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Maine, Lots Of Borders

Maine, Lots Of Borders

The state of Maine is big, so far north it could be in Canada. Flanked by New Brunswick and Quebec on two sides, a lot of ocean front on the south east.

I think Maine is lucky to have Canada for a neighbor, for cross border trips. Growing up in Houlton Maine, we would often cross over in to New Brunswick to visit with cousins, family members. The Canadian relatives did the same traveling over in to Maine too.

Hockey is a big winter sport. And if your kids in Maine are on skates, being this close to the land of the hockey playing red maple leaf means cross border trips in to Canada

. I can tell you about every hockey ice arena in most of New Brunswick.

Canadian teams can do the same with ones on this side of the US border too.

With free trade, the traffic for goods has increased between Canada and Maine. Lumber is big. So are gas, milk, turkeys heading from Maine to Canada.

My kitchen cabinets for my Houlton Maine home came from Jacksonville New Brunswick Canada.

So did our Seadoo jet ski.

And four Honda mini bikes. When the exchange rate was up to 40 cents on a dollar in the US favor, it was pretty tempting to tap in to the discounts.

So when you grow up in a part of Maine that is not just near the Canadian border, not on that US International boundary line, it is easy to take for granted.  Not know what you are missing, what it is like.To realize that not everyone knows what it is like. And with questions posed, it is easy to realize how Canadians are not clearly understood. Or grouped with the Canadian border as being similar to the more publicized Mexican one in the headlines daily. The two are nothing alike, the traffic problems and issues are like night and day safety wise. Have been in many Mexican border towns and no one visiting them and a Canadian town or city would confuse the two.

My Aunt Ruth had a summer horse riding camp known as Camp Little Ponderosa. And many of the competitions, horse shows were in Canada. Before taking the horse trailer over across the border from Maine in to Canada though, needed to show the horses had all their shots.That they were up to date.  

As a kid I remember going in to Woodstock Canada to Old Home Week, on an island the family took a bridge to drive down in to. That location is long gone, flooded and the park relocated.

Seeing all the road signs in French and English, the mileage measurements in metric.

With my own kids, besides a constant flow of border crossings from Maine to Canada for hockey games and tournaments, we all as a family down hill snow skied a lot at Crabbe Mountain in Upper Haynesville New Brunswick Canada.

When Titanic, the movie first came out and there were long long lines in Houlton Maine, after sking one Saturday afternoon, we went on to Fredricton, New Brunswick about 70 miles from Houlton Maine to watch it on the big silver screen. When one son thought of attending Dalhousie University in Halifax Nova Scotia Canada, we visited Fairlawn Cemetary where over 315 Titanic passengers are buried from the tragic ship wreck off shore In April of 1912.

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