Like a business that has to shutter the windows, going belly up.

Maybe a drinking, gambling, chasing skirts problem was the root of all evil in the as the real estate property ownership twist and turns.

Or the real reason for everything going sideways drama to keep the mortgage on the home current. The big bad wolf from knocking hard on the door.

Also, real estate buyers that could not get financing, or had to sell something first.

It is easier to sometimes blame the agent or broker for screening them. Which the sellers hire them to do. Suggestions to get to the bank for pre-approval can go on deaf ears when a real estate buyer is anxious to shop. But not be able to buy.

Attacking the problems, not the people involved works best in life.

Real estate is no different in the approach that cuts to the chase. Getting to the root of the problem and life puzzle solving. Timing is the most important element. Right up there with the three locations mantra repeated in succession.

That everyone utters as the 3 “L’s”, real estate’s most important friendly realestate web graphic

Wanting a property is the start.

Being able to actually ready, willing and able to buy at this time can be a whole different colored horse in the junt for a house though.

Or whatever kind of real estate listing in Maine is the apple of the buyer’s eye to own. Timing, other events having to happen to be able to buy like a sale, or fixing credit issues. Those create the log jam, not the real estate agent or broker that is easy to throw rocks at.

Another source of misinformation is sellers of past property listings.

The neighbor sees the place listed, at such and such a property price. Then when it sells, the assumption the seller got top dollar is a given. Especially when the owner, seller himself is spreading the word on the grapevine that he did.

Gloating happens. The sin of ommission and letting assumptions become gospel without raising a voice to correct the misinformation that begins to go viral. Buy low, sell high the mission of many right? Everyone wants to hit a home run and share the excitement.

As the Maine real estate broker, agent involved in a new listing, when arriving at the value for the listing pricing, showing what has sold and for what discussions come up.

And often the owner of the listing about to be put on the market will argue about what Joe Smith got for his place. Because Joe told him so. MooersRealtySearch

It is public information what stuff sells for and especially when the listing broker on those sales is the same one at the kitchen table taking a new one a few doors up the street.

It is so important to spell out the true facts to help in setting the expectations. So happy endings to the real estate sale happens.

No one kinda, sorta wants to sell so when we list, having accurate information when folk’s lives are on hold is needed. Thinking of buying or selling Maine real estate? Here to help in your property sale or purchase in the Maine real estate arena.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

207.532.6573 | [email protected]

MOOERS REALTY 69 North Street Houlton ME 04730


Andrew Mooers

Welcome to our Maine real estate website. I am the father of four grown children, have listed, marketed, sold properties for over forty years. Lots of changes in the real estate industry over that many decades and daily we re-invent our job. I grew up on a Maine farm that I bought from by three older brothers. My youngest son continues in the tradition on that same Maine farm. Here to help with property searches for homes, farms, land, waterfront, multi housing rentals, small mom and pop business listings.

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