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Selling Your Maine Home, What Stays, Gets The Heave Ho.

Selling Your Maine Home, What Stays, Gets The Heave Ho.

The decision to let go, to list and sell your Maine home.

Whew. It is extra tough when the sticks and bricks have been your Maine home for decades. Maybe built by your parents and the house sale has a little guilt feeling associated with even listing it.

Because a house becomes a home when you raise a family, have those holiday traditions here. But things accumulate, are dragged home to enhance the use of it for all the members inside.

Everything else that happens around both sides of those four walls called  home sweet home usually has some cargo associated with it.

But now that the silent real estate salesman is planted in the front yard doing it’s job to attract buyers. What will you, the property owner have to remove?

maine home dream photo
Dreaming Of Buying A Maine Home?

Or leave for the new buyer of the Maine home. What should stay or go in the Maine  house sale?

There are some do’s and don’ts and language about broom clean mentioned in many purchase and sale agreements.

But what is the standard depends on the buyer and seller of the Maine home to a degree too. And if there is a bank appraiser involved in the property sale with his or her own suggestions.

For safety, out of concern of hazardous materials or dangerous situations because of the junk that accumulates with the treasure in a Maine home over the years. Especially down in the corner of that long, deep dark, damp cellar basement that is out of sight, out of mind too.

Often a seller of a Maine home, the elderly ones especially, can figure the place is worth more with all the contents. The furniture Dad and Mom passed down after World War Two was built to last.

But the real estate buyer often has his own unless just starting out. So ask but be prepared for the big garage sale. Or the roll in trash dumpster. The buyer and seller of the Maine real estate don’t share the same view on what is valuable.

Those extra shingles for the next porch roof repair are on a shelf in the garage. But a new  metal roof is planned soon by the new buyer. So no need to leave that bundle to deal with in other ways than it’s original intent when purchased. No good to him.maine home interior photo

Make it go away says the buyer or he is looking at the expense and effort to clean up after you Mr Maine Home Owner.

That is his reasoning on the matter from his perspective. The seller was just being thoughtful and thinking he would appreciate those expensive replacement house shingles left behind.  He knows he would and remembers what they set him back in the cost of hard earned money.

Many homes for sale seem smaller inside because of the clutter. The enlarging furniture collection caused because when a new couch was purchased, the old one got slid to the side against the far wall.Back when they cooked food on a wood stove.

Kept, not replaced until hey. When suddenly we have three couches in the front parlor of the big smasher old Victorian home. Excuse me as I squeeze by you heard whispered during the home showing. By everyone in the room by room.

And what about those paint cans with the special tints? All the many rolls of really old wallpaper extras stashed away.

That would be hard to find extras for when the time comes to make a repair or replace a strip or two of the one of a kind pattern. That was a big seller in 1958 down at a long gone, defunct old time hardware store down town by the five and time.maine yacht photo

I grew up on a Maine farm and we did not throw out much.

Because during those lean years or even the bonanza ones, repairs on machinery or buildings meant a let’s take a looksie.

What do we have kicking around that could work just fine in repairs.Had seven farm buildings to store all this repair or equipment parts material too.

Whatever floats your boat works best in down home, simple Maine. Crude looking to some, resourceful to others because it improved the situation using what we had. Not what did not allow time or money wise to take a trot into town.

To make an expensive or time consuming chasing down the parts jaunt while everything waited back at the farm for completion of the needed repair.

So the long and short of it is, start the reduction through house garage sales.

Letting family members know you are needing to know who wants this and that? Before it gets a colored tag and the garage door opens for all those early birds at a household reduction sale.

Old batteries, dead water heaters, paint cans stacked to the rafters. Those gotta go before the come on in for a look around. At the Maine home for sale. Replacing dead light bulbs with ones that really work is smart too. Let there be light works best.

Seeing your way easily around during a Maine house showing is important.

Clear the deck of distracting obstacles in a Maine house showing. So no one tumbles down a set of back shed steps or trips over an old sea trunk that was hiding in the corner of the attic or basement.maine farm winter photo

A house fixture, what needs to stay because it is essential to the operation of a Maine home would be a device like a furnace, windows, doors.

Bolted to the wall mirrors in baths, lighting fixtures are presumed to stay.

Unless spelled out in the purchase and sale agreement, copied from the listing agreement section.

The patio furniture, BBQ grill, all are the home sellers personal property. To use at their next castle. Just like the lawn mower, snow blower, aluminum ladders and all those power and hand tools.

Unless they become a bargaining chip in the Maine house sale. In the would you leave, would you consider selling this, this and oh yeah, that (pointed finger in a specific direction).

About how the antique dining room light over the table is going with the owner out that front door after the house sale?

But that a replacement one will be installed or a lighting allowance up to a certain dollar amount will be allowed. So the new Maine home buyer can pick out the one they like best to replace the MIA one. Lost in the house sale of the Maine home.

The warranty and manual paperwork for new house appliances, replacement windows, exterior siding, roofing, etc should stay.

They may never be used but are helpful, not bulky and could be an asset to the new Maine home buyer.

Leave those and a list of who plowed the driveway, who serviced the furnace and other tradesmen with experience around the Maine home in the past.

The old tires, just sea of junk needs to be gone. Unless you and I are talking the house sale of a Maine home where the price tag is $10,000. maine town court house clock photo

A real shanty of neglect or a repo, foreclosure, a short sale where no money or hands on deck to tidy up.

Then the house price tag reflects the carry out is going to be up to the new buyer because all this stuff, garbage, broken toys, the works come with the place.

Swing sets, clothes lines can be a tricky gray area.

Just like a plants you want to dig up and keep that your dear departed mom or dad helped you establish. What has to stay is a real head stratcher.

Tied down is the reason or anchored in the ground is the reason why.

The clothes line with supports attached to the side of the garage or end of the house was used in the operation of the place.

Like the pull out wooden rack in the home laundry room.

Leave it be unless it becomes a bone of contention. And the buyer says heck no, make it go. I can see where the old paint color was and those ugly fasterner holes.

All this extra cargo, tonnage of things without any value does not help a Maine home sale left laying around. Packed and stacked and keeping the house features, the true layout from showing brightly.

Loaded with dust and making buyers of the house wannabees sneeze through out the home showing. Anyone need a tissue?

Old appliances, whatever is not nailed down some argue should leave the premises. Way before showings. Heading for a scrap metal heap for its new home away from this house for sale in Maine. Before the walk thrus of buyers. Long before the one from a Maine house appraiser whips out the clipboard. To to the property valuation dog and pony process to arrive at an appraisal figure of what’s it worth.  MooersRealtySearch

So get the dumpster placed in the front yard with instructions to be back tomorrow to replace it with another bigger one for the fill ‘er up.

After the Maine home sale closing. And the new house buyer rolls up his sleeves, whips out his wallet for the plastic swipes.

Digging in and applying the blood, sweat, tears of home grown equity.

In the catch up repairs and clean out caused by the previous Maine home owner being asleep at the ownership wheel.

I’m REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Real Estate Broker

207.532.6573 | [email protected] |

MOOERS REALTY 69 North Street Houlton Maine 04730



Andrew Mooers

Welcome to our Maine real estate website. I am the father of four grown children, have listed, marketed, sold properties for over forty years. Lots of changes in the real estate industry over that many decades and daily we re-invent our job. I grew up on a Maine farm that I bought from by three older brothers. My youngest son continues in the tradition on that same Maine farm. Here to help with property searches for homes, farms, land, waterfront, multi housing rentals, small mom and pop business listings.

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