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Things To Consider Building Your Home In Maine.

Things To Consider Building Your Home In Maine.

You are toying with buying Maine land, building a brand new home.

Congratulations! Excellent! Finally getting just the house you have dreamed of always owning on your own property, land in Maine.

What to consider when building a Maine home?

Well for starters, unlike when you purchase a place constructed by another, and sort through the undo, redo, make do.

To revamp the house to make it more to your liking, you have a clean white canvas with new Maine home construction.

When building a home on Maine land where there never was one.

Starting from scratch has lots of benefits but also needs extra special consideration given to the lay of the Maine land, orientation of the sun, your budget, your skill set and much more.

Ask anyone who has ever built a home in Maine what they did right, wished they had thought more about and where they made mistakes.

Four Legged Moose Neighbors PhotoThere is the proof in pudding.

Go slow, do your “home work”.

So many variables when you create a home in Maine from scratch to put on your own lot, land. 

If the place you build in Maine is on land in the country, the first order of business is where are the well and septic system going to be? You do not want to be putting your driveway over the top of either.

Both are pretty important to a smooth running happy household. In the new Maine home the people living inside will enjoy throughout the day.

Start with a soil test that designs a septic system for ninety gallons of water per day per bedroom.

Unless you are planning to live off grid. Have composting toilets or alternative designs along with a non pressurized water lifestyle. maineblueberry

The Maine state plumbing codes relax a lot the simpler your approach to water and sewer becomes.

If there is a waterfront element bordering the Maine land, remember you must build 100′ back or more from that H2O .

Shoreland zoning is a critical part of your consideration in building on your Maine waterfront land. It is like one giant puzzle and all the pieces have to layed out on the card table to make sure all fit like a glove.

Otherwise the Maine land may not be the ideal location for the new home after all. And it’s back to the drawing board.

Once the location of your water source that is at least 100 feet from your septic system is plotted out on your Maine land, building with the least amount of Maine Deck Lake Photoexcavation, good natural drainage comes into play.

Keeping those pretty white birches, the stand of hardwoods, whatever is already growing you don’t want to lose, needs to be preserved.

You also don’t want a D-8 bulldozer ripping through ledge or blasting bedrock for day after day with the hourly cost of that big machine chewing up your building budget.

Eating a big ugly hole into your final Maine house and site work total cost exercise, experience.

Nor do you want to be at the bottom of a large incline in all directions with where you ker plop the house of your dreams. Unless you want to see it turn into a nightmare. Are a very good swimmer and like the idea of a wet basement with poor or no drainage.

No one raises their hand, wants a new Maine home with mold. Loaded with creepy health concerns spoiling the home sweet home warm and fuzzy, dry feeling you expected to enjoy with your new Maine home on land. That you bought into to improve the quality of your life. Not destroy it. Or add a wrinkle, Maine Lake Sunset Photokink.

Where is south so you can enjoy the sunshine when it is available on the Maine land?

For the warm feeling on your skin, houseplants to thrive.

So the cats have a place to nap and to save on electricity to run the lighting fixtures.

For the view, the motivation to buy the land in Maine to build your home on is everything right? Location, location and one more time… location is key.

If there is a Maine lake, pond, river out front, your living area should be overlooking it . It’s a no brainer. 

Not stuck in the back of the Maine home. May cause a need to call in an order for a mirror reverse layout, modification of your house plans. Before table saws get fired up, house building begins.

The cost to bury power lines or to plant electric poles every three hundred feet also impacts your total house building budget.

If there is a banker tapping his or her fingers to wrap up the construction so they can package the mortgage, to sell the loan on the secondary market, sweet complete neat is the order of the day. There is not the option of building a little along the way. Taking your time. It’s all done now or forget it. Cut and dry.

Maine Farm Sunset PhotoYour budget to build a home in Maine on land is studied all along the way.

You don’t want to come up short or run out of finances to complete your dream home.

The land in Maine has trees you want to keep for shade, for landscaping and for birds, wildlife to enjoy too right?

How big is the new Maine home square footage and will it fit but still leave room for side line zoning set backs? A healthy amount of depth, distance from the highway the land borders?

To preserve the peace and quiet, privacy. To not crowd or cause expensive changes to where the well and septic, auxillary buildings end up going. Does the Maine home fit, match the lot, spot? And dove tail with others in the neighborhood or look strange, standing out like a sore thumb?

The layout of the Maine home.

With older structures you can not remove all the interior room walls and expect Maine Farm Photothe house to keep standing.

Without sagging or caving in.

But with new home construction a shift from lots of rooms to large open areas means where you plant the furniture loosely defines the “rooms” without walls.

Makes the living space feel larger. Because all the areas support, reinforce. Works together for one savings bank of total space, elbow room. Not divvied up around a series of rooms.

And avoids all those needed interior walls, extra six panel pine doors and added time the contractor is going to be camped out sheet rocking, painting, trimming your new Maine home. You want to wrap it up, end new construction. And clean up  the saw dust. To start living, enjoying the four walls and a roof. To get on with your life.

What type of home in Maine to build?

Log home, modular, stick built and are you thinking one floor ranch? A daylight basement for work or your mother in law or hobbies like one giant rec room provides? Need space on the Maine land for out buildings like a barn, chicken house, grainary, machine shed, garages? For pastures, a pond, floral gardens?

Cape cod, colonial, saltbox, gambrel or something not so traditional like a yurt, cordwood or masonry home? I know, you have a lot of choices but all comes down to did you hit the lottery? Is money no object in building this Maine home on land?

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

207.532.6573  |  [email protected]   |  MOOERS REALTY 69 North St Houlton ME 04730 





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