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Learn About More Than Maine Real Estate Property Listings. The Process Of Buying, Selling, Trading And What The Local Area Is Like. Get That Too And Much More! All Designed To Save Time, Money, To Avoid Hassle.

ME. Keep It Simple.

Turn on the television, cable or pick up a newspaper, follow a blog post and often the Maine, The Best Flowers Are Wild, Simple, Free.message is about new ways you need to spend your money.

Something you can not live without. Sometimes, a service that says don't spend any of your money until you check with this business platform.

And there is a monthly fee to have the helping hand guidance. It makes you wonder what happened to common sense and why folks get so upside down spending money.

Mainers don't need assistance untangling the bloated debt ratios, missed payments and slowly eroding credit rating. When you grow up in Maine, the abundance of money is in shorter supply.

The lifestyle also does not support needing wheel barrows of it to survive. Our fun in four season, outdoor recreation.

Maine has one drop dead gorgeous back ground.

Living here is simple. The people are down to earth, real, family and community minded. And in addition to that, hard working. The money they receive in pay, they save. That is why Maine is 46th lowest for FSSR. We don't rack up debt in Maine. We believe we are rich if we are happy, grateful and don't own mountains of monthly  installments. Mainers don't need to spend vast sums to impress anyone and know who they are. What you see is who they are.

Maybe it's our Maine parents that teach us to live within our means, moderation. That you can not have everything going materially and money in the bank too. But the less money to manage making us hang on to it longer is part of it too. Better impulse control. Value for the money worked so hard to create is needed. Buying another widget if the first one is cheap, falls apart is not happening. We take care of what we buy so we don't have to purchase the same thing again.

In Maine we do our home work, ask around before making a purchase. Ask about this guy or that tradesman to see what the ear to the ground tells us.

In smaller Maine towns, we know each other better. 

Are more connected. Word gets around about who does a good job. Who does shoddy work or service. We don't subscribe to an Angie's List, have to get a service to make a move involving spending money. 

When you live in Maine, keeping up with any one is not the way we roll. We are content, know who we are, accept others for this strengths and weaknesses too. Sample our beauty one Maine photo at a time. Watch our Maine local event community videos.  Follow our MeInMaine blog posts. The Active Rain blog we write and upload posts to on a regular basis on a variety of subjects.

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Make plans to come visit us. We're at the beginning of Interstate 95, Gateway to Atlantic Canada

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Monday, 16 July 2018