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Mineral And Water Rights In Maine Real Estate Property Sales.

Mineral And Water Rights In Maine Real Estate Property Sales.

The calls and emails and letters from areas where they don’t always convey in the real estate sale.

Minerals and water rights in a Maine real estate property sale, do they get transferred or retained?

In thirty six years and counting in real estate listing in Maine, I have only had two sales where a seller, grantor did not want to convey the mineral rights. And retained them. Because their grandfather or someone long since gone claimed there is hidden value in those hills.

Once the seller was declared imcompetent by his family and he was convinced there was gold and oil in the Maine land that the family wanted to sell. And that reservation killed the chances of a sale.

Because in Maine 99% of the time up to now, the mineral rights go with the real estate sale title. You get everything in those hills, down in the ground under the land acreage.

Bald Mountain and the thought that there was zinc and magnanese caused a stir, quite a buzz for a while back in the 1980’s but the price to extract the ore was too high.

Market value killed the cashing in on the mineral deposits in that area of Northern Maine.

That is the one and only other time mineral right retention in a Maine real estate listing was a contingency of the sale.

 I have read deeds in research at the local registry where a company foreclosing on the title sold but retained mineral rights if any should develop. They were not leaving any cards on the table. maine farm winter photo

Because in New York that must have been the tradition, practice at the time.

More on the history of mining in Maine. It was copper, zinc, gold and silver at Bald Mountain I see pointed out, covered in this link on mining in Maine.

We’re known more for our lobsters, potatoes, blueberries, fiddleheads and steamed clams in Vacationland.

That’s what the locals and tourists want to see set in front of them when the dinner bell rings.

So many of the buyers of Maine real estate from the state of Pennsylvania are upset over hydro fracking and ask is that a practice here in the Pine Tree State?

No, no it is not. We plow, till, plant, cultivate and harvest from the good old Earth to create our wealth from the sod. Store it to peddle out of the field, to stock the shelves in our cellar root cellars or sell it field run if storage facilities are missing.

Protective of the Maine land and R-E-S-P-E-C-T like Aretha Franklin reminded in a popular song penned by Otis Redding. Not exploit but instead trying to be good stewards in the process of not messing up the surroundings for our kids, their children. To use, pass on in better shape than they received it.

Tapping, mining, harvesting the wind iin Maine with projects going on line to generate electricity from the breeze is gaining popularity though. washington county photo

We also run into right of way easements, some sharing of a well and the rights to the water source. It can show up in the title from an early deed that was not spelled out in another and oh oh.

No one is wild about learning someone shares a road, a water well, something that interferes with the enjoyment exclusively of the Maine land.

The drilled well or driven point, spring for a water source can be shared. A Maine home with a son or daughter or elderly parent who kerplops a trailer out back might tap into the water source.

Septic system rules are pretty strict in Maine to protect the natural resources though. And the number of bedrooms in a home are what dictate the size of a Maine house septic system.

The handling of 90 gallons of water per day per bedroom is what the leachfield design considers along with the soil profile by the site evaluation in Maine.

More on HHE 200‘s. Does not mean there are not some crude systems out there designed when everyone just took one Saturday night bath whether your need it or not though. maine loons photo

Make sure the Maine land is not serviced by what you can not see. Like a 55 gallon drum or an old car buried and used as a “cess pool” that oozes the what goes out the discharge sewer pipe.

A pile of rocks for a gray well cistern is not a septic system for black water either.

The stuff you close the door and don’t discuss with any one publicly or privately right?

So mineral rights, water rights, they show up but not like states where oil and natural gas rigs dot the landscape and are actively working to extract precious minerals from way down deep. Maine, we keep it simple.We protect our wildlife. Think about what we are doing and how it helps or hurts the environment in Maine vast land and water resource.

Like the sounds of that and less people, more outdoor all natural living?

Here are pick up that discussion as a personal fan of Maine, not just a real estate broker who only peddles property who takes nothing for granted about all the wonderful features this state offers.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

207.532.6573 | [email protected]

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