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I am the youngest of four boys raised on a Maine potato farm. 

My dad and mom had eight trailer trucks, grew, shipped Maine spuds to the city markets. Learning how to labor at an early age on the Maine farm meant not being scared of work later on. Helps marketing farms in Maine we sell. My early Maine broadcasting career started at age fourteen. Holding down a station by my lonesome with an FCC third class license with a broardcast endorsement. Went on to work Bangor broadcasting outlets and increase the skill set for communication.

The media training, farm experience coupled with an approaching thirty eight year Maine real estate career. It all serves me well in producing videos, blog posts to showcase this area, the property listings that populate it. And using this Maine real estate website.

I am so glad you stumbled on to this Maine property information, local FAQ/FYI portal.

We love making this a one stop shop for your online real estate, community information.

Showcasing the local Maine real estate I list, market, sell in day and night. Combined with promoting the rural lifestyle I love. Lots of interesting people that are buyers, sellers of property listings have been a pleasure to serve over the last thirty three years.

I am a personal fan of Maine.

More than just a dad of four children, two girls, two boys. Or not just a Houlton Maine real estate broker. I would love to hear your Maine real estate property listing needs, about your dreams.Let us know what you want to see that would be helpful and time saving. We blog daily and all to brag up Maine, to help folks that want a piece of it. Or need to sell whatever they invested in from homes to waterfront vacation places, just raw land or farm properties. Small business listings are in the inventory of what’s for sale in Maine too!

The motivation to buy, own Maine real estate may stem from fear of raising your kids, family in a city riddled with crime, gangs, noise, traffic, pollution. Or simply you get a lot more real estate in Maine. Bigger bang for the buck.

Maine offers a real connection too. A sense of community surrounds you.

As soon as you drive over the state line to get here.You feel the pressure ease. The smiles of friendly people and lower crime, less traffic helps do that to a person used to the urban concrete jungle.

Purchasing recreational Maine land, a waterfront second vacation home.

And spending three day weekends, time off here happen  lots too.

Maine is the place with the more space.

Less permits, heavy regulations because fewer people. Layers not needed. Less is more. Find yourself in Maine. Literally. 

Owning a small mom and pop Maine business to make what you are worth. To be the boss all possible due to our low low Maine property listing real estate prices.Full time, part time, Maine real estate.

So easy to buy, goes up in value.

It is hands down the best investment you ever make.

Because you get to enjoy our four season outdoor recreational options in Maine.

Any time you want.

Because you own a piece of Maine. To some it is an insurance policy for their sanity.

Being oh so so ready to pull the rip cord, bail out and head to Maine at a moment’s notice. So many folks are unhappy where they live. Know there is so much missing because they are not in Maine.

Our 4th lowest in the country crime rating means leave your taser home if spending time in Maine.

Folks in Maine are friendly, helpful, wave, smile. Are glad to meet you. Care about you and pitch in when you need a hand. You’ll be the same way in return. Mainers like living here. Know it is not like this many places.

We’re grateful. Simple living does that to a person. 

Love the lower Maine population, the wildlife, scenery and unspoiled natural surroundings. You don’t move here to impress any one with money. That’s not how we roll in Maine.  

Maine is about family.

Volunteering and working hard on local community projects. Because if you did not step up, hiring it done is not an option. And home made trumps store bought any day. Gives your life purpose. Pitching in. ( google-site-verification: google72a183e9bbb637be.html )

The biggest obstacle to buying Maine real estate property listings for vacations, for retirement, relocation and full time use?

“Experts” who have never been to Maine.

Trying horribly to size up a place, state they’ve never ever even set foot in.

Don’t listen.

Put your hands over your ears.


Come see for yourself.

Do your home work with our videos, our MeInMaine Blog and Active Rain Blog posts.

In many countries before you and I can do business, we need to sit down.

Spending time to get to know the other person to make sure the fit for business is a good one for both of us.

Because I hope to be your Maine real estate broker for life. Not to sell you anything but to find a solution that works best whether buying or selling. Not just one transaction. And whenever you are ready. How can I help you? It all starts with asking and listening. Here is my video story on how I got to this place. The journey and twists, turns. Why MOOERS REALTY, about marketing.

Please friend us on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter. Find us on Linkedin. The keyword around the social media circles is “mooersrealty“. Let’s connect. Let’s link up. Blog posts on simple living in Maine. Totally about why I love living here and why I think you will too. It is not all about just Maine real estate but more importantly the people, the lifestyle, the clean four seasons outdoor living.

When you are ready. Here for questions of any kind. Buying or selling a property listing in Maine. You need a job, want to know where to eat, concerned about vet services for your cat or dog or bird. Tell me about you, your needs. Share your story and where I come in and what I need to do to be your Maine real estate broker.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, Broker

207.532.6573 | [email protected]  |

MOOERS REALTY 69 North ST Houlton ME 04730 USA