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Privacy policy for Own Maine Real Estate website.

This is the portal for Maine real estate buyers and sellers. It acts as an out of country, in state and local community information resource.

No user information of this real estate in Maine website transmitted to site owner / author Andrew Mooers, Maine licensed designated real estate broker will be sold. Nothing given to any third parties for personal or financial gain. Of any kind whatsoever.

Inquiries to our Maine real estate property listing site shall be held in strictest  confidence. Any and all contact inquiries shall be handled in a private, professional manner with the utmost discretion, integrity.

My job is to be personal, professional, informative, to always be here. But to never make you regret linking up and reaching out to connect.

Concerns over any possible sale of information, email addresses to any third party persons,  is un-grounded. That is not the practice of Mooers Realty, Maine real estate brokerage agency.

Your correspondence no matter via phone, email, fax or in person real estate office contact shall be shared with other firms, businesses, corporations. That might use such contact information for personal or financial gain or invasion of your privacy in any manner.

Concerns of any breach of this security or trust should be directed immediately to Andrew Mooers, REALTOR, licensed Maine real estate broker site owner.

He is just some kinda glad you are visiting. Reach out, connect, don’t swallow those real estate questions. Let us know how we can help you in the buying, selling, trading Maine real estate. Local area information or customs. What’s new for listings or represent the best value. Little stuff like where’s the best place to eat, to shop, who to call for this or that service. Or what we just do for fun when recreation in Maine is the focus.

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