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The Maine House Is Haunted, Does That Hurt A Home Sale?

The Maine House Is Haunted, Does That Hurt A Home  Sale?


The Maine house is haunted, is that reputation going to hurt the home sale?

Whether you believe in spooks, goblins, things that go bump in the night or not, the haunted home label can scare away a good portion of the house buying audience. We have blogged about haunted homes in Maine before. houlton maine photo

Often times the story telling that for some reason centers around a particular home for sale in the local area grows over the years.

It just looks more haunted than the next run of the mill home. More piled on, sticking like Maine burdocks from wagging tongues of the tenants. Or home owners add to the folk lore by contributing, keeping the dark tale going.

Some people just have a vivid imagination and their mind fills in the blanks without much help needed from any former renters or home owners. Others in the real estate audience just like the novelty of owning a property with extra house guests.

The kind that don’t need to use open doors, that come and go on a whim. That some how are stuck in a holding mode at the house that would not longer be haunted if they could just get a ticket to ride out of the home.

The reputation of a a home being haunted for many house buyers is not a deterrent from buying the sticks and bricks. 

But as a real estate agent or broker that listed a haunted house in Maine, is that something that needs to be disclosed? Regardless if you put stock into the idea of haunted homes or not?

More on stigmatized properties, what they are. Haunted houses, the buyer can think no big deal. And then after a few days, following the house showing and stepping up to say “I do” there is a turn around of 180 degrees.

And no thank you, the spell to buy is broken. Gone from red hot in love dovey to stone cold, no way in heck are you dragging me back into that place. To buy or otherwise.

Suddenly it has ten foot pole marks from top to bottom in their eyes and hearts. And they are not tight lipped about spreading the word on what happened to the house of their dreams that went up in a poof of mental smoke.

Someone’s girlfriend whispers stories she has heard. A neighbor or family member adds to the rich history of a place known to be haunted. If you believe in haunted houses or not.

And every time a conversation is opened up on haunted homes, more is added to fuel the fire. To enrich the tale. You know how the grape vine works.

If a home buyer does not, the worry about is the next buyer going to be laying awake nights thinking about the creaking steps, the foot steps in the attic, etc is a real concern.

You always think about the next buyer as a seller when toying with a purchase. Or should. Because real estate is an emotional experience. None of us really owns real estate forever.

 It is a temporary thing before leaving the Earth and going to the great beyond. Wherever you go depending on what you believe happens when everything comes to a screeching stop in your life.

 The Amityville horror haunted house historical news does not help our efforts.

Whenever a haunted house comes into the inventory of homes for sale. People do die in homes in Maine. We get asked from time to time if anyone died in this house? Did the owner pass away at home? They are sorry to hear they died, but curious if it was at the premises or hooked up with wires and tubes at a health care facility. They wish for the latter. mainefarmwinter

They say three out of four of us has some degree of mental illness.

What happens good or bad in homes is not the house’s fault though right?

A property can frustrate if the job jar is big enough, but it does not drive us to take another person’s life. Other things inside the brain distort and cause that anger that drives a person to crimes of passion, other misdeeds. That end up putting the partner’s in crime in the three hots and a cot. Behind bars at the safest place known to man, the crowbar hotel. Where the hospitality staff wears guns and badges. And there is a strict lights out, noise policy. 

So who would want a haunted house and think it actually adds to the value of the place for sale?

Someone like Stephen King who is making a movie. And the reputation of being haunted can add to the screen play for a movie or the story line for a book. I worked at a Bangor Maine radio station that is owned by this well known horror writer.

King and his wife Tabitha live on West Broadway in Bangor Maine in a home that has interesting curb appeal. Check out the neat iron fencing detail at the King house in Penobscot County

The Alfred Hitchcock set houses whether on a movie lot or in a real neighborhood take on the subject matter of the thriller they are linked to for edge of the seat silver screen experiences. (Ding ding ding bell sound) Step into the office of the Bates Motel and check the rates, occupancy. 

Haunted homes, some just look and smell creepy.

Abandoned lighthouses in Maine can give off a cold feeling, haunted or not too. No sign of life can be eerie or peaceful depending on your mood at the time of exposure to them.

The sound of a shutter slapping in the breeze against the siding. A loose piece of tin roofing, a branch making scratching sounds on the glass of an upstairs bedroom. It does not take much if you have a vivid imagination and are a little jumpy.

Halloween is coming, the haunted hayrides, old mansions with stories from their dark past all surface this time of year.

And blogging about haunted houses in Maine, anywhere is a hot topic to tie in with the spirit of the trick or treat season. Lucky number 13 haunted scary houses for sale to scan if you dare. Haunted houses for sale in Maine, we list, market and sell all kinds of homes, other pieces of property and real estate listings.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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