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Maine Septic System Soil Test HHE 200

Maine Septic System Soil Test HHE 200

Septic system installation and a Maine soil test to study the building land site before the concrete tank is lowered in to place.

 Before the new septic system leach field it drains in to is covered up.

In densely populated areas of the country lots of rules, regulations and red tape are common across the board.

But in rural Maine, permits for a private septic system, with a HHE 200 soil test top the list of must do’s for new construction.

In rural areas of Maine, where the real estate owner has his own well and septic, more detail in given to making sure the pair are set up properly.

To protect this owner of the Maine real estate and the next, and their children, grand children. The Maine well does not have to be a drilled type. Our water table is high enough so what happens out west with precious dwindling water supply is not the situation, dire condition in Maine. Lots of water and a dug well, spring is not so uncommon.

But that well needs to be 100 feet away from the septic system to avoid contamination happening.

Before the septic system is installed, the property owner needs to call the local Maine soil scientist, site evaluator. To determine with the four page HHE 200 soil test septic system paperwork first will the Maine land pass an examination or not.

Your septic system failing for any reason is no fun in a Maine rural home.

So care, study, effort to assure a new system is installed properly by the local plumbing inspector in the first place, on soil with the correct profile, consistency is a initial critical step.

The soil composition profile needs to show the ability, characteristics to be able to drain sufficiently. And enough of the right soil, dirt needed to support the number of bedrooms in the Maine home. So the septic system leach field can handle properly the pressures of full time or seasonal use of the bathrooms, sinks in the facility. That’s what the soil test HHE 200 Maine land analysis paperwork is all about.

When it gets dicey is not usually in new construction of a new Maine home septic system but in old set ups not up to code.

The ones “jerry rigged” is the local term back when there were not septic system HHE 200 paperwork designs called for, in place. The old 55 gallon metal drum, cedar box cesspool at the Maine lake camp. Parked right on the edge of the Maine waterfront that no one really knows where it leaches to. And hopefully not in to the Maine lake work great when no one uses the property.

But add the pressure of full time use, with washers churning, teenage showers that are nearly endless with a good water heater and everything is going to screech to a stand still. The HHE 200 septic system soil test analysis calls for a design for year round Maine home to handle 90 gallons of water per day per bedroom.

And the Maine lakefront home or cottage has stricter state septic system plumbing codes too.

Beefed up to protect the Maine waterfront in heavier duty, stricter shore land zoning plumbing code regulations. Unlike the Maine farm home being built on 100 acres of land with lots of the right soil and space to make everything work on the HHE 200 soil test paperwork leach field design, the Maine waterfront property has a different set of problems.

The Maine waterfront lots are precious and often very small. In the Maine shoreland zoning 250′ strip around the waterfront with lots of other hopefully happy campers for neighbors. With the same primitive, installed before the 1970’s septic systems that are no so pretty. Not designed, adequate for disposal of those in greater use structures on the Maine waterfront lots. Erosion of soil, silt in to the Maine waterfront from your site design carefully factors in to how the septic system comes out too.  

Back when there were out houses, a privy for nature calls and a hand pump forProtecting Maine Lakes With Safe, Operational Septic System Designs the water from the lake, pond, river, not much environmental pressure resulted.

But now new construction of septic systems or replacement of existing ones that peter out, a raised bed septic system leach field can happen.

When the soils are wrong and clay like, won’t properly drain from the septic tank. And when making a 15′ by 45′ long septic system leach field is not going to happen.

Because of rocks, boulders, and lots of trees that you can not just chain saw down, cut up for firework about the Maine waterfront.

Clearing percentage restrictions on the Maine waterfront lot of say not over 30% of the land. More scrutiny about the size of what you can or can not cut cut for woods and where, make a smaller, engineered septic system leach field necessary.

Septic system HHE 200 soil test paperwork calling for more expensive, what are called infiltrators, plastic like upside canoe shaped devices to compact the traditional leach field foot print. Into a tighter space because conditions, variables just will just not allow the traditional lay out the guy on the 100 acres of Maine land can get away with with beau-coup room.

Half horse electric pumps and larger pump the affluent, the gray and black water up to the leach field from a distribution box. The pump, raised bed leach field called for in the HHE 200 septic system engineered soil test plans all add to the costs of the total installation job.

Sensitivity is not just factored in to the new leach field design because of the 100′ foot set back  on new construction on the Maine waterfront either.

The neighboring wells if the owners do not get water from the Maine lake, river, etc considered.

Septic system holding tanks 2000 gallons in size with alarms that sound when full and septic pumper annual or sooner contracts in the case of existing replacement systems can happen. They are expensive and you will not see a brand new construction cottage or home allowed to use them. Only in the case when all else fails and everything is hemmed in and this is a last resort replacement option.

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