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Taxi Service In Houlton Maine, Who To Call For A Cab Ride.

Taxi Service In Houlton Maine, Who To Call For A Cab Ride.

For 42 years Lawrence Clark ran a taxi cab for a ride service in Houlton Maine.

His brother Elmer, Bill Barriner, his son little Billy, Ann Colter and Lawrence Clark’s two sons Stephen and Richard all took turns behind the taxi cab driving wheel. Taking folks counting on them to Doctor’s appointments. To and fro from the grocery store, downtown shopping.

Even to buy a jug of spirits or pick up some take out food for delivery to their front step or the rear door.

Sometimes the taxi cab fare for the all the way longer ride to Presque Isle, Bangor Maine to catch an airplane.

Or to haul an Amish party of workers into Canada to do construction jobs.

Or to pull a a horse trailer full of Amish produce to the farmers market in Houlton Maine. Before you started seeing the horse and buggy delivery on their own from Smyrna and East Hodgdon Maine Amish settlements on the open roadways.

So Leigh Dow is the taxi cab ride driver / owner operator to call in Houlton Maine.

 His number to catch him and set up a pick me up and deliver me ride time in the george washington houlton maine photoHoulton Maine area is 207.694.0647. First come first serve.

Dependable, neat, clean and professional taxi service, for a cab ride in Houlton Maine.

His tunes for the taxi ride  selection is the best I have been told too.

Other than New Year’s Eve’s round the clock shuttle service for the smart celebration party goers where no one drives.

Hands someone else  the keys to anyone else. To the sober as a Judge taxi cab man.

The last call for a taxi ride in Houlton Maine cab service is 10 PM on the rest of the nights. Other than New Year’s Eve horn blowing exception. For the watch the clock and wait for it. The  kiss and hug at midnight surrounded by family, friends, loved ones to ring in a new dozen calendar hanging sheets.

Designated drivers if bubbly, vino or barley pop is involved just makes sense to pass the keys even if you have your own iron horse. Or hoof it if that is an option to walk the line and not get hit.

With Maine’s tough OUI laws, why take a chance. And because no one wants a fender bender, to be T-boned in the side, flipped over and trapped inside because of alcohol. Not black ice or winter driving hazards to blame. No one gets hurt when you pick up the phone, call Leigh Dow at 207.694.0647.derby cars photo

If you are new to the Houlton Maine area and needing a cab ride, a taxi to call for the delivery services.

You might want to know about places to stay for a motel room, lodgding in Houlton Maine. Or Houlton Maine places to eat, restaurant and diners.

And when you live in the Houlton Maine, Southern Aroostook County area full time, have no car, live a few miles out of town, don’t forget the other options. For 42 years, the Aroostook County Action Program (ACAP) has been here providing essential services.

The bus runs for Houlton Maine ACAP bus is one option that can take a little while in the waiting but better than using your thumb. Hitch hiking in the rain when you have a few packages or bags of groceries to juggle trying to get home.

Here is the contact telephone information for the ACAP bus. 1-800-442-3320. Dispatch hours are 6 AM to 5 PM.
The link to the ACAP bus schedule above discusses fares, the rules for the ride. This is the list of towns in Southern Aroostook served by the ACAP bus service.
Service to: Oakfield, Dyer Brook, Cary, Smyrna
Mills, Ludlow, Danforth, Hodgdon, Weston,
Amity, Littleton, Monticello, Bridgewater, Mars
Hill, Presque Isle, Island Falls, Linneus, Sher-
man, Stacyville, Patten, Orient, Haynesville,
Wytopitlock, Bancroft, Macwahoc, Molonkus, Mt.
Chase, New Limerick, Westfield and Benedicta.

Here are the fares and Cyr Bus Lines run schedule for Houlton Maine, points north.

Cyr Bus lines connects with Greyhound, other transportations hubs to the south. Call Cyr Bus Lines out of Old Town at 1-800-244-2335. gas station in maine photo

Also car rentals from Yorks of Houlton, tap out 207.532.6534 and give them a jingle.

Or if you plan a trip needing room for a big group, how about a fifteen passenger van from Wayne’s Auto Repair And Sales?

Call Wayne Watson at 207.521.9008. I have rented, been the captain at the wheel of a fifteen passenger Chevy van. To take a bunch to a Penobscot Theater play production in Bangor Maine and back.

And also learned setting up that weekend jaunt that North Country Auto for mini vans, other car rentals is another option in Houlton Maine.

Use this bunch of numbers. 207.521.0295 is the digit sequence to punch in to get the skinny on renting a ride of any size. To get around, get on board transportation in Houlton Maine to move people to and fro, I hope this blog post is helpful. horses maine group photo

This is what the state says about tax cab service regulations when it is 15 or more passengers.

Retired taxi cab driver in Houlton Maine Lawrence Clark who is in his 80’s says insurance costs, state licensing fees, the car inspections every three months for the taxi.

Are part of the business of shuttling people. And waiting around for return rides all add up. For those missing an old nag or a frisky stallion horse to saddle up. To hook a pair of ponies to the traces of a wagon or buggy.

You can not do tax cab driving as the owner part time to provide the level of service needed for your regular customers. Lawrence Clark say that the folks depend on you as a taxi cab driver providing the rides in a small Maine town!

Check back as we add to it the new ride options in Southern Aroostook County we hear about and will tack onto this post to keep it fresh, accurate and current.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

207.532.6573  |  [email protected]  | 

MOOERS REALTY 69 North Street Houlton ME 04730



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