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Starting A Bed And Breakfast, Buying A Maine Inn.

Starting A Bed And Breakfast, Buying A Maine Inn.

Starting a bed and breakfast, or buying an existing Maine inn, ever entertain either thought?

What does it take to start a place you share with others? Open up to live under the same roof? And be the local community host who serves, entertains, educates the new to these parts tourist.

Much like a travel agent who loves where they live, raises a family and shares personal experiences in a new land.

The inn keeper who is the local tour guide to give suggestion about fun things to do.

That opens up their home, bathrooms, porches, and all the other rooms to share their residence.

Shows the ropes, ins and outs of the local turf. That points people in directions to explore and discover the magic of the unique local surroundings.

Maybe the B and B inn exercise is a hobby. You do it for fun. Or are in the real world. So like any business, and running a bed and breakfast is an economic exercise and needing to pay for itself.

Who is the customer you are going after to say hey, stay at my place?

Here are some current Maine B and B Inn lodging options.

What lifestyle are you trying to cater to and to create an experience that matches the taste of the folks laying their head in your bed. And enjoying what you are preparing, dishing season or year round to catering to tourists.

And to round out the prime time lucrative part of your tourist season, what fridge audiences do you want to attract to your clean, friendly, attractive local lodging option? What history of the place would be shared with the tourists and appreciated as you continue the fine tradition as a local steward?

What about access to trails of all types so the exercise room is not four walls in the cellar.

But outdoors, using the loops near or around the Maine bed and breakfast. Walking, biking, cross country skiing and all in place to learn the lay of the land. Meet some of the locals that are the sparkle in the community diamond facets.eggs on b 7 b window photo

Being close to a ski area, golf course, and taking inventory, displaying all the recreational options goes hand in hand with the displaying the lodging ones at your Maine inn.

Local state parks, public launches and swimming areas at local ponds, lakes, the ocean are not to be kept a secret. Where to put the kayak in that the guest shows up with on their roof top rack or that you provide, is important river guiding information.

Quiet, private areas and internet speed of thought hook ups are what inn keepers have to provide. Open porches, glassed ones too to enjoy breakfast coffee and light fare meals you offer. Or formal dining rooms, breakfast nooks inside for the trucker’s special bigger meals to jump start or end the day.

Serving up a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice or just pressed apple cider from the orchard out back?

Bagged lunches for the road trips for the inn lodger to venture out and kill time for the property owner to prepare for the next meal. Or do the tourists, extended stay locals working for a short stint or needing temporary housing only have kitchen privileges? lupine in maine photo

Your inn may be in a tourist trap with lots of competition or a lonesome one of a kind.

To stay a few days, pass them along to another in the Maine inn chain of B & B’s or to let them hop across into Canada and back.

Networking with other Maine inn keepers is critical to share the tourist not monopolize them.

Cruise ships drag you to three islands or more. The inn stops should be more than one too right? To see all of this big state called Maine.

And the food you serve is it locally sourced organic you grow out back or buy to put on the table from your community partners? Everyone benefits from tourists who leave new money, that the dollars laid down turn over six times or more.

The bed and breakfast guest is a potential local property owner if they like the way they are treated.

If they enjoy what they see, hear and return for more. Because they fit in, want to become a member of the local community they met because of the stay at the Maine bed and breakfast you skipper. gas station on way to b & b Maine inn photo

More to consider for starting a bed and breakfast questions that get answered in this article on b & b’s.

Taking care of tired travelers all played out.

Where like any service provided, the extras make all the difference in the WOW factor.That they don’t forget. And bring up on line around the social media circles.

Chocolates on the pillow at night, turned down bedding and low lights on when you return and call it a day. Fresh lemon slices floating in ice cold, tall water glasses.

A gentle wind chime, a friendly pet, a bowl of fruit, vase of fresh cut flowers. Local art work and antiques.

The right level and type of music playing in the background during meals.Probably not Ted Nugent, Disturbed or Metallica.

No Wango Tango or Strangle Hold. Anyone screaming “play Freebird”. Or playing Hendix songs on air guitar as the inn keepers idea of live entertainment. Local newspapers, magazines on Maine.

Images, the eye candy of Maine on the walls. To show this is what you get in the area, what you are missing when you are away too long. houlton maine court house photo

Specially made maps and brochures to guide the tourist that calls your Maine bed and breakfast their home away from home.

That tells about the local industry, museums, explains what to do in what season for festivals and local celebrations.

What’s on at the movies, the local theater stage or what sports teams are playing tonight and where, what, who?

What is within walking distance of the Maine B & B inn?

If they want to stretch their legs. They don’t automatically know unless you bring it up in conversation or printed propaganda bullet lists. Local history, what happened here in the past that helps explain the present heritage?

What kind of red carpet, VIP chamber of commerce treatment do you dish out from the inn in Maine?

Do you help online Maine local promotion as if you worked at the tourist bureau?

It is all home grown, shoe string marketing done creatively in promoting a Maine B & B in a state rich in beauty, a little less well stocked in piles of cash.

Fishermen, hunters, leaf peekers, snow sledders and folks in your Maine town to train or that are passing through working on the road.

Families and larger sleeping areas or suites with bunk beds. Catering to the audience that is out there means seeing them setting up your Maine bed and breakfast. flickr template for maine photo

Is the place you broadcast and showcase out in the country with acreage?

A barn in the mix that could be used with the New England farmhouse for events like weddings, class or family reunions?

By yourself with a few critters in corralled in the barn yard or dotted the green pasture land that is fenced out front of the working country B & B doubling as an do drop inn. This property listing in Maine is a great country farm house B & B inn candidate.

Or is the Maine inn, B & B a Queen Anne Victorian complete with ginger breading, the original everything including the turret? Everyone has a different opinion of the perfect setting to go with the unforgettable experience right?

In 1975, there were 400 inns, bed and breakfasts in the country. Today there are over 17,000 B& B’s as dotting the landscape as you cris-cross the red, white and blue USA. Here is another resource on starting, running a bed and breakfast.

The Maine scenery back drop is ooh la la, second for none. The four season drop dead gorgeous natural setting coupled with the friendly down to Earth people is one winning combination.

To help your Bed and Breakfast get off the ground. Or to keep the Maine inn you buy making money and to display no vacancy on the sign in the window or hanging out front.

Would love to help you find, buy a Maine bed and breakfast, an inn you make from scratch or continue on the tradition of what all establish.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

207.532.6573 |  [email protected]  | 

MOOERS REALTY 69 North Street Houlton Maine 04730






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