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The Little Things In Real Estate Listing, Twisting, Selling.

The Little Things In Real Estate Listing, Twisting, Selling.


Like most things in life, it is the snow ball of all the little details that help or hurt a real estate listing sale.

As a new property hops up on the whirling listing conveyor belt for the razzle dazzle, pick me pick me would you please. The current real estate market conditions impact the speed and chances of ever having a successful real estate closing. The property pricing is the biggest factor that influences a sale on any type of real estate listing. realestatesalephoto3

The value of your property is the tallest hurdle to clear or you can forget all the loose ends that follow behind that figure filled into the price space on the MLS listing software form.

But when the price on the property gets adjusted up and down and is like a ping pong, the buyers watching the real estate radar get the wrong impression. It disappears when pushed up to a higher price bracket so the buyer thinks it is sold. Then reappears when the sales price is lowered and drops back into a low bracket.

The property buyer thinks something must be wrong with the property, it is back on the market and failed to sell. Shelf life, the increasing days on the market (DOM) don’t help the sale chances either just as the longer a person is on the operating table, the greater chances of problems developing that threaten coming out of the pair of doors alive and kicking.

Forget the large amounts of wiggle room weighing down a real estate sale listing price. And instead of expecting one brave soul to have the nerve to make an offer, let everyone know you mean to sell. By pricing the property realistically right off the bat. Then monitoring, adjusting that sticker price all the way up to going under contract. To reflect the market all the listings swim in and react to as more real estate comes on and off the current inventory competition.

The list of little things in a real estate sale that impact the chances of a closing include how clean or cluttered the property is. And if the smell of the property odors follow the broker and the buyers home. How quick a possession can be arranged will make or break a sale. Nothing beats an empty home for the hurry up to slide in and start playing house for the new buyer.

Which bank is picked for the mortgage lending can be good, bad or plain ugly.

Local lenders give the best turn around to keep the financial lending wheels spinning best for ground covering action. Far from your state bank loan processing centers can cause sales to die on the real estate vine in the wait for the appraiser, the paperwork shuffle. From all the layers of players in the underwriting dog and pony to get a clear to close for a successful sit down paper shuffle transfer of the real estate title.Too long means too bad when the seller, buyer or both pull the plug on the bank lender.

Marketing, the reach and frequency of the real estate listing exposures determines the size of the buyer pool.

If only local folks, your neighbor knows about the place being for sale, good luck selling fast and for the highest price possible. MOOERS REALTY finds that buyers and seller are very busy and delivery of the information better be cutting edge available and quick, easy to slice and dice. Missing information, a delay in getting current, fresh details about the property for sale, the local community is critical.

 Video for real estate is by far the best use of a buyer’s time and exposes the property listing completely which makes seller’s grin ear to ear. Real estate video removes the need to drop everything, clear the schedule for an out of town, state, country buyer who shells out the money for plane tickets, motels, tolls, gas and eats. Who wants to see, hear and tour the property listing right now.

The eyes and the ears working in tag team formation for better retention. A better complete transfer of whats for sale on this end to digest on the other one where the buyer calls home now. Video helps strike while the iron is hot, when the buyer likes what he sees and can get more without an expensive delay. Just running his mouse, or tap, slide, sit back and watch, listen to one after another property listing videos.realestatetshirt

There is nothing better than an out of state buyer used to nose bleed high real estate property sticker prices getting a whiff, watching a video and being shown what’s for sale, hearing all about a new low priced listing.

To get on the phone, catch a place before it sells, sending a series of emails or texts to let the broker know he is some kind of excited about the real estate listing. And asking could he send money to hold it as he races for the airport nearest his location in urban America. Where properties are higher priced where he now lives and wants to leave. Urban dwellers are not happy, don’t like all the cost of living items he has to wrestle with on a daily basis being so high priced.

So back to the little things in a real estate listing, selling that impact the sale in a postive or negative way. The supply of just like this property you the seller want gone affects the price and speed of a sale. The condition, number of property features the market rewards best all pull together to help the sale along. Or if the wrong combination can keep the property parked and on the prowl for a long time for someone that will take on the job of being the new owner.

People are funny too and a stressful, drawn out real estate sale creates some crazy reactions and actions.

Pressure to save their loved ones delay, tight time frame constraints, low appraisals, last minute issues to juggle to fix a property and becoming low on money. Tempers flare when folks are not happy. When they don’t know what is going on and why. Lack of communicatoin to keep everyone in the know smooths the feathers in the real estate jungle. Real estate is emotional when a divorce fans the fires, or an estate sale of a recently lost loved on clouds the picturein the heart of the seller’s family letting go of something way more than just four walls with a floor and a roof. realestatesalephoto2

Clear heads, direction from someone who has been through a few up and down real estate markets is key.

Every property sale is different, no two real estate listings, transfers are identical.

There is always a real estate market to work in too. It stops for no one. Do the best with what’s for sale, no matter how high interest rates are and refinance when you can to improve the bottom line. But the best steps to take are not always clear and change often the deeper you go into a real estate property sale. Understanding what is the best way to get from listing to closing takes experiences to draw from from the guy or gal wearing the blue and gold “R”. The hardest working letter in the entire alphabet. To avoid the quick sand, to see the waving red flags to side step around the deep pools of real estate hot water. To miss the papers being served on your when taken in by a sharp operator. Who sucks the seller into an expensive, lengthy lawsuit after the sale and gets them to agree to contingencies that are not in the owner’s best interest. When the seller does not know what he is doing which FSBO learn the hard way.

The wheeler dealer who buys and sells real estate daily is a one to keep a close eye on because most sellers do not have that kind of market experience instincts to rely on to protect their interests.

Knowing the movtivation to buy or sell helps explain why folks start squirming, hollering or keep smiling from listing to real estate closing. Attacking problems and not personalities helps keep the boat from rocking wildly.

It is imperative the real estate agent, broker stay focused on the steps of the property sale. Not become snarky because there is something about the other agent, the buyer or seller they represent that makes them become unprofessional. Remembering that the seller owns the property not the agent and that the buyer is trusting in someone to help them make the best purchase possible.

Thinking of buying, selling, trading some real estate in Maine?

Here to help and it all starts with starting the conversation back and forth to identify the need, understand the desires and plan the best course of action to help you out. Like I said in the blog post headline, it is the little things in real estate listing, twisting, selling that can save the day or make it unproductive.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

207.532.6573 | [email protected]

MOOERS REALTY 69 North Street Houlton Maine 04730 USA



Andrew Mooers

Welcome to our Maine real estate website. I am the father of four grown children, have listed, marketed, sold properties for over forty years. Lots of changes in the real estate industry over that many decades and daily we re-invent our job. I grew up on a Maine farm that I bought from by three older brothers. My youngest son continues in the tradition on that same Maine farm. Here to help with property searches for homes, farms, land, waterfront, multi housing rentals, small mom and pop business listings.

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