You are thinking about the big move, the relocation to Maine. What to do and when along the way? Here to help with suggestions. Because your time is valuable and the process should be enjoyable. Or can be with a little help.

Before you leave your present out of state address pointed North to Maine....

Leading in, at the two month mark.

The count down. Week six before you are MIA at your old address and are on the road.

Read, read and scan Stan. Contact the IRS and/or your CPA for tax-deductible information. For the moves to make in the relocation to Maine. BEFORE  April 15th and the groans. Slap to the forehead.

Landing gear down, one month and counting Houston. Before blast off from your present address on the Maine home move.

Three weeks before your old address is history.

Two weeks before you leave your present address, the old home.

One week before you arrive in your new housing in Maine.

A couple days before your  planned home move date.

Moving day when it is underway. Hey.

At destination