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Maine Lakes, Waterfront Properties Like Less Lawn.

Maine Lakes, Waterfront Properties  Like Less Lawn.

Picture a Maine waterfront property listing left alone, in its original state in the great outdoors of Vacationland.

The pristine, undeveloped Maine waterfront property would have no lawn. No weed and feed used to make any open grassed area crew cut manicured and lush.

Greener than the neighboring Maine waterfront property owner’s piece of heaven.

If Maine fish, loons could talk, they would gurgle a protest about the dangers of opening up wooded sections.

How they choke when water quality takes a dip. When the Maine waterfront property owner removes vegetative shorelines of bushes, plants that hold soil on the shore.

Not letting water during a rain storm race to the waterbody and carrying with it deposits of soil, silt, contaminants.

Soil, manure,  fertilizers together cause big problems for the health of the Maine waterfront.

Roadways that are improperly installed with no or undersized culverts are fifty percent of the pollution that threatens a Maine waterfront property listing too.

Roadways used way way beyond the seasonal camper, the original purpose are taxed to the max. With the watershed around the waterfront property in Maine causing a constant drip, dump of pollutants. That fish, any living thing in the habitat in the lake have to deal with, like it or not.

Maine lakes, other waterfront properties like less lawn.

So plunge pools that slow the race of water during storms or spring run off are critical. Rocked around wells along a steep decline in the lay of the land around the Maine waterfront help. So do property roadway proper shaping, grading. Riparian buffers are the best defense for a helpless Maine waterfront property that needs good stewards camping around it. Passing the spot on to loved ones that adopt and carry on the same “tread lightly” and “leave no trace” attitude to protect the Maine natural resource.

Fewer game fish, more rough fish happen when the Maine waterfront “neighborhood” gets tougher. When survival in the delicate balance of water clarity, oxygen levels start to decline. Silt covered spawning areas raise havoc with the natural balance, order of the Maine waterfront property.

Lack of ditches, culverts around the waterfront in Maine mean the poorly designed roadways for harvesting timber inmaine canoe on lake wooded sections are a big threat in soil erosion. 

Whether active or closed, Maine logging roads around the waterfront can account for fifteen percent of the erosion problems for the precious natural resource we all are lucky to enjoy.

Recreational issues with all terrain vehicles, boats, jet skis weigh in badly for roughly five percent of the threat to Maine waterfront quality.

High powered boats traveling too fast around the Maine waterfront cause waves that accelerate the soil erosion of the shore line. 

Sediment washing, leeching into the Maine waterfront happens from a variety of sources, uses of this natural resource. Hurts nesting areas and the spots animals need to live, survive around the waterfront in Maine.

Malfunctioning septic systems designed crudely years ago for the occasional camper find themselves pushed beyond their original intent for the sporadic camper. Who did not need or use a high volume of water use washer machine, or garbage disposals or toilers / showers used round the clock from multiple families visiting the Maine waterfront property. Shore land zoning regulations in Maine helped define the rule to put a brake on helter skelter waterfront development. And to put teeth into policing violations to the sensible, protective use of the Maine waterfront.

mainesunsetMaine waterfront properties are a blessing, a gift that needs respect, care, good stewardship. Lack of respect, over use and abuse hurt property values of the Maine real estate too.

Easy does it, slow it down. Think clean Maine waterfront, like a fish swimming, living in it. The loons, wildlife that depend on it, survive or die around it. Make it precious, respected. So the next generation can hope to have the same enjoyment around the natural waterfront resources under populated Maine is famous for offering.

Free of mil foil and other evasive vegetative explosions that take over, choke the Maine waterfront. Upset the natural balance.

Robbing the life saving oxygen and maintaining temperatures any living organism in the Maine waterfront needs to survive, endure, prosper and procreate to continue the life cycle.

After the quality is gone is not the time to try to educate, to find a solution to the protection and maintenance of the Maine waterfront habitat.

It takes all of us being sensitive, grateful, respective and constantly dilengent to preserve, to develop good Maine waterfront practices to sustain this delicate, fragile natural treasure.

Maine, are we there yet? 

She is a special place hidden from the crowds, the hustle bustle of way too many people and the pressures they cause for healthy, happy living.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker  |  MOOERS REALTY 69 North St Houlton ME 04730  |  207.532.6573  |  [email protected]




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