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There are only 2 reasons Maine real estate will or will not sell. Period.

 1) Proper, realistic pricing in line with comparable real estate sales is needed for a property listing sale.

Consideration of other listings that have sold and are like the subject now on the market.

Those properties are studied too. Factored in to the survey says …. (ding ding ding).

Here’s what your property is worth today, the real estate in Maine value in the current market.

2) All out full throttle, far reaching, frequent real estate, local community marketing messages sent and received by the widest audience possible. Round the clock.

Over 85% of Maine real estate buyers go on line to find property and area information.

Just being “on” the Internet in one spot is not enough. Being everywhere to be easily found is what causes real estate sales. Twitter gets 190 million visitors a month. Facebook has over 750 million users. Over one billion “hits” a day happen on YouTube. You Tube or what we have buyers sometimes call “You Who” is the World’s second largest search engine.

These are just 3 of the 370+ social media platforms and counting in an ever growing list. That is a lot of eyeballs, eardrums to tap in to with a Maine real estate message. To make the connection loud, clear, strong, constant.

Todays’ Maine real estate buyer is not just local any longer.

Before settling in on a few properties, listings to look at, the area itself gets its tires kicked. Pretty hard and steady. On line first. Where the “sticks and bricks” needs to be exposed, detailed after that community shake down. 10:30 at night is when our site logs show the activity really spikes. Folks check in, stay online and study.

Folks are online sniffing around the property listings, the blog posts on FAQ.

It all starts with attractive, fully detailed advertising, marketing. Boat loads of helpful images, marrative factual copy, videos, plat maps to help them decide their area selection.

And to become open ears for engagement in the conversation for everything on the mind of the real estate buyer. 

Who better like what they see and hear. If their time is not wasted.

What your Maine property is worth only selling to a limited local market is very different than if exposed many states, several time zones away.

Internet marketing, social media web 2.0 platforms, blogs, videos, real estate and social media websites let us get the word out. Way beyond the town line limits.

 Has to be beyond the small town where the property listing lives.

Otherwise you could have the best property, but it’s like winking at a girl in the dark.

She does not know what you are doing. Causing very poor results. You fail to get her attention, any return interest. And sometimes, the method sellers use to arrive at the listing price, the property value are creative. Like relaying what the barber or hair dresser thinks or other that have not bought or sold a property for sometime or ever. 

So you get a number from all kinds of folks. Just not the actual value or near the listing price that should be used in marketing to get the property sold.                                          

If you own a parcel, acreage of Maine land, or second vacation waterfront home, you might consider owner financing the sale. To carry a first mortgage with conditions, interest accrued to make the sale into an investment annuity.

Secured by an insured property you still hold a first mortgage on. That loan can not be assumed.

This avoids a local bank appraiser deciding the Maine property is not worth your asking price.Or you have to update and repair such a long list of items to get the low interest rate on the loan being packaged, sold on the secondary mortgage market.

The more attractive, genrous the owner financing terms, the higher the listing price the seller can justify for the property.

What does or does not need to be done to the listing before marketing drums start beating.

It has to be determined too from the first time through sneak a peak of the real estate professional.

To avoid wasting money, time, resources.

Mooers Realty would love the opportunity, the honor and priviledge of looking over your real estate deed. Walking around and through the Maine property listing. Studying the local tax card records. Learning about the history, your motivation and goals on selling the real estate listing.

Talking with you about your expected timetable, anything surrounding the sale of your Maine real estate.

We know local values from listing, marketing, selling thousands of Maine properties since 1976. Every Maine property is different, just like people. Those differences and your time table to sell are part of determining what the property listing you own is really worth. How it should be marketed.

We get asked a lot at Mooers Realty how’s the real estate market, what is my home or other kind of property worth today in the current property sale market? The answer always leads to more questions first. Lots of them. To study, evaluate and then help set expectations that are real World.

The value of your real estate in Maine, the home, whatever is not pulled out of thin air without thought or study.

It is not a special formula unlocked by a slick west coast real estate third party vendor. It is not looked up in a book like the value of a rare coin, a used car.

A real estate appraisal is only good for six to twelve months. It reflects the current market value. It is not the insurance value if the place burns down and needs replacement. The current value of the real estate is not the assessed value stamped on the property tax bill either.

The value five years ago is different than today just like what next year’s property worth remains to be seen. Can’t Google it online for a quick answer.

The real estate listing “swims” in a market with value levels going up and down. Sometimes sidesways. Because of the economy and supply and demand that can rock the boat too. To make the shift from pro buyer or over to the Maine real estate seller having the advantage.

What happens around the real estate property listing in Maine affects the value of it.

You, I, we work together to make the Maine real estate sale. To develop a strategy. Ready to connect? Let’s get started. When you are in the mood to buy or sell Maine real estate.

Call, Text, Click An Email Link, Visit Us On Line Or In Person.