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Maine Town Spotlight | Fort Fairfield ME, Aroostook County

Maine Town Spotlight | Fort Fairfield ME, Aroostook County

Fort Fairfield Maine, parked on the US Canadian border crossing in Aroostook County is a friendly small northern town.

Fort Fairfield’s town population, had almost 3500 people in the last head count. The census of 2010. The downtown is bordered on the north by the Aroostook River. During spring ice out, fear of flooding has always been a problem in Fort Fairfield Maine.

The Fort Fairfield ME large river bank, or levee dike is ideal for winter snow sledding travel.

Or used as a scenic foot path. Have it your way. The town of Fort Fairfield Maine is very snowmobile versatile. Along Main Street a block house catches your attention while motoring though the downtown. The log structure is an fortfairfieldmaine-2exact replica of the original Fort Fairfield Blockhouse. There is still an original one in Fort Kent Maine. More on that and more about the St John River Valley in the Crown of Maine.

Built to defend the town during the Aroostook War in 1839, it now is a tourist attraction museum open to the public.

The Maine Potato Blossom Festival happens each year in the third week of July in Fort Fairfield ME.

Presque Isle, ME the nearest city for shopping is roughly 11 miles away. Class reunions are held in conjunction with the Maine Potato Feast Days Celebration.

Part of School Administrative District #20, Fort Fairfield Maine has approximately 600 students. A pair of schools in SAD 20, or RSU 86 under the same educational umbrella. One for grades six through twelve grades called the Fort Fairfield Middle/High School. The other Fort Fairfield Elementary School educates pre-kindergarten to grade five. Fort Fairfield educational system, home of the Tigers wearing red, the school colors.

Area youth pitch in to help Northern Maine potato farmers with a school fall recess. And get a chance to earn extra spending money. To buy necessities to help out with family household finances.

Local Maine country western legend Dick Curliss was born in Fort Fairfield Maine.

His biggest hit “Tombstone Every Mile” was written about a lonely stretch of Northern Maine woods along US Rt 2A fortfairfieldmepubliclibraryin Haynesville. US RT 2A or the Bangor Road was the Interstate before we had one.

Santa Claus Hill, black ice, old trucks creeping up and around sharp curves.

That was truckin’ 10-4 good buddy. 

Dick Curliss captured that in the song that put Maine on the map.

As the song points out, where if they buried all the long haul truckers lost in those woods, there would be a tombstone every mile.

Dick Curliss’s well recognized black patch over one eye musician, song writer, entertainer.

Toting a guitar is a source of pride for residents of Fort Fairfield Maine.

The public library in Fort Fairfield Maine is a classic brick structure. A Carneigie Library, built in 1913.

With five internet accessible computers, approximately 18,000 books, more audio books, VHS & DVD movies, and 20 periodicals. A supply stock of 4 area Northern Maine newspapers. Circulation is around 11,000 items annually. And when you close, put the books down, plan to get outside. For some fresh air. Downhill skiing tubing at Big Rock Ski fortfairfield5Area to the south in Mars Hill Maine. Hit one of the many lakes, rivers, streams.

Maps of Fort Fairfield Maine show the level to rolling terrain. That is forested with mixed woods and open, cleared, cultivated and farmed fields. Large acreages of Maine potatoes, grains are grown in the Fort Fairfield area of Aroostook County. fortfairfieldbandstandThere is a local Amish community that provides local hand made crafts.

The local Fort Fairfield Maine community market offers fresh produce.

Grown locally to shoppers after wholesome, natural Northern Maine food.

The local newspaper is the Fort Fairfield Journal.

The local television station is WAGM TV 8 with studios  in Presque Isle, Maine.

Also, Fort Fairfield Maine hosts a blue grass and gospel music festival yearly.

Check for more information on the Maine town link of music information, upcoming schedules.

There is an 18 hole golf course, it’s right on the Canadian border like the rest of Fort Fairfield. Chase the white dimpled ball at the Aroostook Valley Golf Course. The Aroostook River provides lots of recreational options on the waterfront if all golfed out or just not your trigger tripper. Plan to worship at one of many area churches in Fort Fairfield Maine. Bring the kids, plan for a family visit to create lots of memories for your time spent in “The Crown of Maine.”

Fort Fairfield Maine.

Four season fun around the many area lakes, streams, rivers and outdoor hiking, camping options means plenty of low cost, no cost recreational options abound. Maine is all over outdoor living, recreational and the fresh air, clean water. Or zip over to Perth Andover to leave the country for lots of fun on the other side of the US / Canadian border. Easy to snow sled around “The County”.  You easily access to all the ITS snowmobile trails in Fort Fairfield Maine.

Fort Fairfield Maine, a wonderful place to visit on vacation. Fort Fairfield Maine Catholic Church

A super place to live, work and play in Aroostook County. Houlton Maine is the county seat, the Shiretown of Aroostook County.

Located at the beginning of Interstate 95, Exit 302 that connects to the Gateway to the Trans Canada highway to the Atlantic Provinces.

Four season fun around the many area lakes, streams, rivers and outdoor hiking, camping options means fun.

Plenty of low, no cost recreational entertainment is available when you make the time to visit Fort Fairfield Maine.

Fort Fairfield Maine also is home to a US Border Patrol Station.

The sector headquarters for the Maine Border Patrol is located in the Houlton Maine area, just south in Hodgdon.

Since 911 happened, a greater presence, a beefed up US – Canadian border happen in Fort Fairfield Maine. Buildings, vehicles, trained border patrol agents and their support pictured below and expansion of the same continues to occur all over Aroostook County. The Maine and New Brunswick, Quebec Canadian law enforcement agencies work very well together. Hand in hand at border protection and security is the way it has to be to avoid anyone slipping through the long expanse of US / Canadian border.

Hope this blog post spotlight on Fort Fairfield Maine is helpful and check back to updates, new additional news.

US Border Patrol in Fort Fairfield Maine


Fort Fairfield Maine's Aroostook River Borders Town On North.

Fort Fairfield Maine, At The Crossroads To Northern Maine, Canada.

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