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Marijuana Growing In Maine, Cannabis Laws, Referendums.

Marijuana Growing In Maine, Cannabis Laws, Referendums.


Growing marijuana in Maine, consuming it, getting high.

Regardless of your personal views on weed, cannabis, torching those left handed cigarettes. Or grinding, twisting those saw tooth edged leaves. On the plant that looks a little like the one that grows beef stake tomatoes. baxterr moose eating marijuana photo

Marijuana is a talked about subject surrounding Maine land.

Also commercially,  legally zoned property, medicinal real estate buildings listings and lots.

For the inside grows of the controlled substance.

Despite your, mine, any Tom, Dick or Harry’s slant on joints, blunts, spliffs or magic brownies.

Or marijuana cookies, butters or THC tinctures, there is a shift in society on the hot topic. Hey, turn it up.. here comes the best part of Free Bird. And are you gonna eat that last piece of pizza man? Cheech and Chong made a career out of being stoned. Recording songs about getting, staying high and not being caught.

Mary Jane, Reefer Madness and all the other buzz words surface in the news, in conversations that are more relaxed. Way way out in the open in the social media circles.

Asking about past experiences about grass when it used to be very hush hush. Is now out in the open. Bill Clinton said he passed the joint, did not enjoyed the ritual, participated in the round robin smoking circles but just did not inhale.

President Obama was asked in an interview if he had ever smoked marijuana.

And indicated in the affirmative. And when pressed further about did he take a toke, inhale, he smiled and said yes, that’s the point isn’t it? Then moved onto what’s your next question? With his straight forward answer to the loaded  question not seemingly hurting his chance of election, then re-election.

Being 420 friendly as a real estate broker is an awareness caused by relaxation of attitudes toward pot that are not longer under radar and just not discussed.

Partly because of the public relations work put forth by marijuana friendly interests. Groups that see the medicinal value of controlled marijuana usage are growing in number.

 Others in the audience consider it part of American freedoms even if it is federally illegal to grow the stuff. Thinking whatever you plant for seeds and nurture in your back yard or out in the back forty on private land behind your home is your own business. If used by just you or immediate family members however you see fit.

Treated like natural Prozac or Wellbutrin for anxiety. Or an aid for reducing queasy stomachs, improving appetites for cancer patients, or helping glaucoma in the eye sufferers. More from Dr. Sanjay Gupta on CNN’s marijuana use.smuggling marijuana across the border photo

Legalizing marijuana, shifting from the penalties of illegal use to how to police the legal application of pot.

No more smuggling illegal bales of it across open, unprotected borders.

And USDA grading to make sure the consumer gets the quality they paid for at the check out or online. It is all such a twist of public sentiment in a relatively short period of time.

Watching what happens in Colorado, other states or countries like Amsterdam with their marijuana legislation put into action. All the pot initiatives rolling out of legislatures and from petition drives are often part of the nightly news or in newsprint, high gloss paper publications on a regular basis now.

More on are you a caretaker, or registering as a patient receiving home grown marijuana under Maine Department of Human Services guidelines.

Have been at local Rotary meetings with the main speaker from the Sheriff’s department, the DEA arm of enforcement and these folks have had a learning curve too.

From the shift on what is heading to becoming legal but still not quite there yet.

And how to enforce all legislation coming down the pike. And the modification as out in the field practices by officers of the law paid to serve and protect. It all gets refined, reversed. It is all new and different, un-chartered waters like other states besides just Maine when talking about growing and distributing marijuana legally.lighthouse in maine photo

In grapevine discussions, a rural state starved for cash to fund expanding programs and keep the vast intra-structure humming in an  under populated, sparse state like Maine.

Like the lottery proponents, siphoning off some of the revenue for key areas from the taxes raised to fund a noble cause of legislation. And offering programs for heavy gamblers to teach them to gamble like drinking responsibly. if legalized, pot growing and distribution makes the discussion one of simple economics. And new ways to police it with education for all as the pot legalization shows the need for safe guards.

Complicated. Not just sneaking around, the desire of the thrill of getting high under wraps, done ligthing up in the dark. Is the rolled up towel on the bottom of the dorm door Zeke?

Lots of rhetoric and scare tactics surrounding Question 1 on the Maine marijuana referendum ballot question. That gets checked off “yes” or “no” or left unanswered to make a statement. After the curtain is pulled behind voters at the polls November 8th.

In our job as a real estate broker of over 36 years, the questions about is there zoning in your town to provide for legal marijuana grows for medicinal use come up.

Wanting to know if the local town and city comprehensive zoning plans have  been modified to reflect, to allow commercial marijuana growing to go above and beyond just the “farmer” who care takes for six patients.

Land in Maine that would be well suited for growing legal pot is not so unlike the qualities any soil has for cultivation. The amendments to the dirt that extend the benefit to the plant or critter. It’s all a matter of simple agriculture plant and soil science. 

For plants outdoors secure from two or four legged animals. Or under cover, inside grows that are secure and quality assured are questions that get posed in emails, over the phone and in real estate office lobby discussions. cow asked for their opinion on legalizing marijuana in maine photo

420 friendly real estate agents are outlined on websites marijuana “lighting up”, spot-lighted around the Internet.

How to get financing on land when the bank is FDIC insured and the federal government has turned their head but not legalized marijuana growing and consumption totally?

Most land is owner financed, or bought in cash because it is lower priced property acreage in this rural state called Maine. More land is sold this way with installment payments because Maine banks offer stiff rates, heavy down payment requirements for just acreage mortgages.

The reason? They have to hang onto the paper so they make it worth their while with higher interest rates on Maine land and up to 40% down payments up front for Maine land financing.

So the Maine land owner who does not have to replace the acreage like in the case of a home seller would takes the paper. Offers to be on the receiving end of a nice structured annuity. With payments coming in like clock work if all is set up right going in.

Like house lending, not everyone who walks through the real estate lobby office door is grade A lender material.

But we start with listening. Suggesting and finding a way to make it work. And where there are obstacles, working around them. To find the best possible solution with what there is to work with for restraints in time, money, preferences. We’re dealing with the public remember? It is a rewarding challenge every new real estate day. flowers growing marijuana photo

Or if all else fails in getting financing, let’s find a mortgagor to take on the buyer eventually.

Getting the buyer of the Maine real estate intro a bank or credit union to begin the process to repair their credit.

The good, bad, the ugly. Life happens.

Dips and sharp curves in the road take place in the road of life.

Folks do have cars repossessed, houses foreclosed on, divorce, disease and employment lay off pink slips that put a big dent in their credit scores, debt ratios. And over all financing health to be able to pull off a real estate property listing sale is delicate.

We advise buyers don’t quit your job, change professions during the financing your home process. Don’t buy a new car, shell out for any major credit card purchases with doo dads for the new home.

Because your debt ratios can tip to the point the bank says you did, but not longer do qualify for a mortgage loan.

When it becomes legal, to use land for growing grass, to eat or smoke the pot, Mary Jane, weed, whatever youcall it for outside commercial or personal use grows. Or licensed inside commercial marijuana growing facilities listed for sale.

No matter what you want to grow, marijuana, corn, Christmas trees, or raise hogs, cows, sheep, bison, reindeer or whatever.  MOOERS REALTY is here to discuss land for sale for all the legal uses. Any type of Maine real estate property listing is available when you are ready to begin the find it, buy it process..

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

207.532.6573  |  [email protected] 

MOOERS REALTY 69 North Street Houlton Maine 04730



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