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Real Estate Property Listing Guilt By Association Happens.

Real Estate Property Listing Guilt By Association Happens.

When you and I have a job providing a service, dealing with the public, misunderstandings in the real estate listing happen. In the marketing, selling of a property, like any industry transaction or exchange of goods or services is possible.

The potential for confusion occuring is there in black and white obvious. Sometimes very likely depending on the deal players. The individuals from buyer, seller, lawyers, banks, building inspectors, real estate appraisers and on and on. And then consider the folks themselves buying and selling. All the variables in their life at the time a sale is needed. Part of the plan.

The expectations of what can and does happen in Maine real estate buying, selling twists, turns, dips and bumps need explantation, communication, education.

And like a hockey player who continually is swiveling his head, moving his feet, using his stick. To assess the possiblities of what happens next before it does. To prepare for everything that is, could take place on the sheet of ice he is skating backwards, forwards and sideways on. Where everyone chases the small black circle. Tries to sink it into the twine of the goal tenders on each end defending the goal area between the iron pipes.

Trying to avoid the heated emotions, short temper flare ups and just all around raw upset feelings.

Is why a person to navigate, guide the Maine real estate process is so important. Nothing that can be automated because real live people are involved. With different situations, unique personalities, unmet needs, past experiences anger triggers and time tables with deadlines to meet. Chop chop. All are counting on the process to go smoothly. Most don’t like drama and unwanted delays unless it helps their purposes. Slows or speeds up the trip to the real estate closing.

The what is happening, what just went surprisingly right or seriously wrong means staying on top of the real estate transaction. Monitoring the lending institution if a Maine bank home mortgage is needed on the property listing. Evicting Maine home or apartment tenants, finding alternate housing for the renter or owner, buyer too happens. To make the A to B a one time move. Easy peasy.

So like it or not, you remember the smooth hassle free sales for cash, quick to close in Maine real estate with peachy keen nice buyers and sellers not making unreasonable demands.

With anger missing, no pushing and shoving. No rudeness or polite manners forgotten. With no long as your arm and mtkatahdinmaineleg contingencies. No other agent throwing wrenches into the cogs that cause set backs.

Or throwing rocks of misinformation that is not what is happening, serves no good purpose to interject or share.

And that is just not the truth, reality of what delays are being caused by.

With the nice older lady who reminds you of your grandmother that makes the killer home made cookies. Is nice as punch and friendly, trusting, pleasant to get along with during the entire real estate sale transaction.

And everyone involved is sensitive, considerate, not snarky and attacks the problems as they show up in the transfer.

Not the people in the list and sell real estate sale property sale process.But sometimes a snow ball of turbulence happens.

Makes the wheels on the bus go sideways. To wobble, sometimes vibrate loudly to a deafening roar. And then rut rho. To fall off and kill the transaction.We try to keep everything light, bright and to get to higher ground. Avoid the low lying ruts that stall a real estate sale.

But like a patient wearing the split up the back chilly hospital wear, exposure to problems creaping into a transaction can derail a sale. Without extra hot heads and forgetting reason to see red. And just get everyone a little cranky and finger pointing. To try to blame someone for the discomfort.

Negativity. That robs, bruises and you wish could be avoid as the real estate professional herding up the players to make a property sale happen. But look at the chart of the vital signs of the real estate sale. The just the facts reasons for the poor health of a sale. And attack those areas with a fire in your belly passion, determination works best. And about the title problems the lawyer discovered late in the game, how come you the agent, broker did not know?

sleepingelliotSo guilt by association. Because you are looked up to as the miracle worker on a simple real estate listing in Maine sale. The tenant served to move does not. Your fault. The appraisal coming in low, your bad.

The lawyer picked by the buyer or seller to use that is just months away from retirement and who is never in his office.

Puts everything to sleep, into a coma.

Kinda already is mentally if not physically retired. Barely, rarely there.

Where I feel real sorry for the secretary left to hold down the fort. Make excuses, take the verbal abuse of frustration from calls coming in from every direction.

Who holds up the paperwork needed for a real estate closing to happen is where the posse hunts on horseback. With a rope, looking for a tree limb. Your fault as the real estate professional that coulda, shoulda kept this from happening. It’s all your fault. You do this kinda work, see this every day right? Not always garden variety problems creep up folks.

Buyer who low balls the seller and hard feelings develop because of the demands made for the “I wanna buy your home in Maine but with this, this..” (list unfolds, hits floor) of demands.

Gets off to a rocky start. Then the seller digs in when his new place to move to is delayed. And says due to the lowered price accepted and time delays caused by they world’s slowest bank, the buyer has to wait. Let me stay in the property rent free after the sale for a while. And adds his own unreasonable list of what he wants to see happen. And when the real estate agent, broker that is monkey in the middle is not able to make both sides of the teeter totter stay in balance, play well then that is who screwed up, dropped the ball.The guy or gal wearing the blue and gold R.

Make the other person do this or that. Now. No like yesterday. Speed up the bank with a processing center on moonshineSaturn… far far away. Cattle prod the attorney, the appraiser, and make things smooth as silk.

We’re good, have experience, are not lazy and try to be creative, inject a little humor and history of why this works the way it does but it’s not always enough.

And guilt by association lightning hits. The process causes too big a demand that snaps the focus.

The buyer or seller gets served with divorce papers, loses his or her job.

Gets sick and all that can be landed on the real estate agent, broker who should have avoid those life events. Or made the deal close before everything that could unravel does.

But so much of what we do is timing, picking the right professionals involved in the layers of players involved in a real estate sale.

The attitude of the buyer and seller when everything is spelled out and explained is everything to keeping the boat from rocking. The plane from hitting a mountain that it could not clear.

I love my job of thirty three years in the Maine real estate list and sell.

andrew_picWe do the best we can. We get real estate testimonials for good service all the time. But the difficult deals where everyone gets bloodied and do or don’t actually get to the long conference room real estate table. Those are the ones that teach the most about human nature. And the skills to keep everyone focused on the target.

To get to the Maine real estate closing. Not de-limb, stab, pour gas on and light folks up, tongue lash those just trying to help in the process. But that can be the reason the sale is dragging, lacking, not working. Love them, serve them all any way.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

207.532.6573 | [email protected]  |  MOOERS REALTY 69 North St Houlton ME 04730



Andrew Mooers

Welcome to our Maine real estate website. I am the father of four grown children, have listed, marketed, sold properties for over forty years. Lots of changes in the real estate industry over that many decades and daily we re-invent our job. I grew up on a Maine farm that I bought from by three older brothers. My youngest son continues in the tradition on that same Maine farm. Here to help with property searches for homes, farms, land, waterfront, multi housing rentals, small mom and pop business listings.

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