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The Highest And Best Property Price, When Here Comes An Offer.

The Highest And Best Property Price, When Here Comes An Offer.

Face it, the lowest possible price for real estate,  just about anything you buy is on the mind.

Because how you run your household personal finances is much like staying in business. The bottom line in what you need to keep out of the red. Male, keep that figure just as pitch black shaded as you can right?

Your profit is in the expenses, the careful spending thinking kicks in.

So with real estate, isn’t there always a certain tried and tested percentage to skim off the top?

Looking for the coupon code to dial in. Drop in the slot when everyone is gathered around the real estate check out register.

Waiting, wondering, wanting to make an offer on the real estate but how do you know?

What is the lowest possible number the seller of the real estate listing is willing to accept? Not necessarily be hand stand happy about the figure. But will mutter after a little time and consideration. Weighing the pros and cons. 

“I’ll do it. Not thrilled about it for the record but this number, the contingencies surrounding the purchase and sale property price all smashed together works for me.”

Striking a deal, finding a compromise. Some times nothing to do in lifting the finger to try to determine the wiggle room in a real estate sale.

 There is none. It’s take it or leave it. Up to you. There’s the listed price that is the same as the sales figure appearing on the HUD-1 everyone is signed. office for real estate in maine photo

Like Black Friday, online shopping, store buyers viciously circle as if dorsal fins suddenly pop up, sprouted on their backs.

In the round and round of shark out for blood chasing the sales circular dollar.

The bottom dollar of what’s it gonna take Mister Man. To get a set of house keys please. Works a little different than a once a year big box holiday sale razzle dazzle.

Not talking toasters, flat screen TV’s or 800 thread hotel sheet discounts to get you through the swinging holiday shopping doors. Bigger purchase this real estate is says Yoda.

Property owners that don’t have to sell, that is the best time to list and start the real estate marketing games.

Because no fire sale pressure, gun to the head, ticking clock or sweat on the forehead beading up. To limit the options. This owner is happy either way. katahdin maine fire photo

Sitting pretty.

And is easier to deal with as the real estate professional listing, guiding the pathway to the property closing.

Usually has the attitude of if this place I own sells, fits the bill, great. But I sincerely wish the buyer the best of luck. In finding the right property for them that is out there. No panic button to push.

Someone always comes along when the property listing is wearing a realistic price tag, is maintained.

Quality is sought after and the owner of it is rewarded. Everyone likes a winner and if you are not trying to sell something with ten foot poles all over it, with many missing parts or in disrepair, life is good.

maine home christmas photoSooner rather than later. When the marketing is far reaching, round the clock exposure underway.

To hit the mark.

Ring the bell.

And attract lots of buyers for the real estate on the marketing carousel. Not just those local, living close by to the listing.

If the idea of tacking on a layer of fat to trim, liposuction off the property price seems a good one.

Just hanging around. As the listing lingers, loiters on the real estate market.

The logic of that wisdom shows up at the party. Raises it’s ugly head and wicked ways. The end result in doing that becomes crystal clear. log cabin in maine photo

As something flawed, not reflecting the real estate market that is.

Not the one you wished was there or used to be a few revolutions back.

In the “As The Real Estate World Turns.”

Re-runs happen.

Always now showing on local channels only.

Because real estate is fixed position local.

Supply and demand can hoist the price up and down. Marketing should not be just local. The time, DOM can extend when the line is not so long at the real estate check out.

Property listings always sell. The real estate market never stops.

But it takes maine ducks in a line photoan owner not wanting to wait or forgetting the property is for sale. 

Never putting the price on and then walking away from the marketing stove.

You smell something burning, hear a loud buzzer, eyes stinging and see things boiling over?

Once and done is not so smart in real estate pricing.

Because real estate markets change, breathe, expand, contract.

Like water when the temperature swings high or dips low. But the knee jerk that can happen is an owner of a property listing that is all warm and fuzzy friendly going in.

Then the smile turns to a frown, goes upside down the other way.

“What is taking so long selling my property?” and “You’ve done nothing to find a buyer, no one is interested.” First, did you the agent, broker, REALTOR do the cardinal sin? Take a way way over priced property listing hoping it would sell?

To salvage, end up with something to take away from the hours and hours around the kitchn table. Debating, arm wrestling with the property owner who repeats a lot. “And like I said. Gotta be honest with you. I’m not going to give it away.”

Getting the realistic value today with all the doo dad conditions that come like lint with any property price offered is the cross hair target.

Because to expect anything over the top with a cherry parked high in a katahdin moose photochallenged market is not going to happen.

People, buyers with money have brains under those antlers.

Attached to the chain drive wallet.

Banks are partnered up too.

That do this for a living as they look over the buyer’s shoulders. Make sure there is no hanky panky to spanky and end up saying no dice.Throw it back in the drink. Next. Who’s next in line to buy, needs a home mortgage loan?

So back to what do I offer, what is the bottom line lowest price to pay for any property secret. PSSSsst! Whisper it to me in this ear.

Isn’t there a secret decoder ring, something to spell backwards and hold up to a mirror? Any solution we can add that makes it glow in the dark. Show up under a special light. When it’s passed over the MLS property price field to reveal, cause a gasp.

That Sherlock Holmes says makes it plain as day, elementary Watson. For the what exactly is that magic all important number in for making an offer. That sticks in real estate negotiations but is as low as you can possible go.

Nope. Not that easy. Because you have to consider all the many factors on the bargaining table.

On both sides. That affect what the next move is.

The buyer wants the place but only qualifies for 75% of the purchase price. ice fishing in maine photoThe seller owes just a whisker away from the listed figure.

There is no wiggle room cushion for the pushing built in.

These two ends of the let’s head to a closing rope a dope.

Don’t come close enough. To reach, overlap. Tie it up and make the deal come together. Short sale negotiations could enter the room. Lots of land,  some does not convey and the seller hangs onto to a sliver to close a price gap.

Another scenario is the property for sale was in the buyer’s family long ago and they want it back at all costs.

Whatever it takes. Or a number of local farmers are in a bidding war to have that chunk of dirt. Or woodcutters needing that heavily forested wooded rolling land tract with waterfront to develop.TIMMBBBbber.

Timing is everything and motivation happens beyond just what a bank appraiser says the value of a house, whatever is today. Or the mortgage loan underwriter determines is enough good under the hood. Of the buyer for the thumbs up. Flick the switch on the green light. To make a real estate closing light up, gets scheduled to happen right on time.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

207.532.6573  |  [email protected]   | 

MOOERS REALTY 69 North Street Houlton ME 04730




Andrew Mooers

Welcome to our Maine real estate website. I am the father of four grown children, have listed, marketed, sold properties for over forty years. Lots of changes in the real estate industry over that many decades and daily we re-invent our job. I grew up on a Maine farm that I bought from by three older brothers. My youngest son continues in the tradition on that same Maine farm. Here to help with property searches for homes, farms, land, waterfront, multi housing rentals, small mom and pop business listings.

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