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Log Homes Makers In Maine

Log Homes Makers In Maine

The look, feel, smell of real log cabin and homes from Maine.

Cabins, cottages and houses, sporting lodges that are loaded with eye candy cathedral ceilings, balconies, cat walks, lofts.

Walls of glass and exposed purloins, log support beams. For simple living styles on classic settings.

So extra neat, cozy when parked on large amounts of Maine real estate land.

Where wildlife abounds, people do not. 

Maine land overlooking a lake, on a wooded hill side with a drop dead gorgeous view and setting.

Lots of folks have that dream. You are not alone.

I hear the request on the phone, in emails, in the Maine real estate office a lot for log design getaway vacation properties.

“Got any log places with open porches, open living design on a Maine lake or hidden on forty acres of land?”

Yes, yes we do. But just land in Maine is an option. And building the type, style and square footage of Maine log home, a small simple cabin can happen quick and easy. The place just the way you  envision and carrying around in your head between your ears for some time now. Never rule out just buying Maine land, putting your own log home or cabin on the property. The pre cut log construction kits come in all sizes, prices and there are so many models to pick from on the website and product brochure catalogs. Maine offers so many low cost land listings on the waterfront, woodlot, open pasture farm field locations ideal for your log cabin / home.

I know lots of local craftsmen to build your log cabin who take pride in their work and the labor costs will make your purse or wallet smile.

The same log cabin and home kits are shipped all over creation around the World. Just like the Sears and Roebuck catalog where you could order anything from log cabins, farm barns or houses of all kinds. Transportation is easy to get your log cabin package shipped to you that comes with the easy step by step put it together instructions and plant support personnel. 

Simple wood stove for camp heat. Or massive field stone fireplaces spiraling up the center of the Maine log home. Open on both sides so the living room crowd can enjoy the fire. So can anyone feasting in the formal dining room. Fire crackling, the flames dancing, patterns on the interior walls and ceiling glow.

Added to being on the waterfront, a lake or river land in Maine.

Suddenly, nothing can go wrong with that kind of setting. All is good, very good in Maine, Vacationland. I can help you with this back drop.

If you are thinking of buying some low cost Maine land, and building a log home or cabin this is your lucky day. In Houlton Maine, where our real estate office is the oldest log home manufacturer, Ward Cedar Log Home has been here a longludorfwardloghome long time.

But not far away, two exits down the Interstate 95 in Oakfield, Katahdin Cedar Log Homes also has a showroom, the manufacturing factory operation to walk you through.

To introduce you to the process a Maine log home or cabin has to take. From raw cedar wood forest logs to the final quality milled, finished product kit.

Made from cedar, pine, spruce logs found growing, harvested right here in Aroostook County

The logs homes from these two Maine makers are kits, come complete and are shipped world wide. Not just enjoyed, hogged by people on land in Maine. Living in Vacationland. 

Maine Cedar Specialties Products with a plant in Ludlow ME also has rustic local log home, cabin, siding. And sometimes you don’t want the complete cabin or log home kit. Just the logs. Or half log siding. No problem. You can design your own unique, one of a kind Maine log home or camp. Putting it together yourself on site with every piece labeled, numbered. Just like Abe Lincoln, lots of other early American settlers, farmers did. 

katahdinmeloghomesLog homes, not a new fad in housing, cabin stock. Heck no. One of the earliest home designs in America bar none.

Look in to the plans, the costs, the ins and outs of Maine log homes and cabins.

Tell them Andy sent you. Put these three find log home, cabin masters in Maine to work for you. Whether you construct it here in Maine on land we help you find. Working as the Maine property land listing matchmaker.

Pre-cut to assemble Maine logs, windows, trim, complete structure packages shipped to you by trailer truck.

Maybe railroad flatbed or box car is an option to save some money is a shipping option  to consider. No matter where you live on the blue and green revolving marble, shipping your log cabin or home from Maine to your doorstep is easy peasy these days. Years ago out in the wild west it was TIMMMMBBbbber and cut them down, hand hew and peel the tree bark. Axe and saw the pieces into place needed to make your own home grown log residence or camp. Some people still do that but if you like the sound of machined manufactured logs to speed up the process with a set of easy to understand plans, order your log home, camp or cabin from a Maine producer.

Either way, quality from Maine log home craftsmen with years of experience is guaranteed.

The log home makers know what they are doing from lots of experience. For providing you with years of enjoyment from Northern Maine red and white cedar. One hardy wood that grows up in a tough wet swampy neighborhood so it’s strong, made to last. Maine is 91% wooded with timber species of all types. Everything is live and local too when you use Maine providers! Log cabin and home kits in Maine come from the mill where all the native cedar, pine, spruce trees grow tall. 

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker 


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Welcome to our Maine real estate website. I am the father of four grown children, have listed, marketed, sold properties for over forty years. Lots of changes in the real estate industry over that many decades and daily we re-invent our job. I grew up on a Maine farm that I bought from by three older brothers. My youngest son continues in the tradition on that same Maine farm. Here to help with property searches for homes, farms, land, waterfront, multi housing rentals, small mom and pop business listings.

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