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House Colors, How Small Town Rural Real Estate In Maine Property Sales Rock And Roll.

House Colors, How Small Town Rural Real Estate In Maine Property Sales Rock And Roll.


Does color of a house for sale in Maine make a difference in marketing time, the final sale price?

How differently rural real estate in Maine property sales are treated than higher priced ones found where space comes at a dollar premium. And every color has a special time and place right?

Like Maine’s fall harvest of red, orange, yellow and greens of al types?pick fall house colors photo

What is the norm, what is expected in color preferences here in small town Maine is very different than the treatment of what is nail, splashed on, for vinyl, latex or oil based appllications to listings in larger population centers.

We can arrive at some absolutes though. When the price tag goes higher, so does the number of considerations in the handling of house listings. And the right color becomes more and more crucial in attracting the largest audience possible.

Like the oldest child, there is more pressure on the higher priced property listings to perform well.

To conform to certain real estate standards practiced in the area. The colors selected have to behave themselves. If they expect to attract new home owners in from the curb.

And to be inviting enough to cause them to reach for the front door handle to give it a twist. To come on lin, search the rooms, to lure them to tour around the inside, back out to the grounds surrounding the house for sale. And to stay memorable in a good way as they house shop.

Will the house color grow on you or become weary?

Pretty expensive exercise to roll in the 40′ ladders and slide them around the place or climb in the bucket truck to change the look that works or fails for you the new home owner.

When you and I were kids, eight crayons were plenty. We mixed them to create a few new color variations. To have more than just the eight primary colors to work with in the art work creation to magnet to the refrigerator. When you were little, life was simple, less was more than enough.

 There is more money or plenty of plastic to feed, cause the color explosion.

It is now get ready to be bowled over as you reach out, pull up and pick the strips of colors to scratch your head. To see sixty, seventy or more to pick from for color variations. When entering the store you thought would be easy to know just which already mixed color to pick from among the paint cans lined up like solidiers on the shelfing. colors of maine photo

Coloring your house for sale in Maine has become more complicated.

Maine itself is colorful and vibrant, fresh, rich in natural pure ways.

So how tasteful, how appealing to the eye is the overall color scheme of a house, how important is it really tied to the marketing time, final price typed out on the closing proceeds check with your name on it ?

What needs to happen to lead to sales of a property listing quick, easy, profitable when talking color?

Well for starters, in small rural markets like sparsely populated Maine, you don’t hire a property stager to fix the color scheme inside and out of the real estate for sale.

Keep the furniture in place and don’t remove it all to replace with something completely different. But weed out the extra couch that never left the living room when the new one to replace it arrived on scene.

Over crowding in rooms, lack of foul smells is even more crucial to avoid than picking the right color for each of them.

Tone down the needs to be painted orange kid’s room if you get that far down the list on a low priced Maine home. But concentrate more on realistic pricing, removal of clutter and cleaning up the dusty corners, cobwebs, all the other surfaces.

Make the glass and mirrors squeaky shiny reflective without the spots of dried, caked on tooth paste and water marks from using your hand to remove the steam. hammock winter colors of maine photo

Fill in pot holes, take those cellar dead water heaters to the metal recyclers. And make the possession date free and easy.

Remove the sharp edges that snag the real estate sale and cause delay and discomfort. Beyond just the house color selection.

But back to the color considerations of a house for sale in Maine.

Painted ladies, Victorian houses wore at least five exterior detail home colors. If the bedroom walls are black and red, Mary Kay pink, the front door glow in the dark Mopar plum crazy purple, or electric lime greeen, it is an easy fix.

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And to each his own color scheme to create the splash of anything beyond black and white or fifty shades of gray. That is what makes the World go around.

Hit the high spots to spread the TLC love around the entire property approach works best for color, everything.

Because too much contrast happens beyond just the colors if you spend too much time in one area and neglect others begging for attention. Sour, off key  notes heard. The where you did help and where you did not lift a finger work against each other in the property sale. maine blueberry colors photo

But when the property price bracket is high that the house for sale or whatever type of real estate listing lives in online, suddenly tone down those color tones becomes more critical. And suddenly what did not matter on a home for sale costing $20,000 or $30,000 does big time. Blueberry Blue, Lobster Boiled Red. It can all work for awhile.

Sometimes because home owners associations demand you to get the color shade approved first.

Or you are limited to just these choices. Like a ski area, Sugarloaf USA has rows and rows of light gray condos and one stand out barn board red one.

Always wondered about how did that renegade painter get away with it?  Because it is the only one grandfathered in, right or wrong, that lone wolf color can increase the value. For the buyer who dares to be different, wants to be unlike all the others running in the pack.

White houses, red barns and shutters of dark blue, maroon, green, black, gray happen a lot in Maine.

You don’t see salmon pink, aqua sea marine or Easter basket straw green exteriors. Conservative, carried on and preserved from the days of old when there were just eight colors used in all life’s areas.

And black and white house colors matched their grounded thinking. maine chevy red color photo

That is what you find in many real estate nooks and crannies in rural small town Maine.

Neutral colors, blending in with the other tints added to the base paint in the neighborhood is always worth consideration.

When thinking resale and not digging in and thinking the only way you are leaving this property is by ambulance stretcher or hearse retrival.

Like living your life with moderation, the easy does it approach. Going easy on the splash of colors.

Sometimes historical register considerations make it mandatory to brush on certain tones of period paint colors too.

To stay original and be true blue to the roots of the sticks and bricks colors worn proudly for display.

Peeling, blistered paint of any color right or wrong for the buyer is not an expense they want to have after the sale. Neither does the bank appraiser who has to duely note the paint of any color is flaking and bare wood surfaces are exposed and need to be properly protected.

Bright painted red front doors, yellow or pink, does any go down smoothly or is digestion troubled unsettling?

When the rare brick house is found, a shot glass of color of anything but red can be refreshing.

Some folks over react and it is way beyond just like or not. Hate and love, more extreme knee jerk reactions can happen. You always want to attract the largest audience possible in real estate marketing. Work with what you have and wear it well or make the subtle change to soften the color blow. monument border marker colors photo

Stand out colors have their place.

They can be a nice shake up from the norm and stand out and pull it off well if just the right combination are applied from the color wheel chart.

Mix, match, create is sadly missing in the sea of the sameness that invades much of life and society today right?

Dark colors can stand out as modern, with it because just not used so much in the past when it was many shades of white. The flowers around the house for sale can add the color to bring up the whatever is lacking for eye candy that is needed to make the place distinctive and not like all the rest.

The condition of the place is so important in the long run, but the color if offensive never lets the buyer inside the place to truely know how big or small the job jar is.

They drive on by because turned off by color and that is the end of consideration in the pass it by. Next.

Is yellow a lemon? Is the light shade of yellow work but mustard yellow like the cheap kind not the Poupon poo pooed? Depends a lot on how the house swimming fish in the school ply the local waters really. mooersrealty puzzle colors photo

Survey says …. (ding ding ding) because everyone has an opinion today.

Just ask them.

The color or the roof covering whether asphalt shingles, metal sheathing and the texture all add to the total feel take away.

Remember, real estate is emotional and this place will help your life, be an aid and fit your need. So it starts with attraction, physical raw not always explained emotional hunger and thirst. We are animals and our needs change as life rock polishes us with the good, bad and ugly experience.

Like that red sports car during mid life crisis was just what the doctor needed.

After living a life of stuffy, straight jacket conformity and needing to break on through to the other side as Jim Morrison sang down at the hotel.

More on the speed, final price, does house color affect the real estate property listing sale question.

Remember, no matter where way you sit at the property listing closing long table. We know from over thirty six years of experience what helps or hurts a house sale, anhy real estate sale beyond just the colors. Buying, selling, trading Maine real estate, we stand ready to serve you professionally.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

207.532.6573 | [email protected]

MOOERS REALTY 69 North Street Houlton Maine 04730



Andrew Mooers

Welcome to our Maine real estate website. I am the father of four grown children, have listed, marketed, sold properties for over forty years. Lots of changes in the real estate industry over that many decades and daily we re-invent our job. I grew up on a Maine farm that I bought from by three older brothers. My youngest son continues in the tradition on that same Maine farm. Here to help with property searches for homes, farms, land, waterfront, multi housing rentals, small mom and pop business listings.

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