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Your Maine Property Is Not Surveyed… Or Is It?

Your Maine Property Is Not Surveyed… Or Is It?

Maine is a rural state and northern land portions especially are laid out in easy to understand grids of township this, range that. 

Pretty easy, straight forward to understand.

Even after all these years from when the Northern Maine townships and plantations were initially land surveyed. 

The early 1800’s was not that long ago for Maine that was part of Massachusetts until 1820.

When you compare the state of surveying in areas like Plymouth Rock from back in the 1620, the town fathers did a pretty stellar job keeping it simple.

Better technology and on the ground experience with Southern New England land surveying helped the last to be developed areas of Maine. So when you are considering buying a forty acre piece of Maine land, often the deed description is like dividing up a pan of brownies hot out of the oven.

Your  piece of Maine land, acreage is the south half of the north quarter of township’s lot five range nine. Looking at  the Maine Coe and Rolby Atlas shows all the lot and ranges plain as day on an uncluttered map. So a third grader could figure out where the forty acres is on the Maine land map with dead certain accuracy.

 The problem with Maine land metes and bounds descriptions comes when a Maine Land, Wide Open, Unspoiled Big Surveysfamily member on the farm with lots of acreage drafts his own deed for junior.

It’s like people you stop in Maine for directions when you are lost. Some are Kit Carson scout helpful.

Others you know right off the bat they want to help but you should be moving on.

To find someone that does not confuse you more. Or that you end up correcting, sharing what little you do know as you waste time going in circles, partially lost.

The south line heads in what angle from the old roadway? And the big elm tree that is supposed to be your northwest corner was wiped out when the Dutch elm diesease did its pillage, destruction. 

You know you have a problem when the Maine land deed description does not close, come together too.

The easy Maine land descriptions that don’t need a Maine surveyor or lawyer’s interpretation state the land acreage starts at the corner, intersection of US Rt 1 and Front Ridge Road. Spells out the Maine land is on the east side of US Rt 1 and is bordered on the south by the Ridge Road. In the field, you quickly consider where the sun comes up, where east is and so far so good.

The east line is the thread, center of Pretty Brook which you find easily and the beavers have not raised havoc with the flowage with industrious dam systems. The back line of the Maine land is a continuous rock wall and the field leading to it is farmed, free of brush. Where the field ends, the wood line with the rock wall running parallel with the Ridge Road starts, making this a simple box easyshaped to understand.

You might want to check in the Maine county registry of deeds where the source deeds are recorded too. If the property does not come with a survey the seller, current or previous owner has done, the neighboring properties might have had one performed.

I have listed, sold Maine land that no current or former owner surveyed but all the surrounding property owners had.

So the end result with study of the recorded Maine land surveyor plats, it shows you can piece together the ground work already done and documented, on record. No Maine land boundary disputes or dueling surveyors at thousands of dollars and trips up court house steps to rectify.

Also, when you are talking hundreds of acres of rural Maine land, not a fraction of an acre in a crowded setting, it becomes less critical where exactly my south west corner is. Because with a mile frontage and plans to ker plop in the middle of that tremendous width on the maintained road, it does not warrant spending several thousand dollars to pin point right down to the inch where the Maine land surveyor marker goes.

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