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Maine Homes For Sale | That Pink Bathroom Has To Go.

Maine Homes For Sale | That Pink Bathroom Has To Go.


 Maine homes for sale. The out of state buyer from New Mexico made the blog post headline response in unison with her daughter. “That pink bathroom color has got to go!”.
That daughter got the link to the property listing forwarded that we had shared with Mom. All agree in the family. The daughter is in New Zealand watches the home video. The mother focused on one particular listing is a Maine home buyer that like most realizes colors are up to the person who owns the house. Or that the last person’s art work continues with whatever they picked and painted from the color wheel from down at the local hardware store. What needs to be done before a home is put on the market for sale?

They ask, worry about their job in this real estate partnership to get the Maine home sold.

Home sellers want to know what should we do before the marketing images and video. But the updates all take time. And a hot market cools up depending on lots of factors. Still whatever you do is what shows good or bad in the marketing media used to attract buyers. Not just the local ones either like this email today shows…
“Hi Andy,
We love your enthusiasm! it’s so very difficult to “look” at property from across the country and I see things hubby doesn’t and vice versa. But we both are intelligent enough to see there is much ‘bang for your buck’ with this house after watching your neatly done real estate video! Twelve acres is more than enough for a couple horses that are more like lawn ornaments than actual workers! But we wanted enough for them to get off their lazy butts and move around and this provides that. And I like to grow as much of our food as possible and we’d also have plenty of room for that.”

The home buyer from out of state looking at a Maine listing does not have to wait for an expensive plane ticket to deliver her, her husband to the actual property.

Thanks to real estate video she does not have to hold that thought. She’s already seen the house walk through and more than one time. Real estate videos are open house showings that go on around the clock. No delay, no scratching for property details.The website link we emailed out had lots of imagery and the lead photo, she shared with me, an aerial is printed off, held in place by a magnet on the kitchen refrigerator. To fuel the dream.
And when a seller of a house in Maine takes the time to make sure the flower beds are tip top, the colors around the property are pleasing to the eye. Good things happen, to reward that effort by a proud property owner. flowerssummer3

The dream to move, relocate to Maine starts with whatever we put online that is broadcast all over creation.

There are only so many local buyers so the reach far from the town the property listing is physically located is critical for speeding up the property listing sales process. For broadening, enlarging the audience that is in the home buying mood.
 Another real estate buyer today told me the decision to move to Northern Maine started while being held up in traffic out of state.
Heavy traffic comes with living in a city because moving all these people around takes time. Investment in new highways that work better keeping the lanes moving as efficiently as possible helps. But the city engineer planners run out of room. This home buyer heading to Maine says he or she had had it. When after eight traffic light changes, lots of wasted time surrounded by unhappy highway drivers, the stop and go inching along the same highway gets old. And they are still many cars away from the intersection they need caused by the log jam ahead.
I had another couple tell me they moved to Houlton Maine because the entire town only had a couple stop lights. Because traffic did not exist like they were used to experiencing.
When the pair of doctors studying a map at one of only two at the time traffic lights in Houlton Maine. And realized they were holding up a couple cars behind them. As the three color light changed a couple times. But no one layed on the the car horn, flashed their headlights or climbed out of the window to make hand gestures to show how upset they were. Everyone patient and not bent on how to speed up the move it along process in a rude way.
The doctor couple took that as a sign, this is the new town in Maine we want to be set up shop to be healers. To care for the people and raise our family. And they did just that as assets in the local community fabric. They bought a home, lake place, some extra Maine land too!
Life is short and waiting in line no matter how patient we are taught to be it is tough. Who wants to spend most of our time behind 10 and 2 at the wheel waiting, watching life go by? And day to day hassles or delay gets to the point where if you can avoid it, you do. You move to smaller, safer towns in Maine for a better way of life. Because heading into work earlier, arriving home later just robs precious time. That shortens life because you did not have enough time to live it. And gangs, crimes also are part of what is on your mind for worries in a city setting.
Maine, the way life should be. Thinking of relocating, moving or just investing in Maine? Buyers of properties have lots of local area questions first when considering buying a listing located in Maine. Before packing up personal belongings and taking the leap to Vacationland. Everything is not perfect and loose ends need to be tied up before purr-ing along to the next Maine home in the target destination cross hairs. kitty cat photo
And many buyers have to sell the home where they already live first and foremost before heading to Maine.
Unless they can swing a bridge loan and mortgage refinance to handle two property loans, which causes the move momenturm to lose wind in the sails. 
Because the buyer has to be a home seller first. To repaint, remove clutter, to freshen up the loose ends of their current home.
To make it presentable, to help it sell and be as appealing as possible. On top of juggling everything else they do in life. As a mom, dad, worker, volunteer and on and on.
Light colors make rooms painted too dark look bigger. Removing smells helps the real estate home sale process too. More on other reasons why Maine homes don’t sell. Besides the price is too high for the market on big reason.
Replacing missing trim, filling potholes, screwing in new light bulbs where darkness only serves to add an eerie uneasy feeling to the home showing. Being ready to open for a tour quickly and to move just as fast when the right buyer comes along to make way for their possession. It is stressful to juggle all that and keep the home looking Better Homes and Gardens beautiful. Life’s other duties besides housework can get in the way.

Listening to a real estate home buyer who is selling out of state means taking good notes.

You learn about how they have combined two homes into one in a second marriage. That it is 2500 square feet and still too small. And next time, they are not going to keep lots of extra stuff in storage units because there is no room at home. That helps me picture what the needs of the buyer are so the next property can solve them as a great match solution. Or to solve as many on the list of gotta have as possible knowing that money is always an object in the house buying exercise.

So back to the pink bathroom has to go Maine real estate blog post title.

The obstacles to selling a home in Maine start with making it fit more people’s style. Pointing out the features, how it works bests for this type of buyer. And also home buyers realizing it is only a paint house color causing their sneer. That is not always gonna come in their favorite shade. That whatever Maine home I buy it is more important to have it be structurally solid. All the right junk in all the right places updated. Better have the all important location, location, location all home buyers expect. To score high on this is “the one” that tops all the rest in the house buying selection process. 

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

207.532.6573 |  [email protected]  | 
MOOERS REALTY  69 North ST Houlton ME 04730 USA

Andrew Mooers

Welcome to our Maine real estate website. I am the father of four grown children, have listed, marketed, sold properties for over forty years. Lots of changes in the real estate industry over that many decades and daily we re-invent our job. I grew up on a Maine farm that I bought from by three older brothers. My youngest son continues in the tradition on that same Maine farm. Here to help with property searches for homes, farms, land, waterfront, multi housing rentals, small mom and pop business listings.

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