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Maine Town Spotlight – Houlton ME, Aroostook County

Houlton Maine Town Spotlight | Welcome To Aroostook County The County Seat Of Aroostook, Houlton Maine Maine has sixteen counties, Aroostook is the largest with Houlton

farm land for sale in maine

Farms For Sale In Maine | Buying Maine Farm Properties

Farms for sale in Maine, why is buying properties with lots of Maine land acreage so so popular? Maine Is Outdoor Living And Working. Like On

Pick Your Real Estate Property Flavor.

When Do I Lose My Deposit Buying A House In Maine?

Earnest money put down in real estate sale but when do I lose my deposit buying a house in Maine? This blog post covers the situations when the money put

east grand lake

East Grand Lake | Low Cost Maine Waterfront Properties

East Grand Lake, one super location for low cost Maine waterfront properties. Like most Maine lakes, summing up each takes more than a couple lines of ink. Unfortunately, all you

Grocery stores, places to shop for food in Houlton ME.

Welcome To Houlton ME! Grocery stores, places to shop for food in Houlton ME. Because you gotta eat, need to shop for grocery supplies. Before you

maine farm property lifestyle choice photo

Lifestyle Real Estate Property Listing Descriptions.

For years the real estate property listing description of a property for sale was pretty plain Jane and limited. Nice this, great that and be happy here... oh and one


Maine Driving Distances…How Far To Here And There?

Driving distances from where you are to here in Maine. Vacationland is one big New England state with diverse climate, topography and weather. Welcome To Houlton


A Real Estate Day | In Small Markets The Tasks Are Many!

Maine real estate days when you are a small broker are always interesting. The people we meet for buyers and sellers have various highly interesting backgrounds! I learn a lot


Real Estate Closing Costs | What Buyers, Sellers Can Expect To Pay.

Real estate closing costs, what are they, how much are they? What are the buyer and seller expected to pay when a property listing gets sold? This real estate blog


Maine Homes For Sale | That Pink Bathroom Has To Go.

 The out of state buyer from New Mexico made the blog post headline response in unison with her daughter. "That pink bathroom color has got to go!". That daughter got

loadedtruck low ball offers photo

Low Ball Offers | How To Handle Real Estate Negotiations.

The low ball offer on the real estate listing. They happen. And letting the seller of a property know to expect them helps when they are received. Need to be

community center oakfield m

Maine Town Spotlight | Oakfield ME | Aroostook County

Oakfield Maine, located in Aroostook County has Interstate 95 access. The foothills of Oakfield Maine caused someone to dub the town the "Switzerland of Maine". Those same foothills have wind

maine lake waterfront shoreland zoning

Building A Boat House On A Maine Lake, How’s That Shoreland Zoning Work?

Waterfront Properties In Maine! The property on the Maine lake and what can you do to it if you buy it? Valuable information and involves a


New Property Listings On Maine Real Estate For Sale.

Fresh, current and something new to consider when searching for new property listings for sale. The Maine real estate selection is like anything in life. The greater the selection, the


The Hokey Pokey Of A Real Estate Listing Sale In Maine.

In our real estate list and sell job in Maine, we provide a service to buyers and sellers. When you deal with the public you continuously adjust to meet the

slauenwhite maine land photo

Moving To Maine, Why People Relocate Here.

Moving to Maine, why do people relocate here to Vacationland? Well, before looking at the positives when the move is north to Maine, you have to examine the motivation to

Slow Like A Turtle Selling A Home Happens.

Delays Selling A Home, The House Owner Holds Up The Show And Tell.

Delays Selling Your Home In Maine. What Causes Them? Delays selling a home, what adds to the days on market that cause shelf life problems? The


The Little Things In Real Estate Listing, Twisting, Selling.

Like most things in life, it is the snow ball of all the little details that help or hurt a real estate listing sale. As a new property hops up


How Much Home Can I Afford To Buy?

How much home can I afford to buy? What mortgage payment would fit into my monthly budget that has other financial obligations to meet? There are some that just don't


Buyers, Sellers Of Real Estate Homes In Maine Need Help.

Buying a home in Maine is serious stuff. Lots to look out for today in the real estate list, twist, sell. Nothing to be left to chance and a real


Maine Real Estate Market Reports

Maine real estate market reports can be as dry as a kid's popcorn balls found tucked away from Halloween trick or treating a few years back. But that's if the


The Questions Home Buyers Ask Real Estate Agents And Brokers.

Questions on the property listing, what can you tell me about the home for sale makes for a long list to answer. What would interest one person might not another

Registry of Deeds In Maine, Sixteen Counties To Land Title Search.

Registry of deeds in Maine, Vacationland is a big state that has sixteen counties for land title searching and recording. Of all the legal instruments involved when a property is

Maine Town Spotlight | Hodgdon ME – Aroostook County

Hodgdon Maine is located in the collection of towns in Aroostook County. Parked on the Canadian border and covering one six by six mile square township south of Houlton Maine.


Second Homes In Maine For Sale.

Second homes in Maine for sale. Looking for a vacation property or retirement real estate? Maine is a pretty state with plenty of open space, less people. And the word


Like A Traveler Needing Directions, Information, Real Estate Websites.

When you are lost, trying to save time getting to your destination, real estate websites can add or take away from the same kind of experience. Nothing beats helpful, easy,


Talk To Me Like A Local, What All Maine Real Estate Buyers Want.

The buyer for Maine real estate is not always local. The Internet has opened up the waters considerable beyond the days of just running a few national magazine and big


The Maine Real Estate Listing Has Burial Plots, A Cemetery.

Family burial plots on a piece of real estate in Maine we list to market and sell. Why someone would not bury a loved on in a public maintained cemetery


Not “To Death Do Us Part”, Real Estate Starter Homes Get Replaced.

The young couple starting out and looking for a home to raise a family. The house listings get poured over and excitement grows when thinking of buying a home in

farming living simple in maine photo

Black Friday Real Estate Listings | Use Promo Code MAINE.

Black Friday, the time of the year shoppers worry about missing a deal, not saving a bundle. And to feel hunky dory, setting alarm clocks to rise and shine in

maine blueberries served up at a maine inn photo

Starting A Bed And Breakfast, Buying A Maine Inn.

Starting a bed and breakfast, or buying an existing Maine inn, ever entertain either thought? What does it take to start a place you share with others? Open up to


Maine Farm Barns, Restoring One Or Building From Scratch.

Maine farm barns are a wonderful sight to see. Especially today when many of the original barns on a Maine farm are long gone. The cost of money and sweat


House Meth Lab Cooking, Leaking Heating Oil Fuel Tanks, Mold In Maine Homes For Sale.

Maine houses for sale get sold or not for a huge variety of reasons. Why do homes in Maine get to the honest to goodness real estate closing or not


Houses Vampires Swoop Down, Buy Up | What Real Estate Homes For Sale Are Hot.

Real estate we list and market to around Halloween, what about vampire home buyers? We tailor make the marketing message to hit so many niche audiences and what about the


Marijuana Growing In Maine, Cannabis Laws, Referendums.

Growing marijuana in Maine, consuming it, getting high. Regardless of your personal views on weed, cannabis, torching those left handed cigarettes. Or grinding, twisting those saw tooth edged leaves. On


The Maine House Is Haunted, Does That Hurt A Home Sale?

The Maine house is haunted, is that reputation going to hurt the home sale? Whether you believe in spooks, goblins, things that go bump in the night or not, the


The Value Of Your Home, How To Figure Out What It’s Worth.

The value of your home, anything, how do you know what it is worth? Just Google it, look it up in a book or slider your finger down a row


Real Estate Terms, There Is Audience Confusion.

Like any industry, when you peddle a product or provide a service, the terms and buzz words can be misunderstood. The abbreviations, letter combinations used can cause uncertainty in a


Buying The Waterfront Property In Maine Next To You, Oh Oh.

The chance to buy a neighboring waterfront property in Maine. Something to add to whatever you already own located next to you comes up. And shoreland zoning considerations enter the room conversation.

mobile friendly realestate web site photo

Financing To Buy A New Home, More Than A Pretty, High Credit Score.

The financing to buy a home, the one you really have your heart set on. Want to own for your family. It's out there. And along with kicking tires curbside

mt kahdinmaine maine home photo

How Many Houses To See, Show, Before Vertigo Sets In.

 The beauty of video is if something does not turn out to work for the buyer, back out, go to the next one of the show and tell, open houses

bath in maine photo

Home Remodeling | Improving Small Bathroom Situations

When we have a property listing to market, a small bathroom is not a feature to headline. To lure a buyer of a home for sale to make the purchase.


House Colors, How Small Town Rural Real Estate In Maine Property Sales Rock And Roll.

Does color of a house for sale in Maine make a difference in marketing time, the final sale price? How differently rural real estate in Maine property sales are treated

lakeview in maine vacation property photo

Investing In A Waterfront Property In Maine, Putting It To Work By Renting It Out.

The dream of owning and enjoying a waterfront property in Maine, how do you pull that off? Putting the property on the lake, stream, ocean front, on a pond or

maine property sun set photo

How Long Is The Real Estate Property Listing Going To Take To Sell?

The hop on and off the Maine real estate market conveyor belt, why do some properties sell quicker than others? Lots of reasons and first, foremost is how hot is


Multiple Offers, When More Than One Real Estate Buyer Happens.

How to handle multiple offers, more than one real estate buyer shows up, to court and spark with a property listing. Sounds like a wonderful situation for the real estate

loaded truck photo

Is The Real Estate Seller And Buyer Ready To Play?

Getting a property, a real estate listing to the sit down, sign the paperwork to close. Not every property listing makes it all the way to the property closing for


Trying To Track Down Runaway Real Estate Links, Like Herding Cats.

The seller of a property listing for sale in Maine happens to be surfing. Wonders why the heck the price is wrong on this link from another broker when listed


Real Estate Agency In Houlton ME.

Real estate agency in Houlton ME, do I know of one that does more than list properties for sale? Because today the buyer for the real estate in Maine is

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New Construction, Maine Land Needing Something On It.

The neighbor fired up a skill saw this morning and it hit me as something special. New construction or fixing up anything already built is industrious, shows care and respect.


Tips For Buying Land In Maine

The urge to own, kick yourself into gear and to be finally buying land in Maine is a strong one. The low prices on the property acreages is one reason.

aerial lake in maine photo

Real Estate Sales In Maine, What Is Not Talked About Much.

Real estate sales are a delicate operation and many smaller not talked about so much topics don't get the black ink they should.   Sure I have blog posted before


Land In Maine For Sale, How To Manage Your Woodlot.

Being a good steward of your Maine land, the woodlot that is like tree farming. Where you the owner want to maximize the return, the growth and to remove any

alex spud boy maine photo

Gimme Shelter | Real Estate As A Tax Shelter

The Rolling Stones sang about needing shelter, about not getting any satisfaction and lots more emotional, passionate subjects. But because we list, market, sell real estate listings in Maine, the

maine lake photo

Mineral And Water Rights In Maine Real Estate Property Sales.

The calls and emails and letters from areas where they don't always convey in the real estate sale. Minerals and water rights in a Maine real estate property sale, do

kids parents boat harbor in maine photos

The Rent With Option To Buy Maine Home Buyer, What Can Go Wrong.

The calls, emails, texts come in and the question "got any rent to own, option to buy Maine homes available?" The discussion moves on to a home for sale in


Off The Top Of Your Head, Just A Ball Park.

The real estate in Maine seller is asking for a ball park listing valuation over the phone. Right now. Without the agent, broker, REALTOR seeing the property or what is

small maine town photo

The Tone Of The Real Estate Blog Post, Conversation.

The tone of any conversation, whether a real estate blog post or a chit chat at a local diner. Shooting the breeze about Maine weather. It can be free and

sunset canoe in maine photo

Selling Real Estate, Handling Home Sellers With Our Bare Hands.

What goes into selling a home, how we handle and guide a real estate listing property owner in Maine? Lots of behind the scenes counseling. Listening, explaining, navigating is a

ice fishing in maine photo

How House Sellers Hurt A Maine Home For Sale Process.

The decision to sell a Maine home, it has been made and now what? Rely on the real estate professional to guide the process and spell out the procedure  steps

judges in maine photo

Ten Questions To Ask Your Property Buyer (And Ten More Buyers Need To Ask Their Real Estate Agent.)

Questions asked early provide answers, the valuable real estate information. To determine the right direction to head in the most expensive life time move most people ever make. Communication back and

ice fishing in maine photo

The Worst Advice We’ve Ever Heard About Maine Real Estate

Advice Buying, Selling, Trading Real Estate. Everyone Is All Ears. Bad real estate buying, selling advice, where does it come from and would winging it work


The Penalty For Taking A Maine Woodlot Out Of Tree Growth Plan.

  The penalty for early removal of land in Maine from the tree growth property tax and management program? What do you have for a property tax reduction by being

lake mist photo

Real EstateTerminology | We Speak The REALTOR Language.

Real estate terminology, what the words used in listing, selling, lending and legal circles and beyond really mean. It's like heading to a foreign country. When terms that sound Latin,

maine rafting photo

Getting Divorced, Buying Or Selling Your Real Estate In Maine.

For better or worse, you find yourself in a divorce and need to buy or sell your real estate in Maine. Maybe the divorce is a good thing in the

river race canoers waiting photo

Does House Automation Affect Home Values In Every Real Estate Market?

Most folks have seen the cartoon The Jetson's. Living comfortable with automation of all kinds. To streamline the day to day a thousand years in the future. In a town

southern aroostook county photo

Maine Town Spotlight | Dyer Brook ME | Aroostook County

Dyer Brook Maine, a small town located in Southern Aroostook County features incredible long views. Of Mt Katahdin, the rolling farm fields and woodlots that create one huge sense of

logo small real estate

Agents, Real Estate Brokers In Maine

Are you searching for an agent, real estate broker in Maine to buy or sell a property? MOOERS REALTY has served Maine real estate buyers for forty years. Andrew Mooers,

video camera photo

FAA Registering Real Estate Drones, Aerial Photography.

The real estate drones used to get a bird's eye perspective in stills and video needs to be registered with the FAA. Back in the end of July 2015 the

groomer sledders houlton maine photo

The Simpler The Better In Maine Home Sales.

The seller of a Maine home wants to see the place sold. Pretty cut and dry. Quickly, with the shortest, least hassle possible. No drama please. But saving a real

maine home closets photo

What We Never Hear Maine Home Buyers Say.

There are some absolutes in life that all can agree on and Maine home buyers have them too. So do sellers of houses in Maine. For example, you never hear

black hawks hockey photo

Ho Ho Buying A Home Means Easy Does It With Black Friday, Cyber Monday Sales.

The tug on wallet or purse to open wide and say Black Friday or Cyber Monday sale savings. Means insert the pair of ear plugs. Reach behind your head to

mt katahdin maine mountain photo

Maine Divorce And Real Estate Property House Sales.

There is nothing pleasant about seeing a family home in Maine have to be listed to sell because of divorce. Because neither spouse of a divorcing couple can swing the


Best Real Estate Agent | Find, Buy, Sell Your Properties In Maine.

No one likes to make a mistake in real estate. Or waste a second of time in buying, selling their properties in Maine. Life is short. Hear it ticking, bleeding

horses winter photo

Lots Of Ground To Cover Before Bring In The Maine Homes For Sale.

The out of state Maine homes for sale buyer is in the dark. When thinking of purchasing a property listing in a small rural area especially. Because unlike the city

rafting in maine photo

Seller Carrying The Mortgage, Owner Financing Maine Land.

Look Mom, no bank.Smooth sailing. Sometimes it is because of the low price property listings in Maine for sale. All about how easy it is to buy them outright and

maine sailing ship photo

Night Sweats, DT’s, Tossing And Turning | What Real Estate Sellers, Buyers Worry About.

Late at night, things happen to cause buyers and sellers of Maine real estate to wake up. Stay wide eyed. To toss, turn and worry about the property purchase and


Selling Your Maine Home, What Stays, Gets The Heave Ho.

The decision to let go, to list and sell your Maine home. Whew. It is extra tough when the sticks and bricks have been your Maine home for decades. Maybe

maine home photo

The House For Sale More Than Four Walls, Sticks, Bricks.

The house, real estate for sale. It is not just a property listing address and parked in a collection.Never ho hum, all the same. The place represents a lifestyle. Something

downeast-11 photo

Selling Your Home, House In Maine.

You have a home in Maine to sell, what to expect in the real estate sale? Lots of factors considered going in and all along the way to the clear

Selling Your Home, What Can Go Wrong?

You have a home in Maine to sell, what to expect in the real estate sale? Lots of factors considered going in and all along the way to the clear

horses snowvy wwinter in maine photo

Accurate Maine Real Estate Information | Consider The Property Listing Source.

Information, accurate details to make important Maine real estate listing buy or sell decisions. Nothing compares to real World, up to the minute fresh information about what is happening in

maine boat photo

Three Dogs, Two Cats And How Many People Living In The Maine Rental Home?

Maine rental homes. The wear and tear on a property listing for sale in Maine can be impacted big time when the occupants are many in number. And the number

river home maine property photo

Putting Myself In The Shoes Of An Out Of State Maine Real Estate Property Buyer.

Wearing the shoes, walking in the moccasins of the out of state Maine real estate property buyer means distance is a hurdle to clear. The buyer for a listing for

beaver in maine photo

Real Estate Appraisers In Maine Have A Tough Job.

Like life, real estate appraisers in Maine have a lot to keep up with because of constant changes in adjusting the way they arrive at a property value. Not only

jeep way fun maine photo

How Leased Land, Recreational Property Listings Work.

Leased land in Maine, for properties for sale in the middle of nowhere. The concept of leased land can at first come off unsettling. Like what kind of racket is

snow flowers in maine photos

Behind The Scenes In Real Estate List And Sell Of Properties.

Like most professions, making it look easy and smooth as silk is an art. When you love what you do, that passion makes the job a labor of love right?

maine blueberry photo

How Much House Can I Afford? | Buying A Maine Home.

The old rule of thumb for how much house can I afford? What is the limit to what I can buy for a house based on income, debt that I

maine baby horse photos

The Danger Using Maine Land Cost Per Acre Calculations Only.

What does Maine land cost per acre is a common question. We field it all day and night long online, over the phone, in discussions in the Maine real estate

boy and the boot photo

How Long Is My Maine Home Going To Take To Sell?

The easy answer for the big real estate question about when is my Maine home going to sell? How long is it going to take to sell this house? So

boat harbor maine family photo

The Renter Who Deals Direct With A Real Estate Property Owner.

The Maine home renter who seeks out, has a little chit chat with the property owner of an empty house. Rut rho. The property is for sale, the renter is

houlton maine soccer photo

Bank Repos, Foreclosures Maine Homes.

Bank repos, foreclosure propery Maine homes, need one? Low cost, cheap listings in Maine never go out of style. Frugal, simple living is the way we shake and bake. Have

horse team in maine photo

The Air In A Real Estate Property Sale Can Get Heated, Charged.

The atmosphere, air surrounding a real estate property sale in Maine can get a little heated up, electrically charged. Not always in a good way. The emotions can run high.

maine potato fields maine photo

Buried Fuel Tanks When You Are Buying A Maine Convenience Store Business Property.

Buried fuel tanks, underground and lurking, making the new buyer of a Maine convenience store property listing wonder. About are they in compliance, safe, up to speed current regulation wise.

maine ducks photos

Questions Maine Real Estate Buyers Ask …

Day in and out, certain questions are asked by Maine real estate buyers. Beyond just where is the best financing for a home loan on a Maine property kind. The

fireplace in maine photo

Like Using A Medical Operation On Real Estate From 1953.

Listing, marketing, selling Maine real estate is serious business. And like most industries, reinventing, keeping up to do the list and twist to get to more property closings is constant.

houlton maine sports photo

What’s Missing In The Real Estate Information On A Property Listing?

What's missing when you are searching for property listing information? What was left out of the write up, the brochure in the marketing of the real estate? Plenty in most

farming living of the maine land photo

Farm Land, Wood Lots In Maine For Sale.

Farm land in Maine, woodlots, property with some size and heft to the acreage. Many real estate markets revolved around only one major flavor of homes and houses for sale.

maine home christmas photo

Changing Real Estate Gears, Replacing Your Home.

Where I live and list, market, sell (repeat) the real estate property listings are so under valued. Solid deals in the what's for sale happen around the clock. Are no

mobile friendly real estate website

Mobile Friendly Maine Real Estate Sites, Visit MOOERS REALTY !

Getting information for real estate listings in Maine, our MOOERS REALTY website is mobile friendly. Just what you need on a hand held device. Smart phone, tablet, whatever works best.

mt katahdin maine mountain photo

Shooting Real Estate Images, Video To Use In Property Listing Marketing.

When you work in Maine real estate listing, sales, cameras to do the job are very important. I own a slew of them. Some because new technology opens up better

dairy bar ice cream maine photo

Easy Does It On Your Real Estate Agent, Broker, REALTOR.

The listings for a piece of Maine real estate come in fast and furious in the spring. We get properties on the market year round and real estate listings sell

george washington market square photo

Financing, Your Maine Home Mortgage Loan | Where To Start.

A Maine home loan mortgage, you are starting to think you better be looking into getting one. To get a roof over your head. To climb out of the rental

maine photos

Real Estate That Is A Bargain, But The Property Does Not “Fit”.

You know the feeling when you see a deal on the clearance rack, online under the sale section and the low price excites? Until you explore the sizing and realize

houlton maine photos

Getting Ready For Spring Real Estate Listing Your Property.

Real estate in Maine, anywhere sells year round. Because people's lives work that way. All calendar long without black out dates. All four seasons but spring seems to be the

farming living in maine photo

Properties In Maine With Wow Factor, But Harder To Sell Listings.

The properties in Maine for sale that have lots of oohs and ahhs. But the real estate listings that are harder to sell because reality sets in. We list all

maine yatch home photo

When Is The Best Time To List, Sell Your Property In Maine?

The best time to list, sell your property in Maine is when? All year long, anytime you are needing to sell or no longer use. Get it on the market.

sun rise in maine photo

Home Layout, Floor Plan For Better Living Design | Maine Home Building.

When spring is in the air, thoughts turn to real estate vacand land, house building on  lots in Maine. The changing where Mickey's little hand is at always leads to

maine farm winter photo

Life Goes On When The Power Doesn’t | Living Off Grid.

Property without power, living off grid in Maine. And not worried about whether utility lines cause an interruption in electrical service. To some, living without power seems so hard to

farm snow view in maine photo

Maine, Full Of What You Love, Free Of What You Don’t.

We list, market and sell all types, prices and locations for Maine real estate property listings. But more important than that, we are pretty excited to do the show and

maine sunset tree photo

Land List In Maine, What’s For Sale For Acreage?

Land Listings In Maine, Meet Your Four Legged Neighbors. Land for sale in Maine. We list and peddle lots of just property acreage, no buildings. The

mt chase maine town sign

Maine Town Spotlight | Mt Chase Maine | Penobscot County

Mt Chase a small community, town near Patten Maine in Northern Penobscot County. Not many people, more wildlife really. And plenty of wide open woods, crystal clean waterfront recreational options.

houlton maine home photo

First Time Home Buyer For Maine Programs, They Helped Me!

My first house in Maine, the home buying experience I remember well. No one forgets the jingle in the pocket sound of the first set of keys to anything right?

maine farm boy photo

A Cyber Food Hub For Maine.

You are a grower of produce, organic or otherwise and need a market for your Maine food. Or you are in the market for wholesale or retail Maine grown food.

maine rafting photo

When It Is Low Cost Property, Maine Real Estate We List, Sell.

The market for real estate listings is never the same. Like the weather, it does not stand still. Keeps moving, changing. In the local area, when comparing ours to other

maine white water rafting photo

Your Average On Hold Time For Real Estate Information Should Be Zero.

Let's face it, no one likes to wait for real estate property information or anything today. The on the go, overbooked, strapped for time makes late night a common down

pemaquid me light photo

Shoveling Snow, Opening Up A Path For Real Estate Property Buyers.

It happens when you live in Maine, sell property listings for sale here. Shoveling snow that gets dumped on a long driveway. One that drifts because out in the country

canoers waiting maine river photo

Real Estate Earnest Money Deposit, What Happens To It?

The real estate earnest money deposit that buyers for a property are asked to ker plop down. When signing a purchase and sale agreement to buy a listing. Money put

gas station in maine photo

The Transition For Maine Real Estate Buyers Looking Over Their Shoulders.

When a Maine real estate buyer lived out of state and whatever they did not like pushed them to move to the Northeast. It is still hard to let go

flowers summer in maine photo

See, Talk To The Buyer Of The Real Estate In Maine When Describing Property Listings.

When a property listing in Maine comes on the market, describing it more than adequately is always the concern. Lots of images, all the detailed property information and a video.

loons in maine lake photo

Keep It Simple, Give Them Their Money’s Worth | Small Maine Businesses

In Northern Maine, it is all about value, simple living, don't be extravagant in your spending. Easy does it and your day to day all about moderation. Families in Maine

houlton maine winter park photo

5 Tips Getting Ready To Sell Your Home.

The home you want, need, think you want to sell, are you ready or not? To come out from the ranks of rows and rows of houses, the many that

donkey in maine photo

Six Things Real Estate Sellers Expect From Their Agent Or Broker.

Six things a property seller expects and should receive from their real estate agent or broker. Because listing a property, there  is nothing casual about it. It's the largest investment

maine woods photo

Taking Very Good Real Estate Notes, Doing Your Home Work.

When a real estate agent or broker gets the honor and the call to list a property, the wheels of preparation turn slowly. Start picking up spin speed. It is

welcome to maine photo

Taxi Service In Houlton Maine, Who To Call For A Cab Ride.

For 42 years Lawrence Clark ran a taxi cab for a ride service in Houlton Maine. His brother Elmer, Bill Barriner, his son little Billy, Ann Colter and Lawrence Clark's


Follow A Maine REALTOR Around, A Real Estate Day Exposed.

The Maine REALTOR action packed days that buyers and sellers don't see. Because the job means making it look easy, not seeing the stitched together seams. The listings for sale

mooers realty maine puzzle photo

Too Much Lipstick, Too Much Rouge | ME Real Estate Listings On The Trashy Side.

Jerry Jeff Walker, if he was a real estate property listing buyer, he might say he looks for places a little on the trashy side. Low price, big adventure and

drews lake aerial drone photo

Using One, Not Being One | Drones For Real Estate Video Photography.

Drones in real estate video photography, lots of buzz in the news about the little stealth image gatherers. The loops and stills of digital photography for real estate drones is

video camera real estate equipment photo

No That Won’t Work, Back And Forth To Gain Property Access.

Let's face it, your real estate property buyer of today is extremely busy. And if delays happen in getting information, gaining access to a listing for sale, he or she

court house moon maine photo

Rental Properties In Maine, Buying Apartment Houses, Renting To Family.

To some the thought of owning rental properties in Maine, any where in the solar system is chilling. You would have to be off your rocker to consider such a

loons maine lake photo

How Long Is A Real Estate Appraisal Good, Valid For?

The call to the real estate office and asking if there is a current appraisal on the property? Not unless someone refinanced recently, paid for one to be done to

kiss both sides boy girl photo

Fix Up The Old Real Estate, Build Or Buy A New House?

The property where you live, and what to do when a change is needed to improve the housing. Putting yourself in a good position to be happy either way it

judges music festival scoring photo

The Highest And Best Property Price, When Here Comes An Offer.

Face it, the lowest possible price for real estate,  just about anything you buy is on the mind. Because how you run your household personal finances is much like staying

hero cat in maine photo

Buying, Selling, Renting, Financing, Moving | Real Estate In Maine

Over the holidays people gather, have some family time to discuss important life decisions involving somehow real estate. Buying, selling, renting real estate in Maine. Or how to get financing,

cow flies on maine farm photo

Not How’s The Real Estate Market In Maine, But Where Is It.

Did a blog post recently on another channel we weed, feed and water about how's the market for property listings sales in Maine. This how's the Maine real estate market

cows barn country photo

The Local Real Estate Buyer May Become A ME Home Seller, Is Creeped Out.

The expression "your best neighbor may just be no neighbor" is an easy to remedy situation in Northern Maine. Simple to accomplish in rural Aroostook County. One of the northern

houlton maine christmas town photo

Events, Schedule Of Houlton Maine Activities.

What to do for fun, the events schedule for Houlton Maine, Southern Aroostook County is always a long as your arm list. Loaded with activities for all ages. In a

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Tips, Things To Do In Houlton Maine For Fun.

Things to do for fun in Houlton Maine, tips and suggestions on ways to spend your time in the Shiretown. Southern Aroostook County is the perfect backdrop for outdoor recreation

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Building A Home In Maine, You Need Some Land For Sale Right?

Building a home in Maine, for vacation or full time use on your own piece of land. Maybe you are settling into retirement mode. Or the home designed to create

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What Real Estate Agents, Brokers Don’t Like To Hear.

The answer to why is my house not selling? Lots of factors swirl around the property listing, the skim milk marketing, the sky high pricing. And the overall process getting

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The Real Estate Listing Price Bounces Up, Down, Sideways.

The buyer in the Maine real estate audience follows along, or tries to and wonders. Scratches his head when the listing price of a property for sale goes up, down,

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Buying A Maine Farm, What To Look Out For With Property Listings?

You've had it up to (hand held over your head) this high with living in too small surroundings so putting the city in the rearview mirror as you look for

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Real Estate Mortgage Calculators | Figuring The Cost Of Money.

What is my monthly home loan payment going to be means real estate mortgage calculators need to be handy. Are one valuable tool in figuring out what I can afford


Real Estate Buying, Selling Is All About The Timing.

Timing is everything in life, in real estate buying and selling. The reality real estate shows make it look slick, quick, easy peasy. But like dating, it is all about

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Incomplete Real Estate Information, Skimpy Works With Clothing.

Real Estate Videos. Because less clothing, raised eyebrows and attention happens. But with real estate, too skimpy real estate information put online frustrates those out in the Internet audience. There

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Local News Where You Live Works Best Right?

When you need local news, you turn to the neighborhood sources around you. Reporting is done in your own backyard where it happens. Not the news from a local area

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“As Is” In Real Estate Listings, What’s That Really Mean?

The real estate listing in Maine is advertised in bold capital letters with "as is". Mentioned in the property listing blurb that what you see is all you get. Often

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Moving, Relocating, Buying Maine Real Estate For Retirement.

The time to be moving, relocating, buying Maine real estate for retirement. An affordable property that helps stretch that fixed income received monthly from whatever source(s). Getting by on less,

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How To Waste Lots Of Time Listing, Selling Real Estate.

How to waste a lot more time in listing, selling Maine real estate properties. The opposite of what you strive to do but it can happen anyway. Unless lots of

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Existing Homes In Maine For Sale, Check Those First.

If you are looking for a Maine home for sale, before calling the earth movers, the land contractors to clear and lot and build from scratch. Look over, browse and

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Maine Shoreland Zoning, Expansion Of Waterfront Properties.

Adding on, how much bigger can I make, say, a Maine lake camp when converting to year round home? Before Maine Shoreland Zoning regulations, requirements were hammered out, it was

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The Maine Real Estate Buyer, Seller. Where’d They Go?

Patience is not the strong suit of many Maine real estate buyers and sellers. And everyone has action packed, busy lives which does not help. So when a Maine real

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Many Facets To A Maine Real Estate Sale, But What Shines Brightest?

The property listing in Maine has been put on the market for sale. But what happens after the real estate sign goes up, the marketing band wagon starts the razzle

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The Owner Of The Maine Real Estate Listing, Calling The Shots.

The owner of a property, a Maine real estate listing. Who is the go to for instructions, updates, offers, decision making. Can get a little murky. Creating gray areas when

Maine Properties For Sale Photo

Give It To Me Straight, Tell Me It All Going In.

The full details of a Maine property listing. Everything about the real estate for sale going in, up front is key. Because if that is not the approach, if all

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Living Off Grid In Maine, Simple Day To Day Life.

Living off grid in Maine. The motivation for a lot of reasons. The biggest one is to enjoy space that has always been at a premimum. Pretty much non-existent. In

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No Down Payment, 100 Percent Maine Home Loans, They Happen.

No money down, 100 percent Maine home loans. Where do you sign up right? Sounds too good to be true? Well believe it or not, you can get no money

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Deed Recording In Maine, Lost Paperwork Happens.

You bought a Maine property listing, what about the real estate deed to it? Where did it go? Or you have gotten your deed to some Maine real estate. But

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Lots Of Questions About Maine Before Any On Real Estate Listings.

The office phone rings, email server warms up with questions about Maine, the local area long before any on real estate listings. The brand new to the area of Maine

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Real Estate Video | Best Way To Promote Property Listings.

Real estate video, to do the show and tell of a new property listing. To showcase the local area, community events with video. Because local buyers don't like to wait

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Two Boxes Of Cigars, A T-Shirt And Many Miles, Several ME Properties.

The real estate listings we put out there to hang out online. To promote the properties in Maine for sale. The reach is pretty incredible. Not just fishing locally for


(Creaking Sound) Opening Up The You Tube Real Estate Video Analytics Log Files.

Under the hood, behind the shiny platform interface covering, what the numbers say in your You Tube real estate channel. Do you study the stats? No, how do you adjust

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Need Less Money, Living, Buying Maine Property.

Maine property, buying real estate listings up here in the right hand upper corner. You need less money to own places outright. No mortgage living debt free happens quicker. Everything

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What’s My Property Worth, Value Of Real Estate?

The price tag that a property would sell for, what is the real estate in Maine worth today? The answer to that question is not one you Google. Look up

maine land for sale photo

Marketing Is Part Of The Maine Real Estate Sale, But …

Marketing property listings in Maine takes lots of new creative ways to reach the larger audience of real estate buyers possible. You deliver what they want round the clock. Your

maine lake photo

The Expert Telling You About Maine, The Real Estate Has Never Been Here.

The move, relocation to Maine and the only thorn in your side is a few people in your inner circle of family or friends. Or just acquaintances. Who have never

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Maine Real Estate Property Seller Says “I’m Not Giving Listing Away.”

The owner, seller of a Maine property says he is not going to give away his listing. But sometimes the saber rattling and standing firm on a price that is

maine ocean family photo

Buying A Maine Home When You Already Have One To Sell First.

One less house to worry about is what happens when you don't own one and are trying to buy a Maine home. To add to the collection. One at a

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Maine Real Estate | How’s The Market, What’s My Home Worth?

How's the Maine real estate market, what's my home or other property worth? The market for your Maine home, any type of listing is tied to what is going on

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The Real Estate Market In Maine, Not Like Everywhere Else.

The mass media prints, voices, splashes of charts and images for the real estate market daily report. As if it was one big forecast that applies to everywhere. That works

maine lake photo

Don’t Shoot The Messenger | Leading Up To The Real Estate Listing.

Hurdles to clear in real estate is like anything else in life. Sometimes a Maine broker, REALTOR gets a call from a seller like this. Often it can be a

maine scenery land photo

The Big City Living Is Driving You To Maine.

White knuckles, feeling anxious like people do in very bad weather, you are leaving the city living. Putting the crime, stress, crowds, high cost of urban survival in your rear

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Buying Maine Waterfront Properties, Five Things To Watch Out For.

Maine waterfront properties, five things to watch out for in the eenie meenie miney moe of the listings. LIke any real estate purchase, it starts with your expectations, your budget.

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Pick Ups In Maine, The Four Wheel Drive With A Plow Truck Kind.

Happens a lot, pick up trucks in Maine being bought by a new out of state buyer. Who thinks he will need a four wheel drive to travel the roads

maine older mobile home photo

Maine Houses, What’s A Modular, Double Wide, Manufactured Home?

Manufactured homes in Maine, what is a modular, a double wide, or other variation of something made on a factory floor? Shipped in from out of town to land on

lighthouse in maine photo

You Selling, Buying A Maine Home?

The what do I do first, next, along the way in the selling, buying a Maine home? Getting ready to do something is often the drill in much in life.

houlton maine courthouse photo

Greater Houlton Maine Area School Information.

Let's talk about schools in the Greater Houlton Maine area, what are the options? Well if you are not one of 5000 Maine home schoolers, the options are pretty simple.

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Hunting, Fishing In Aroostook County Maine

Hunting and fishing in Aroostook County, Northern Maine can have lots of meanings. You could go in lots of directions under that category heading for a Maine blog post title.

island maine lake photo

Angry Family Members Squabbling Over The Maine Real Estate Listing.

In life, in business, we all try to try to keep the boat from rocking, upsetting. But emotions can run high in a good and not so peachy keen way

maine license farm plate photo

Don’t Forget Parents Of The Maine Real Estate Buyer.

The parents of the first time home buyer of a Maine home. Don't forget Mama and Papa Bear and who else from the family should, wants to be involved in

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Someone Says Two Little Words In A Maine Real Estate Sale, “Title Problems”.

When you have a Maine real estate property listing under contract, you don't want any derailments. Headed down the conveyor belt toward a closing, not the time you want to

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Houlton Maine Homes For Sale, Any Bad Neighborhoods To Avoid?

Houlton Maine homes for sale, let's talk about neighborhoods. In large city urban areas, there are different pockets of real estate listings in the good, bad, the ugly spots. To

path tree roots photo

Two Bedroom Maine Homes, Harder To Sell, Move.

Two bedroom Maine homes, ideal for some and not so handy dandy a fit for many others. How come? Well if the two bedrooms are upstairs, the folks that can

farming living photo

Fresh Coffee, Bacon, Eggs, Breakfast Smells Fill The Maine Farm House Kitchen.

The heavy Maine farm house kitchen door creaks open, closes, the ceiling light flicks on. Shines brightly, as you unlace work boots. Park them, your yellow chore gloves too near


Maine Town Spotlight | Linneus ME – Aroostook County

Small Maine towns are special, and the Pine Tree state has 108 of them. Linneus Maine, population 984 people is located in Southern Aroostook County. Before Interstate 95 was built,

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DOM | Days On Market, What Does The Real Estate Number Mean?

Days on market, the DOM. Reduced to a number, society wants just one lone figure to quickly tell it all for health, in real estate, in life. Pronto, hurry, the

maine canoers waiting photo

Going Above And Beyond, Maine Real Estate Service Delivered Quickly.

People are busy and Maine real estate information delivery has to be just as chop chop quickly available. Complete, sweet, neat. Every time. And a healthy selection of property listing

maine kids working together photo

Maine Real Estate Sales, Work Arounds, Problems That Pop Up.

Real estate sales in Maine, the roadway from listings to closings has delays, detours, problems to work through. That going in you expect could happen but hope they don't just

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First Time Home Buyers, Can You Afford To Buy A House?

Like most things in life, before the purchase the question needs to be asked "can the first time home buyer for a Maine home afford to buy?" If around the

maine beaver photo

Maine Beavers, They Can Be Your Best Or Worst Friend.

In our Maine real estate sales, we run into beavers. Just going about their business and busy as a well, you know. Beaver. Not everyone feels the same about beavers

mt katahdin maine photo

Getting Ready To Sell Your Maine Home.

Like most things in life, being prepared, getting ready applies and the same is true for your Maine home sale. You have to take steps first before unveiling the property

maine sailboat photo

Real Estate Buyers, All Say Same Thing.

Real estate buyers are like you and me, busy people. And from my industry experience of 34 years I hear the same remark over and over. Usually because of earlier

maine winter horses photo

Does Winter Weather Slow Real Estate Sales?

The Maine weather forecast gives folks something to talk about. When you live, work and play in a Northern climate, weather happens to work around. I have found videos for

ice fishing in maine lake photo

Maine Winter, Ice Fishing, Snow Shoeing And Sledding.

Maine winters are not wasted, natives are still outdoors like the other three Vacationland seasons. Not in t-shirts and wearing warm layers on their bodies. Mittens or gloves, hats, boots

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Real Estate Blog Posts Cover A Lot Of Topics.

Real estate blog posts, the subjects to cover mean lots of stops on the information highway. To visit the needed topics associated with the listing, selling Maine real estate listings.

farm warning photo

Buying, Starting A Small Maine Farm, Dealing With Dirt.

Starting, buying a small Maine farm, you have dirt in your veins. Maybe farming is in your background. Or just a new desire to till the dirt, grow anything, raise

farm warning photo

Starting A Small Maine Farm, Dealing With Dirt.

Starting a small Maine farm, you have dirt in your veins. Maybe farming in your background. Or the desire to till the dirt, grow something, raise something on those pastures.

Snow Shoeing On Maine Land Photo

Things To Consider Building Your Home In Maine.

You are toying with buying Maine land, building a brand new home. Congratulations! Excellent! Finally getting just the house you have dreamed of always owning on your own property, land

maine home living room photo

Five Mistakes Maine Home Buyers Make.

Five mistakes Maine home buyers make that hurt or derail the property sale. Number one is going shopping and expecting to buy when no one brought in the banker upfront 

blackhawks night hockey photo

If Listing, Selling Maine Real Estate Was Like Playing Hockey.

If listing, selling Maine real estate was like the day to day of a NHL hockey player, the description of how it is done would be fun to follow. The

Maine Lake Boat Photo

Market Report For Maine Real Estate Listings, Sales.

Market reports for Maine real estate listings, sales can be dry and boring as heck. Unless you are a buyer or seller of a Maine property listing. And suddenly are

youtube video logo

Making Real Estate Videos, Why Do It?

Hands up, who agrees real estate videos done right are the most memorable, easy way to do the show and tell? Okay, you can all put your hands down. Thank

maine fire photo

How Long Is This Maine Real Estate Property Sale Gonna Take?

The time needed to go from listing to selling a Maine property, how long is this process going to take? Like lots of things in life, the speed, ease of


Cheap Maine Homes With Lots Of Land.

The request comes in over email servers, the phone and through office visits for cheap Maine homes with lots of land. It is a given that properties are lower cost

Meduxnekeag River Photo

Maine Town Spotlight | Monticello ME, Aroostook County

Monticello Maine, a town located north of Houlton and bordered on the east by the province of New Brunswick, Canada.  This blog post is part of a series on spot

sunrise in maine photo

7 Poor Excuses For Really Bad Real Estate Videos

Videos for real estate listings are the easy way to make the connection with property buyers. Using the eyes and the ears is just more memorable. But seven poor excuses


Moving To Maine, Relocation Guide.

Moving to Maine and you have questions needing answering before the big relocation shuffle. During the heave ho, getting from A to B. To get up to speed in this

thin ice maine snowsled photo

Sometimes You Hear The Whine About Banks Too Tight, Money Not Flowing Freely.

Who to blame when a Maine real estate buyer for a business, for a home, for any property listing can not get the mortgage loan? Often the Maine banks, the

Cow In Maine Says Show Me Everything Photo

Maine Real Buyers Served Here | Not Kid’s Menu Portion Sized Either.

Your Maine real estate buyer is one busy boy or girl. Little time, need all the information yesterday. Don't take kindly, put up with being teased. If it is like


Maine Land, Recreational Land Buys As A Group.

Buying Maine land in a round robin fashion, collectively with a group of purchasers or grantees. Lots of folks do that in Maine. Often it is a fish and game,

What's Cooking In The Maine Kitchen?

What If 25% Down Payment Maine Home Loans Happened?

The down payment saved up to apply to a Maine home mortgage used to require a twenty five percent down payment.  True Maine homes are way less costly so that

Low Cost Maine Rec Land, ATV Trail Included.

Hunting For Maine Land, But Not Necessarily Wildlife For The Freezer.

Getting a hunting property listing in Maine, something to use as a base to tramp the woods in fall. Or to angle for fish from as you explore Aroostook County.

Dog Or Man Driving in Maine?

Retirement, Relocation To Maine For Elderly Golden Years Makes Perfect Sense.

You might have been raised in a rual area of the country but somehow through the twists and turns of life, you ended up in a city, urban area. And

Maine Is Outdoor Unspoiled Beauty

Getting Ready For The Maine Real Estate Party.

The real estate listing in Maine for sale has been spit polished, all waxed up, windows sparkling and ready for the dance ball to happen. But marketing. Without a strategy,


Real Estate Property Listing Guilt By Association Happens.

When you and I have a job providing a service, dealing with the public, misunderstandings in the real estate listing happen. In the marketing, selling of a property, like any


Lawyers, Attorneys, Legal Firms In The Houlton Maine Area

You have real estate in Houlton Maine, the surrounding areas of Aroostook County or Northern Penobscot, Washington Counties. The property in Maine needs to be sold. An area Houlton Maine


The Delivery Of The Maine Real Estate Information Varies.

Flip top, soft pack, bulk, 2%, whole, fat free, diet, cans or bottles for your Maine real estate property listing information? The delivery method the buyer of the Maine real

Low Cost Maine Land, Happens A Lot.

Where The Property In Maine Is Can Mean Smaller Land Acreage Works Fine.

In areas of the country where everything is jammed tight as a tin of sardines packed shoulder to shoulder, space is a premium. Maine is not like that. Also in


Getting A Maine House Loan, What A Home Buyer Needs.

What a Maine home buyer needs to get a home loan? Well for starters money. And if not enough funds squirreled away to pay for the Maine home outright, than

Welcome To Houlton Maine By George.

Agents, Brokers, Insurance Companies In Houlton Maine 04730

Insurance agents, brokers, companies in Houlton Maine. That's what you are after, to find out who has a shingle swinging outside their agency for Houlton Maine insurance for coverage on

Maine Homes, Some Folks Are House Keepers. Some Not So Much.

The Pros And Cons Of Renting Your Listed Maine Home.

You own a home in Maine that's for sale and thought should you rent it or not? Until the property in Maine sells. It all depends on the renter. The

A ME Purchase And Sale Spells It Out, Avoids Needing A Psychic.

The Bank Says I Need A ME Purchase And Sale Agreement.

A purchase and sale agreement to buy and sell Maine real estate, what is that? The bank in Maine lending the money to transfer title, possession to the property listing

Own Maine Rental Property In A Natural, Lower Population Area.

Renting A Maine Home, Apartment, To Your Family Member, Not Strangers.

Years ago it was common place to have three generations of a family in Maine under one roof.  Especially on Maine farms. Because many hands make light work. And for

Dreaming Mainers, Thinking About Building Home On Land.

Get The Maine Land First, Then Build, Pay As You Go House.

Unless you like the idea of struggling with a twenty, thirty year or longer mortgage on your new home, buying just Maine land could be an option to seriously consider.

Overloaded Truck Photo

Garbage Removal From The Maine Apartment Rental? No No Kids Love The Rats.

When a rental of a Maine home or apartment comes up for grabs, and the seller says help me fill it, I ask a few questions.  Need to know a

Stopped Real Estate Sales, Like Being Pulled Over. Busted.

Sellers, Buyers Remorse In Real Estate Transactions Happens.

The anxious, really pumped up ready to buy or sell Maine real estate feeling is a strong one. Because listing, selling property is an emotional one where the stakes are

Way More Fun In Maine Happens.

Explain The Buying Maine Real Estate Process Okay?

Explaining, laying out the Maine real estate buying process how does it work? Because out of state buyers are used to different procedures. Often layers and layers of red tape,

Lupines In Maine

All It Takes Is One Maine Home, Other Real Estate Property Buyer Right?

The buyer for Maine real estate, only need one right? Well, yes and no. Today's all out, full throttle marketing of property listings means we don't just deal with one

Banks In Maine Want Deeds Title Insurance, Lawyers At Real Estate Closings.

I Don’t Need A Lawyer, Attorney On A Maine Real Estate Sale Right?

The question comes up a lot, we don't need a lawyer, attorney on this little Maine real estate property listing sale right?  Often because the small property listing in Maine

When Is The Maine Real Estate Listing Going To Sell?

We Listed The Maine Real Estate Listing Twenty Minutes Ago, What No Property Sale Yet?

When you list and sell Maine real estate properties, sensitivity to the buyer, owner of the property is critical. With the seller who listed recently, being antsy and hoping for


Maine Town Spotlight | Littleton ME – Aroostook County

Littleton Maine is located in Aroostook County, bordered on the east by the US-Canadian  International boundary. This small farming, wooded portion of Maine's largest county is just north of Houlton

Maine, Everything Is Pretty, Home Made Special.

Selling A Maine Property Listing Totally Furnished, Good Idea?

The property listing in Maine needs to be sold and you are wondering if totally furnished is the way to market the place. Often a Maine home buyer already has

Maine Water Over the Dam, Lower Real Estate Prices.

Scary Property Listings Prices Outside Maine.

The safe and sound of a low cost Maine real estate listing inventory. That is the warm and fuzzy feeling we have peddling properties in Maine. But I like to

Maine Kayaking. Sunsets, Sunrises.

Summer Stuck In Town, Hot, Sweaty, Or Head To The Lake Property In Maine?

Property on the waterfront in Maine, real estate listings parked next to something big and wet. Or noisy and verbal like a river, brook, a lapping lake with Maine loons.


Maine Town Spotlight | Fort Fairfield ME, Aroostook County

Fort Fairfield Maine, parked on the US Canadian border crossing in Aroostook County is a friendly small northern town. Fort Fairfield's town population, had almost 3500 people in the last

Wondering About Maine Real Estate Closing Costs?

Real Estate Closing Costs, Other Maine FAQ Property Sale Answers.

Before buying a piece of Maine real estate, what are the closing costs going to set you back? How much damage the closing costs on a Maine property listing amount

Small Maine Houses, Homes That Are Tiny Nests.

Simple Maine Living, How Small A Home Works For You?

Small, okay tiny homes in Maine. Pint size, the runt of the litter. Not the norm because for years three generations or more lived under one Maine home roof line.


Places To Stay In Houlton Maine, Motels, Cabins.

You are traveling to Aroostook County, and what about Houlton Maine places to stay, motels, cabins, lodging? You have options for motels, rooms in Houlton Maine. The Shiretown Inn and

Don't Play Possum With Local Real Estate Market.

Houlton Maine Homes, How To Sell A House Listing.

You are an owner of a Houlton Maine home, want to sell the house.  So just plant a sign out front. Nailed to a tree or speared in the front

houlton maine 1955 chevy car

When Are Houlton Maine Property, Real Estate Taxes Due ?

Small Maine towns used to have all the same real estate property tax year. It was a given that  April 1 to March 31 was the norm for all the

maine hay-baling

Not Hearing Asked “Got Any Good Maine Land In A Swamp For Sale Cheap?”

What we have for sale that is Maine swamp land is not an inquiry coming through the real estate office door, or on line emails, over the phone. Marshland, lots


Northern Maine Electrical Providers | The Juice Power Utility Companies.

Moving, relocating, investing in Northern Maine real estate and wondering who to call for the juice, home electrical power ? Well if you are not planning to live off grid,

grand lake maine region

Building A New Maine Home, Hammer Time.

Looking around, sniffing out what is on the market for Maine homes, houses is always the first plan of attack. But what if nothing trips your trigger? Causes your heart


Home Made Not Hired Out Maine Real Estate Marketing.

Living in a smaller rural state like Maine, the real estate promotion is done so differently than a luxury agent or broker would approach the same marketing exercise. The way


Homes In Maine, Admire Them All.

When you live in a big state like Maine and tour it, a real estate broker has to admire housing stock not just in his own market place. Because it's


CSI Maine Home Sale, What Happened To The Real Estate?

When a Maine real estate broker enters an empty house that looks like Stephen King made a movie there. He has to wonder what happened here. And no one on

Too Many Folks At A Home Showing Can Spoil The Showing.

Should The Maine Home Seller Stick Around During Showings?

The Clash song asks "should I stay or should I go" and many Maine home owners, sellers wonder the same thing.   During the sale of their house in Maine,


Happy New Year From Own Maine Real Estate Blog

New Years is a time of hope, rebirth, celebration. Or just sheer delight a difficult twelve month span is behind you. Buying or selling real estate is an emotional experience.


Maine Housing Home Mortgage Bank Lending Flavors

The flavors of bank lending on Maine State Housing home loans are varied. No longer one size fits all when you are after a set of keys to fit the


Wiggle Room, How Much To Offer On Maine Real Estate Property Listings?

Ah, the magic formula to determine what to offer on Maine real estate property listings. To know how low like Limbo will they go. And not have to pay any


Frequently Asked Maine Real Estate Questions….

What to expect in a Maine real estate transaction if you are the buyer.... Really, it all depends on the type of property listing purchaser you are. Floating a Maine


Bank Financial Lenders In Houlton Maine Area

Banks in Maine were made for a reason and here is the list of what lenders are serving the Houlton ME area. In alphabetical order (drum roll please) the lead

moonshine on a maine lake

Maine Lakes, Waterfront Properties Like Less Lawn.

Picture a Maine waterfront property listing left alone, in its original state in the great outdoors of Vacationland. The pristine, undeveloped Maine waterfront property would have no lawn. No weed


Land In Maine For Sale, Find Bigger Properties For Less Money.

Maine land, the further north you drive in your car, pickup, SUV or bike, the cheaper the property listing price tags. The larger the acreage of Maine land listings happens

maine waterfront

Shoreland Zoning On Maine Waterfront Properties.

The do's and don't on the Maine waterfront, what is legal and what is a no no on the shoreline zoning areas that some real estate is lucky enough to


Gratitude From Simple Maine Living

The "keep it simple stupid" kiss attitude, approach to life fits like a glove in Maine. Because kids raised in a rural, not flush with cash state like Maine are


Eye Candy, Maine Real Estate Features

The nuts and bolts on how a Maine real estate listing is put on line. The property features, options the home, cottage, farm, business, land, whatever Maine real estate listing


Maine McGill’s Community Music Band

Making music, local Maine community musicians that perform every Thursday summer nights in Houlton ME ... you must be talking the 100 member volunteers in McGill's Band. Everyone likes music, big band,

Maine Tree Plantation

Maine Land, Plant Tree Farm!

You are toying with buying some Maine land, but too much of it is open for your liking, what to do? Maine tree plantations are one excellent use for the

Mooooo - Ving? Profit On Your Maine Home To Pay Tax On, Owed?

Maine Home Sale Profit Taxed?

You are contemplating selling your Maine home and wonder, okay, are worried sick about the tax consequences. Is there is tax on the profit from your Maine home?   I always start


Maine Real Estate Property Prices, Everything You Know Divide By Three, Four.

The price tags hanging of out of state real estate scare me. After listing, marketing, selling properties in Maine for thirty two years, you get to feel at ease with

Maine's Beauty Surrounds You!

Why Move, Relocate, Retire To Maine?

Maine, a five letter word that causes smiles, feelings of contentment, a sense of natural beauty. Special peaceful places abound in Maine. Whether you like to sit, ponder, reflect on


Maine Driving Distances…How Far To Here And There?

Maine is one big state with diverse climate, topography and weather. Besides  Maine's CTW, getting around Vacationland, how far here and there is a common question. I get asked a

Maine Winter IBU Aroostook County Biathalon

Lowering Your Maine Property Taxes

Property taxes on your home, land, farm, waterfront or whatever Maine real estate. No one wants to pay any more than they have to for property taxes right? But you

Video Shows, Tells About The Local Community Flavor

Making Real Estate Videos The Easy Way

Real estate videos are one effective, quick and easy way to "show and tell" a property listing, to completely showcase a local community.   Real estate videos put an area on

Maine Owner Financed Land

Owner Financing Maine Land

Maine is a rural, less populated state and land is in big supply, under valued and low cost to buy. But bank loans for Maine land mortgages require larger down

Maine Waterfront Land

Maine Land | Not Just Residential, Homes, Houses Property Listings.

The real estate agents, brokers that only get to list, market and sell houses, homes, residential property listings are missing out on all the fun. Variety is the spice of

Maine Simple Log Camps, Homes

Log Homes Makers In Maine

The look, feel, smell of real log homes from Maine. Cabins, cottages and houses, sporting lodges that are loaded with eye candy cathedral ceilings, balconies, lofts. Walls of glass and exposed

Tasty Warm Inside A Maine Home, Hopefully

The Maine Home Furnace Had Plenty Of Oil But …

Winter in Maine is a time of fun on the down hill ski slopes, hockey games, ice fishing and snow sledding. And many Mainers heat with wood. The kind cut,

You Tube Video Platform

“Who Wants High Priced Real Estate, Raise Your Hand.”

(Looking out over the wild blue yonder ME real estate audience. Around the blue and green revolving marble.) Raise your hand if you want high cost real estate, a property


Maine Town Spotlight | Danforth Maine | Washington County

The Washington County township of Danforth Maine has a population of 629 friendly folks. Danforth Maine is the northern most town in Washington County and not far from the Downeast


How Not To Arrive At Your ME Home’s Market Value

Flawed ways of arriving at the real value of your Maine home or any other real estate property you are toying with selling. In studying for my Maine real estate


Maine FEMA Flood Maps | Insurance Paid Due To Inaccurate Maps

The Maine waterfront property you dream of owning, that suddenly the inaccurate FEMA flood insurance maps show you have a big problem. Being in the Maine watefront flood zone, needing

Maine Land Is Everything | Location, Location, Location

Existing Maine Home Or Build On Land?

You may have lived in a Maine home, somewhere a long time. Made some improvements. Maybe even added on an addition, built a garage. But some times, often you undo, redo, make

Maine Land Not As Big An Acreage As You Thought, Hoped, Expected

Maine Is A Race Notice Real Estate Land State

You've owned the Maine land, real estate for decades.  Never have built anything on the Maine property. No well or septic installed. But did pitch a tent a few times

Maine, Which Place In It Are You Talking?

Maine MLS Listings, Access ME Statewide

Selection is everything in making the largest purchase, investment most real estate buyers ever make and with access to over 26000 properties the statewide Maine listings portal should do the

Maine Nest Dweller's First Home

Maine Banks For Home Loans

Maine is a smaller, rural state but the banks that make home loans here are savvy.  Maine is the 46th lowest state in the nation for FSSR (foreclosure, short sale,


Snow Sledding In Maine, Snowmobile Clubs, ITS Trail Maps

Maine snowsledding, hopping on a purring snowmobile and winding through a freshly groomed ITS woods trail. Then hitting an open Maine field. Cracking, pulling the sled throttle open, but then

Daniels Florists In Market Square, Houlton Maine 04730

Maine Funeral Homes, Florists In Houlton ME

Houlton Maine has two funeral homes, two florist shops. Houlton Maine served by two funeral homes, two spots for flowers, floral arrangments. In Market Square in Houlton Maine, Daniels Florist

City Hall In Presque Isle Maine, Aroostook County

Maine City Spotlight – Presque Isle ME – Aroostook County

Presque Isle Maine, a city in Central Aroostook County, the state's largest of sixteen up here in the country's right hand corner. Presque Isle Maine, population 9692, was founded by Dennis Fairbanks, first settled in

Ready To Play The Maine Real Estate Property Listing Retrival Game?

Print Real Estate Media, Far From Dead.

There are lots of types of real estate in Maine and just as many number of ways to deliver the information on the property listings. The methods used to get

Mooers Realty Has Listed, Sell Thousands Of Properties.

Search Maine MLS Statewide Listings

Maine is one big state and to be able to search all the state multiple listing properties in easy portal is a big advantage for a real estate buyer. No

Real Estate Videos From Mooers Realty

Real Estate Videos, Making “Home Deliveries”

Real estate videos, one smart way to connect, engage with your property buyer. And not just for property listings, but to show and tell the local events of the community.

Protecting Maine Kids With Safe Septic Systems, Well Buffer Distances

Maine Septic System Soil Test HHE 200

Septic system installation and a Maine soil test to study the building land site before the concrete tank is lowered in to place.  Before the new septic system leach field it


Maine Home Cellar Has Mold? Oh Oh.

The Maine home with the wet, leaking basement has you concerned about is there mold growing? Is there a health issue for the loved ones, yourself if you decide to buy


Houlton Maine, Town Class & Character.

When you put the vehicle signal blinker on at Interstate Exit 302, you enter Houlton Maine, county seat of Aroostook.  Aroostook County, Maine's largest of the sixteen divisions of plantations,

Maine Wild Turkeys In Wytopitlock Maine (Reed Plantation)

Low Cost Maine Hunting Fishing Cabins, Land.

Maine hunting and fishing properties, real estate that includes land and a cabin are low cost. Plentiful to select, pick from and offer outdoor fun for the entire family.  Some hunting, fishing


Maine Town Spotlight – Patten ME Penobscot County

Maine has sixteen counties and Penobscot is one with a town called Patten ME parked in the north end of it. Patten Maine's population is 1200 friendly folks. The town

How The Maine Real Estate Market Look From The Back Yard?

The Maine Real Estate Market, What’s My Home Worth?

Two questions get asked often if you are a Maine real estate agent, broker, REALTOR... how's the market, what's my property, usually a home, house worth. Often the two Maine real estate

Maine Land For Farming Blueberries, Timber

Your Maine Property Is Not Surveyed… Or Is It?

Maine is a rural state and northern land portions especially are laid out in easy to understand grids of township this, range that.  Pretty easy, straight forward to understand. Even


Maine Town Spotlight – Island Falls ME

Today's Maine town spotlight on Island Fall ME, in Aroostook County.  Island Falls Maine is a friendly small town. Located off Interstate 95 exit 276 heading north to Aroostook County.

Maine Lakes, No Clutter Of Billboard Signs Here.

Maine Signs You Don’t See, That Are Ugly.

Signs in Maine, not so many. Especially billboard signs... there are none because Maine is a billboard free state, zone. In 1979 a ban on outdoor billboard advertising kicked in


Getting A Maine Bank Home Loan

You want the American Dream, to own a Maine home. But unless you hit the lottery, someone dies and leaves you money, you need to have a job with an

Maine Farming, Homesteading

Maine Organic Farming / Common Ground Fair

Good rich, wholesome, nutrient and vitamin loaded Maine farm vegetables, fruits, meats. Nothing is more important than having enough of the right natural Maine food to put on the family

Maine Waterfront Docks, What Are Shoreland Rules?

What About Maine Docks, Lake Wharfs?

You are toying with buying some Maine waterfront property, a listing on say a lake and what about the dock, wharf?  You want to have a structure to lash your

Get Moving To Maine, Down Hill Easy Here In Vacationland

Maine Real Estate Buyers Guide

The decision is final, you're moving, relocating, retiring to Maine. Good decision, excellent pick. Maine is the 4th lowest crime state, 46th lowest FSSR (foreclosure, short sale, repossession) for a

Maine Lakes, Waterfront Are Natural State Gems, Jewels

Maine Has Over 2500 Lakes, Ponds.

Maine lakes, ponds total over 2500 and add in another 1000 plus rivers, streams, brooks. That is a lot of Maine waterfront property. And it is clean, not crowded. Unspoiled

Get Your Maine Property Deed Recorded, The Transfer Tax Paid

Maine Property Transfer Tax

You are the owner or buyer of Maine property, a listing that has a transfer tax charged to both of you when recording the deed at the local registry. For

Maine, More Than Moose, Lighthouses, Lobsters. Way More To ME.

Me Real Estate Changes

How has the job of marketing Maine real estate changed? Over the last 31 years, the process of marketing property listings in Maine has become way way more technical, detailed.

Maine, Unspoiled Outdoor Natural Beauty

Maine Homes For Rent

Maine homes for rent, something that is not an apartment unit but the entire dwelling available for a month to month rental basis are pretty rare in Northern sections of

Real Estate Buyers, Sellers Happy Until Property Tax Proration Issues Resurface

Maine Real Estate Property Tax Bill Proration

Maine property tax pro ration you thought was taken care of at the real estate closing.                                                              Prorating Maine real estate town or city taxes on the fiscal year should be easy,

Maine, A State Of Many Colors, Flavors, Neat People & Places

Low, No Cost Maine Fun

Growing up in Maine, the need for lots of money to have fun, be entertained was missing. The great wide outdoors of Vacationland being all around us was a good

Maine, Our Seedoo Was Made, Bought In Centerville New Brunswick Canada

Maine, Lots Of Borders

The state of Maine is big, so far north it could be in Canada. Flanked by New Brunswick and Quebec on two sides, a lot of ocean front on the

Green Light, Ready Heat 123 A Phase Derby Racers?

Maine Soap Box Derby Racing

The state of Maine Soap Box Derby Racing Program starts on top of a hill in Houlton Maine's Community Park. "Derby Hill" is where Maine boys and girls gravity race

Maine, The Best Flowers Are Wild, Simple, Free.

ME. Keep It Simple.

Turn on the television, cable or pick up a newspaper, follow a blog post and often the message is about new ways you need to spend your money. Something you

Ice Fishing, Or Maine Real Estate Buyer Fishing, Same Principles.

C&W Music Audience

It's not one big Maine real estate audience anymore. The days of looking out over the large auditorium audience, blinded by bright hot lights and hearing the murmur but not

Climbing Maine's Mt Katahdin In Baxter State Park

Hiking ME Mt Katahdin

Maine's tallest mountain, Mt Katahdin is the center stone, the crown jewel of Baxter State Park. Just a few feet from being a mile high, Mt Katahdin is a majestic mountain offering a


Retiring, Retirement In Maine

You made the decision and Maine is the destination to retire in as you make the plans for the golden years of retirement. The reason you picked Maine for retirement is


Maine Golf Courses

Chasing the little white dimpled ball around a Maine golf course means you have close to 150 local options. Many levels of Maine golf course difficultly, several varied settings. Loaded

Welcome To Maine, The Way Life Should Be.

Videos Do It Better

Real estate video, local community movies both deliver so quickly, easily and use the eyeballs, the ear drums.  Just toggle it and sit back. The information gets fed, like a

Maine's Real Estate Prices Are Lower to Earth, Bank Mortgages Smaller Too.

ME Real Estate Loans

The money to buy a property in Maine.  The sources are many, and often if buying recreational land in Maine, consider first the owner. The seller of the property listing is

Maine Is Land, Water, Low Cost Land

Buying Maine Land

Maine is famous for lots of land at attractive prices, drop dead gorgeous scenery. But there are still a few tips. Pointers to keep in mind to make sure the


$35,000 ME Home Sale Excitement?

The size of the Maine home sale can be $35,000 and I get excited. Why? Those are the meat and potato sales, often without a bank needed. And the folks

Maine Kids 8 to 17 Can Soap Box Derby Race

Why Wait Until You’re 16 To Drive?

The "Thrill of the Hill" is a slogan adopted in Maine for the soap box derby race program.    The Houlton Maine car racing venue has been the largest local race

Entering Baxter Park To Mt Katahdin

Maine Land With Owner Financing

Maine land is low cost, plentiful and unspoiled. Why? Because if you dig the map out (unfolding, smoothing map) Maine sticks out pretty plainly up here in the right hand


Maine’s Weather, Climate, Topography

Maine, what about the weather and while we're at it the overall climate, lay of the land Vacationland topography.  For starters, Maine has four seasons. All offer tremendous outdoor recreational


Is Water To Drink Scarce, Hard To Get Enough Of In Maine?

Maine's water supply is clean, plentiful and for lots of reasons. We are not a dry, arid state. Maine is not over populated with water consumption off the scales. None of the


Maine, It’s Flavor The People, Sense Of Community Not Just Low Cost Real Estate.

As you search the Internet looking for a safe, wholesome low cost place to live, you quickly see many not like Maine, that don't offer that. The more people in an


Relocate, Retire, Move, Invest In Maine Real Estate

Maine is one big state.Filled with a variety of unique places, vibrant communities and hardworking people. With Maine the 4th lowest crime state and only 46th on the list of


Low Cost Maine Real Estate Property Listings

Maine real estate, property listings are lower cost.  Wouldn't you like to get more Maine property without opening your wallet too wide? Due to our less expensive Maine real estate, home


Maine, Our Hand Full Of Photo, Video Face Cards, Scenery.

Maine, hear the word and images of what come to mind? Lighthouses, lobster, Maine's seacoast and harbor towns? Cruise ships, about a 100 a year visit our coastline. But exploring


Renting vs. Owning

Renting vs owning, buying your own Maine home. Consider that Maine real estate ownership is the best hedge against inflation bar none. That when you own your own Maine home,