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Real Estate Terms, There Is Audience Confusion.

Real Estate Terms, There Is Audience Confusion.


Like any industry, when you peddle a product or provide a service, the terms and buzz words can be misunderstood.

The abbreviations, letter combinations used can cause uncertainty in a real estate sale. And when you factor in that  most buyers and sellers of real estate property listings don’t do these big life transfers very often, fear can enter the process.white water rafting seasonal property photo

Being scared of selling a house in time before the three years of back taxes caused a forfeiture and total loss is real scary.

So is a family having their heart set on a new home cross town or the country and the sale of the old one is stalled. Threatening whether the real estate domino will fall in the right direction or at all is terrifying.

Where are we going to live when it is your small family member asking a parent the question makes the home buyer or seller second guess themselves. Are they getting the job done and what are all the real estate expressions, terms being tossed back and forth in conversations and emails?

Between the bank, lawyer, appraiser, and other professionals that can forget their are others in the real estate operation room.

Who wonder what strange, foreign language have you slipped into that has them worried. Baffled on what was just said that somehow if important but not sure why.

It starts at the listing level. If the information on the property listing is neat and complete and all the spaces are filled in, that means the buyer has less unknowns. Hoping, wishing and assuming anything in life or real estate can be disasterous.

Wrong information is bad but missing details the buyer needs to make informed decisions is worse.

Because human nature is left fills in the blanks and not always with the correct answers. It depends on is the person snarky and negative or upbeat and positive? Or are their expectations way to high or down low go with the flow?

 The buyer of real estate is very busy too like the sellers, all of us. The scan of information of what’s available on the real estate market is done quickly.

The filter of the slice of the current market property listings is all the buyer focuses on. Peeling off the above and below what they are expecting to fit their real estate needs and to match their wallet or fishing from seasonal properties photo

So when the real estate information about the property blurb says “seasonal”.

Does that mean the owner uses it part time or that another buyer could live here year round?

Drawing conclusions by themselves without contact with a live agent or broker that has been to the property opens up a can of worms.

On a lake, most of the roadways in Maine are seasonal, not plowed or maintained by the municipality. And some are up and over hill and dale hard to access when you add winter snow and icy roads to the steep terrains.

Others are not so far in and the roadways better maintained by lake associations or a group of hard working volunteers and easy level conditions to work with year round.

Seasonal can mean the septic system is hanging on by a thread.

Eat lots of cheese. Or it works great, as long as no one is using it. The place is empty, left alone. Conversion to year round living permits involve a peek at the current septic system if known what and where it is. And would it handle the plumbing pressure of every day, year round living or not.

Adding a washer machine, a couple teenagers taking half hour or longer showers to the current plumbing could take it off line permanently. And it usually happens in the dead of winter to add to the pressure on living.

Everyone has a different need, situation and somehow the real estate listing better fit and be a working match.

Too expensive to have it any other way. crowd of real estate buyers photo

More on shoreland zoning regulations and modifying what you have if you can or accepting that it is no dice.

And you should have known before the property purchase.

“Seasonal” if it is mentioned in the real estate descriptions could mean this place is loose as a goose.

Cold as a barn and good luck keeping the plumbing, your toes and nose from freezing. No foundation. No insulation and moisture problems when heat inside is adding to the cold roof and walls that were not designed to work together.

Winter in Maine is a little more of an event than a couple week ordeal. We adjust well as locals who dress warmer, bank our houses and have next year’s fire wood already cut, stacked, drying. And we enjoy outdoor winter recreation in Maine. No one hibernates and winter is one of the four seasons we enjoy just as much but in different ways.

The electrical for woods camp if it even has power is not the same as new construction and GFI’s in the kitchen and bath. Or delegated circuits for computers or delicate electronics in the household. No one is running a welder at most wood’s camps even if they are rigged with a gas powered generator.maine lake seasonal photo

So “seasonal” one word can generate a lot of questions over the email server, phone banks or real estate office lobby discussions.

If the images for the property show the road access, the other end of the real estate signal starts to get it. To understand the approach is easy or scary. How wide the road is and how hard would pushing snow back off it with an angled plow blade really be?

Narrative on a typical MLS spread sheet is missing. It’s yes, no, maybe. No space for the copy to really help differentiate from each listing easily and quickly helps the sorting out the ones to keep on the list. Or that fall off the properties for serious consideration.

Videos that describe what living here is like for the present owner and explores the other options or real estate applications really help. Communication is written, seen, heard. Pushing in more of the senses  together always helps in the clear message being broadcast to the largest audience possible.

What does that mean when it says “seasonal” on the real estate listing? The money involved to change “seasonal” to “full time”, that is not usually in the first wave of information.

And the buyer has to dig for more to see if this property listing would work for their needs. And match the zoning requirements, distance from work or school or a slew of other factors unique to them. That make or break the enjoyment factor for this particular listing someone has dubbed “seasonal”. Seasonal can mean a lot of things, have different degrees of factors to explain.

What is a seasonal real estate property listing?

Whether a buyer or seller of a real estate property listing, answers to questions are needed.

Upfront and all along the road from listing to closing. Here to help. Brokers and agents love the real estate initials. Deciphering what a CMA, HUD-1, HHE-200 and the abbreviations to fit in the tiny MLS description spaces are a lingo we know pretty well after over thirty six years of Maine real estate service.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

207.532.6573 | [email protected]

MOOERS REALTY 69 North Street Houlton ME 04730




Andrew Mooers

Welcome to our Maine real estate website. I am the father of four grown children, have listed, marketed, sold properties for over forty years. Lots of changes in the real estate industry over that many decades and daily we re-invent our job. I grew up on a Maine farm that I bought from by three older brothers. My youngest son continues in the tradition on that same Maine farm. Here to help with property searches for homes, farms, land, waterfront, multi housing rentals, small mom and pop business listings.

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