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Tips For Buying Land In Maine

Tips For Buying Land In Maine

The urge to own, kick yourself into gear and to be finally buying land in Maine is a strong one.

The low prices on the property acreages is one reason. So is just the sheer size of what is for sale for land in Maine that pulls at a person’s heart strings too. Underneath all is land, remember? Like Abe Lincoln, you too want your name on the title to the land deed you own outright, free and clear.

Land with good drainage, features like a view, water frontage, an open and wooded mix, terrain.

That does not require you to be a mountain goat.

And please, smack dab, right on the recreational trails if at all possible.

That is the obvious showing up on the wish list folks hold to describe their perfect piece Maine land property acreage.

Along with generous, attractive owner financing options for the Maine land to make buying it on installents easy.

But you have to have sure footing, a good foundation to build anything on. So the title, access, ability to build on the land acreage is pretty darn important stuff to discuss. So is the shape of it if you have teeny weeny frontage on the road, and it goes on and on for seemingly miles.

Spaghetti lots, bowling alley strips or dog leg jogs this and that way are not a land subdivision done right. They are a surveyor’s nightmare.

Land in Maine has lots of purposes. Peace of mind to run away to it for fun or to regroup if city living is smothering youin a scary way. Land to retire on. To use for the all important raising a family, to have an investment to enjoy and that increases in the value of the Maine land.

Vacation property is the fun kind. Take a break, catch your breath. Unplug and recharge in Maine.

But tips for buying land in Maine. Like anything involving money, watch out for your wallet is good sage advice. But if you don’t do it everyday there are red flags waving you don’t even see. Even for a simple small parcel of Maine land used for seasonal recreation.

 So building on that topic of buying land, this Maine real estate blog post takes into consideration the many other factors and variables.

To provide further tips in helping you expand on what to watch out for so you know what you are doing. Before you buy the Maine land. icefishingmainelakes

The access for the land for sale in Maine.

Is there any or is it easy year round or just certain times of a dry summer?

Do you own a helicopter for the touch down, lift off? Or are you pretty skilled at long range pole vaulting?

If legally you are tresspassing on the land of another to get to the Maine acreage, your sporting camp easiest. Sometimes the roadways folks use is not your legal right of way access but no one makes a fuss.

Not many people around to care if you are considerate and tread lightly.

But you still need to know you are lucky to have the easy route but have the right of way not so smooth option if you have to change it up. When neighboring property owners change, so do attitudes good and bad from the new Maine land owners.

If you carry in and carry out. Are a good steward to the Maine land you respect. All goes better like using sweet sugar not bitter vinegar.

Be like someone you would like for a neighbor to the Maine land.

What is the ingress, egress to the land acreage you are eyeballing? As you kick the tires on the property listing, make sure there is access. A town road, a seasonal one or right of way that is yours to use for complete enjoyment of the land in Maine.

If you see a gate on the way to the Maine land, who has the key?

Even when there is a right of way clearly defined in the registry of deeds where title is recorded, if the neighboring property owner gets the idea in his head to restrict or ban access, wouldn’t you like to know about that situation before leaving the real estate closing? flickrtemplatemaine

With plans for quiet enjoyment to come and go as you please which is not what the neighbor has in mind.

Heads up.

It happens.

Do you really want to reach for, to use those bolt cutters?

And then retain legal services?

Talk to the neighboring property owners, the town officials and study the easements, the language of deeds regarding the right of way access.

Is it access by foot only, on a horse or only with permission or for a yearly fee? Can you bring in power if you so chose to add juice you can plug into if you don’t plan to make your own? To live off grid with homesteading or farmsteading in Maine.

Maybe solar arrays, towers for wind generation is what you had in mind for the spark in your living. But if not and existing power poles are miles away, the cost to bring that copper to light up your home sweet home is going to astronomical. Find out going in.

Maybe you will fall out of love and seek a new one for Maine land parcel. There is plenty and all very smartly priced due to big supply, a steady demand.

The road to the acreage for sale in Maine, is that access fine and dandy to the land in summer, but sink to your vehicle axles in mud the other three seasons?

Or are big hills going to combine with no plowing, lots of ice for an adventure to get in and out of the Maine land for sale? During the winter when you like to ice fish,snow sled and build a little crackling fire spending time with yourself.

Rough access can make the privacy guaranteed to the Maine land. Keeping others out. But as you get older, how much fun is the job of getting in and out yourself really going to be? For you the aging Maine land owner? joelwoodsmainelandphoto

And don’t expect the small Maine town or plantation or unorganized territory to upgrade the roadway from seasonal to year round.

There are other areas of running the muncipality in Maine that want attention for meager, shrinking tax payer dollars.

Tapping into the financial stream for everything from schools, fire and police public safety perssonnel. To plowing, repaving or grading existing roadways. Mowing lawns at the cemetarty. Maine towns are on the prowl for less roadways to maintain, especially the snow plowing part. Because where I hang my hat the cost can be for white stuff removal to be approaching $5000 a mile to wing back, salt and sand the roadways.So buses, the mailman and your neighbor can get through.

And what about posting the Maine land?

The signs about “protected by Smith & Wesson” and “Survivors will be prosecuted” or “I have a gun and own a backhole, keep out.” Those set the tone about how warm and fuzzy your new neighboring Maine land owner is going to be in the days ahead. To get along with from here on out. And often it only gets worse.Your best neighbor is not to have one. But the biggest piece of Maine land your budget can afford is always good advise. Peddle for profit a chunk or will it away to your kids and have plenty left over enjoyment too!

The off grid, back to the land buyer wants his or her privacy and will assure it no matter what. Some folks living on their own too long, with not much contact with the outside World can get cabin fever. Be downright ornery. Borderline obnoxious.

You are invading their space. But it is measured in acreage not inches with these folks not used to sharing the neighborhood, the wildlife and serenity. cottagemainelandphotos

And react to the new cabin owner on the forty acres of land next door with a frown.

Wishing you were not here, or that they had bought the property before you set foot on the Maine land.

You will hear about how cheap the land in Maine was three owners back and that is the lament, the biggest whine of the neighboring land owner who is kicking himself for not buying and keep the area less populated.

Maine land in northern sections was $250 an acre for farm land, $100 for cut over lower wetter wooded land was the norm for values of 40 acres or more all day long for decades.

But a dollar before inflation bought more years ago too. It is all relative.

If there is a private road, what is the fee to yearly contribute your part to drive to your Maine land? Is there a road association formally set up to work on replacing culverts or grading or adding gravel to fill in the potholes?

Is there an agreement for the road useage and maintenace? Because no work on the old logging road as seasons come and go and only one thing happens. As sure as Maine blackflies arriving right on time each spring. To hang around until fall. 

That soil erosion cracks formed during heavy rains due to steep terrains on the land in Maine. The potholes too only get bigger, wider, deeper with neglect. As high speed jeeps or ATV operators slalom around them like barrel racers on a Mustang horse. lakemistmaineland

Does the right of way get one sentence of attention at the end of the legal deed description but where exactly it is placed is a mystery?

Is the access an old discontinued town road and was that road mothballed correctly so you have legal right to it whether your neighbor agrees with that finding or not?

Land locked property acreage is a piece of lonely real estate. A piece of land that is land locked property in Maine is not something folks raise their hands to show excitement and eagerness in buying.

There is the legal recourse to pursue involving billable hours and court house step scaling about if there is no right of way in the deed of conveyance then there has to be one sought through necessity.

That no one intended to make the property landlocked and not many people buy ones that area unless they are already the property owner neighbor with another access option in place.

If there is an old rocked well from an abandoned farm spread on your Maine land, it could be rescued, reused. If not filled in or if a cirtter has not fallen in. Making the need to bleach, clean up and cover the water resource.

But if no water well to servicing the Maine land, the cost to drill one with steel casing or putting in a dug one with concrete sections should be factored in to the buying land in Maine excercise.

Same with septic system because rural land for sale in Maine does not get serviced by town water or sewer.. Get an HHE 200 soil test for your Maine land. To know you an build on that spot overlooking the pond or river or lake.

Shoreland zoning affects what you can or can not do with your land in Maine. MooersRealtySearch

You don’t start pushing rocks out of the way in a natural resource shared with the wildlife. Get out of the water with that back hoe. Beavers can do stuff without permits but you and I can not.

Sorry. You can not clear all the trees or riparian protecting vegetation  out front along a river or stream bank. Know before you fire up that chainsaw. Before you get fined and cause damage to the environement.

Soil erosion is no one’s friend and Maine land needs our help to protect and preserve it for the next generation to enjoy and pass down.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

207.532.6573 | [email protected] |

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Welcome to our Maine real estate website. I am the father of four grown children, have listed, marketed, sold properties for over forty years. Lots of changes in the real estate industry over that many decades and daily we re-invent our job. I grew up on a Maine farm that I bought from by three older brothers. My youngest son continues in the tradition on that same Maine farm. Here to help with property searches for homes, farms, land, waterfront, multi housing rentals, small mom and pop business listings.

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