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Like Using A Medical Operation On Real Estate From 1953.

Like Using A Medical Operation On Real Estate From 1953.

Listing, marketing, selling Maine real estate is serious business.

And like most industries, reinventing, keeping up to do the list and twist to get to more property closings is constant.

There was a time for a Maine waterfront or farm, land listing that placing an ad in an out of state newspaper or Mother Earth News type publicaton would be warranted.

And other than direct mail to catalog readers back when we were Strout Realty, it was all about local presentations.

So an expensive real estate ad in the Hartford Courant, Boston Globe, New York Times or Wall Street Jounral was part of the moving the chess pieces.

For the check Mate caused buy the heavy duty not much else available advertising big bang for your buck options.It was easier to pick the real estate marketing weapon years ago. Not many to pick from in the reach for advertising turbo to increase exposure outside the local real estate sandbox.

So back to the blog post headline about if you needed a serious operation. But a little phenomenon like the Internet changed all that.

Put the little guy listing and selling way up north in Maine on the big digital map for all to see. If you work daily to increase exposure, your reach and frequency. We do. Trust me on that.

Love exploring all the new, tried and tested true methods for marketing and advertising  the real estate in Maine.Some are sound, others would work well in a different real estate market. And all the markets are different in many ways.

So is the easing into to  how you handle a brand new, out of the gate property listing just makes sense. ice fishing in maine lake photo

 Like in the operating room, in real estate you would not take the approach used as the standard many moons ago.

Because outdated, not the right approach happens to which way to shake a bake to list and sell.

We market Maine real estate property listings so differently today. Because of technology.

Because of our location 8 hours away from Providence Rhode Island for real estate buyers.

Over 6 hours from Boston and so on.

The thinking buyers just drop everything weekend after weekend.

Run the roads, rack up motel, gas and eats slips to see real estate listings in Maine.

Some do, most don’t. Winter is a long one in Maine. But we give them what they expect rightlfully so. For the Maine real estate agent or broker to deliver the goods to them. Door to door on their end.

On whatever device, mobile friendly and wired to detonate. Explode with helpful details, images, video, maps and aerials… the works. Wherever, whenever they want to tap into the Maine real estate signal.

So we produce videos for real estate in Maine for sale.

We blog post fresh content like this work of recycled electrons that your eyeballs are typewritering back and forth to read. We put lots of time into our photography to show what the local area is alike around the sticks and bricks. What you are looking at out and in of every property listing in Maine we sell.

So when a real estate seller of property expects a herd of people to parade through a property listed for sale in rural Maine daily, that is not how it works.videos mooersrealty logo

Oh sure some Maine waterfront properties can be scare and create multiple offer and higher than listed price results. But so much of “our real estate showings” on property listings is online.

Where last night when I log on to the dashboard of the many platforms we stock the shelves on, can easily see the numbers. That 312 folks watched, listened, toured that property listing for sale. Or so many took the local tour of farmer’s markets, other local community events that we shoot, edit, upload.

So when asked for a run down of showings, it may be only four or five physical ones but thousands of video or website, blog post ones. The operation for serious real estate property selling is handled more high tech.All about numbers, volume and online.

With the aim to advertise and market more aggressively, guerilla style. To hit more eyeballs, eardrums than just one at a time and only if they are here locally to tour the area or property listing.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

[email protected] | 207.532.6573 |

MOOERS REALTY 69 North Street Houlton ME 04730




Andrew Mooers

Welcome to our Maine real estate website. I am the father of four grown children, have listed, marketed, sold properties for over forty years. Lots of changes in the real estate industry over that many decades and daily we re-invent our job. I grew up on a Maine farm that I bought from by three older brothers. My youngest son continues in the tradition on that same Maine farm. Here to help with property searches for homes, farms, land, waterfront, multi housing rentals, small mom and pop business listings.

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