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Maine Town Spotlight – Patten ME Penobscot County

Maine Town Spotlight – Patten ME Penobscot County

Maine has sixteen counties and Penobscot is one with a town called Patten ME parked in the north end of it.

Patten Maine’s population is 1200 friendly folks. The town of Patten is located near the north entrance to Baxter State Park, Mt Katahdin.

penobscot county town
Patten Maine Penobscot County Town Loaded With Recreation Options. RT 11 Heads N To S.

Lumbering, woods work has been a big part of living, the historic tradition  in Patten Maine. So is potato, grain farming, animals fenced in on pasture fields.

The Maine town named after earlier settler Amos Patten.

No better way to spend part of a day on vacation to Patten Maine in Penobscot County than at the Lumberman’s Museum. Yesteryear timber logging equipment, early black and white images, stories of how early forest lumbering was done.

The mature tree stands cut down, harvested and the trip to market down waterways to get the wood to market. See that well documented during your visit in the tip top of Penobscot County. The Lumberman’s Museum is located at 61 Shin Pond Road in Patten Maine. More about the small town of Patten Maine.

Patten Maine is at the edge of wilderness in the northern woods, unpopulated sections of the top of Vacationland.

South of the Allagash Wilderness Waterway, to the south west of Aroostook County. Patten Maine is famous for its woods trails, clean lakes and streams. The best part? Not wall to wall people! No crime, no traffic, just four seasons wildlife in Patten Maine!

The Penobscot county town of Patten is bordered by Mount Chase, Crystal pattenmainePlantation, Stacyville Plantation, Township 3, Range 7, Hersey and Sherman, ME.

Originally known as the laid out grid coordinates of township 4 range 6, Patten was settled around 1828.  

Patten Academy Maine became incorporated in 1846.

The Patten Maine GPS coordinates are latitude 45.996N and longitude -68.446W. Elevation above sea level is 666 feet in this northern Penobscot County town.

Many sporting camps for hunters, fisherman, snow sledders, fall foliage leafshinpondmaine peekers and Baxter Park hikers are found in the woods surrounding Patten Maine.

The lower population of Northern Maine means higher concentrations of wildlife. Looking for properties for sale in Patten Maine for just that reason?

Less people, fewer restrictions, no traffic.  That’s Patten Maine.

Plus plenty of crystal clean lakes, ponds, rivers and brooks. Those jewels of Mother Nature don’t get the use by man the same would if closer to population centers of say Boston, New York, Hartford.

More on the details, stats for the Shin Pond Sea Plane Base if you own a private plane.

North of town there is a land runway strip, 2 of them over 2000′ long and a place to eat called The Hangar. While food is being discussed, have you tried Flatlanders Smokehouse and BBQ? Be prepared to do some heavy duty eating. Craig’s Clam Shop is hard to beat and they have ice cream, fried food and lots of folks to talk with while waiting near the take out window. Debbie’s Deli and Pizza is another local favorite for local Patten Maine dining options. Head up to Shin Pond using RT 159. To visit Mt Chase Pub, the Shin Pond Village and Mt Chase Lodge too.

Water bodies like Upper and Lower Shin Pond located to the west on Rt 159 in Mt Chase. Rockabema Lake, Secret Pond to the north in Moro Plantation.

Fish Stream winding through the town of Patten itself and used by early settlers and their mills. Recreational H2O is a big part of the attraction with many area falls, dead waters where you are sure to see a Maine moose or two. Patten Maine is a four season recreational play ground for vacationers. Those willing to drive a little further to get so much more for less cash outlay. Baxter State Park’s northern entrance is one big enticement to this area of Northern Maine.

Float planes common to see on your way from Patten through the two Shin Ponds on the way to Baxter State Park.

Beside woods work, early Patten Maine settlers cleared timber tracts to create farming fields of very productive fertile soil. Potatoes, grains common on side onerowpotatodiggerroads of Patten Maine but livestock, dairy cattle part of early farm operations too.

Hard work using a one row potato digger like this one proudly displayed on a Patten Maine area lawn.

As a reminder of the early settlers daily, year round hard work routine. Watch a two row Maine potato digger video in action captured in Sherman Maine, to the south of Patten. 

Climb on a snow sled or ATV four wheeler and see the Patten Maine ITS area trails where cars and trucks never get. Can not go to experience the wildlife, the serene pattenmainelibraryscenery of the Patten Maine – Shin Pond area. 

Katahdin Trust, a local Maine bank financial institution got it’s start in Patten Maine.

Expanding operations in the 1980’s and still growing strong around the state of Maine. Founded March 7th, 1918, Katahdin Trust Bank began the story in Patten Maine.

More from the state of portal about Patten ME.

The zip code is 04765 for Patten Maine.

The Veterans Library in Patten Maine is housed in a former church on Rt 11.

Rt 11, the Maine Street of Patten ME that winds through the northern woods. 

Ending up at the St John River Valley at the top of Aroostook County that borders Canada. 

Travel up Interstate 95 to Exit 264 in Sherman to hit Rt 11 to continue north to Patten ME, a jewel in Northern Maine.  Come explore the Patten Maine area.

Local sports teams are the Katahdin Cougars in Patten Maine.

RSU 89, Katahdin schools are located on RT 11 in Sherman south of Patten Maine.

katahdin cougars high school sports
Cougars Playing Sports, Representing The Patten Area In Bright Red School Colors.

The elementary school is on the left heading south. The middle and high school on the right hand side of RT 11 in the same direction. The Patten Maine area school is not far from the Sherman exit of Interstate 95 for easy access.

The Patten Academy Eagles basketball team back in 1947 worked a miracle at the Boston Gardens.

sherman patten area photo
Peaceful, Side Road Quiet Patten / Sherman Area Winter Scene.

On April 22, 1947, one of the most stunning basketball upsets happened. The Patten Academy Maine boys team in the New England Championship game again Boston Latin won it 35 to 32 at the final buzzer.

Patten Maine had 27 boys out of the total 88 school enrollment as the David slinging shots again Goliath 1800 male student Boston Latin. Holy upset right?

Rt 11 is the back way up into the Great North Woods and ends up in the St John River Valley.

Log trucks, animal crossings, sportsmen tourists heading north up RT 11 snake their way into the crown of Maine. Sit at the many local dining opportunities. Try to hit a bean supper at the Farmer’s Museum in Patten if around during the summer. Wander around Ellis’s Grocery store in the center of town and feel how friendly the locals really are.

patten maine
Town Of Patten Maine, Like A Trading Post. Everything You Need Is Here.

Snow sled, hiking, four wheeler and hunting trails in this uncrowded, unspoiled area of Maine.

Patten Maine is a paradise for those budgeting a little more time in Vacationland.

Lot of fishing, swimming and boating options with all this water and the lower tourist traffic. That all does not get spoiled like southern Maine gets hammered with and all the heavy traffic. Hardware, groceries, lots of places to eat, quality schools. Get it all in a small Maine town where everyone in the population pitches in to volunteer and work hard.

One Maine vacation destination with lots of area lodging available too. That’s what you get traveling further north up into Vacationland. To spend time and check out the sights. Make some memories of your stay in Maine. Hike up Mt Chase, head into Baxter, or just settle in by a lake or river reading a book in your log cabin stay.

Learn more about Northern Maine. Hope this blog post on town of Patten Maine is helpful and the friendly people encourage you to visit any of the four seasons.

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