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Lifestyle Real Estate Property Listing Descriptions.

Lifestyle Real Estate Property Listing Descriptions.

For years the real estate property listing description of a property for sale was pretty plain Jane and limited.

Nice this, great that and be happy here… oh and one more thing… HURRY! Room sizes, property taxes, how old is the roof and furnace garden variety elements in the real estate description appeared in all the ads. Done pretty much in the same old same old advertising presentation.

maine land graphic
Land Is A Big Component Of Lifestyle Real Estate Choices. Maine Land Is Big In Size, Low In Price.

And at the tail end of whatever is used to inform and excite the listing buyer, you always put in the all important call to action.

Why so little put into the promotion of a real estate listing tap dance routine about what the local area offers?

Nothing to help the buyer distinguish one area over another in the apples to oranges comparison?

Because it was not needed when the bulk of the buyers for the real estate listing were local.

Already lucky enough to live, work and play in Maine. He or she did not need to know all about the local community because they possessed that knowledge of the surroundings. And being local, it was easy to pick up the phone. Dial and spin the circle number sequence instead of tap tap to ring ring. To reach the real estate broker or agent. For quickly setting up an actual meet you over at the property in two shakes of a lamb’s tail. Signalling it is time. Cue the abracadabra, open sesame sequence to gain listing entry. So lookie-loos can stretch their legs and walk the boundary lines. To get inside, all around the floors. Out in the garage, the back garden. To check out the listing up close and personal. As sorting out what’s available leads to a bull’s eye pick as this is the place for me.

Now the biggest pool of ready, willing and able buyers when you practice real estate in a small rural area of Maine is outside the town limits.

Far away and out of state or the country. And today the lifestyle choice, what the buyer does for fun and recreational enters the property discussion. So do personal requirements unique to each and every Maine real estate buyer. Say you are the home buyer and your mother is moving to Maine. Along with the placed in the back of the trailer the household belongings, the family cat and dog. She may need a first floor bedroom now or in the not to distant future.

So in the property search, finding homes for sale in Maine with first floor bedrooms. Or better yet a nearby bathroom of any size becomes a search filter criteria. The real estate website better have the filtering capacity to produce a search of whatever feature the buyer has placed high priority. Up or near the top of their property or location wish list. Horse farms, land ideal for sporting camps as a Maine guide in the woods or on the water front score big.

Working from home remotely telecommuting is huge.

But the real estate property listing description better clearly spell out the broadband connectivity. How fast the up and downloads speeds the buyer can expect if he buys this home to work out of remotely online.

maine land water photo
More Four Legged Not Two Is The Rule In Maine Wilderness Space With Land And Water.

The “tell me a property listing story” but not designed to put them to sleep told for more than one edition in the media presentation.

Not everyone is after the same thing. How you weave the tale is made to fit the personal on the other end of the marketing signal. The real estate story better be tailor made to fit the needs. Have the buyer in the wild blue audience feel like you see them. Are talking to them. Just them or others exactly like them in the real estate niche. They notice the property when you present it to them as if you the agent or broker were a buyer looking for something just like this new listing. The property listing descriptions better add up to what the buyer wants to see. Or they will exit the site immediately.

Highlighting the features you would want if you were them. That approach helps the buyer try it on. So the lifestyle, the features that need press ink and eye candy imagery or video loops. They all support why this property is a good fit. Or if not quite hitting the sweet spot, at least we are getting closer. In the matchmaking of current listing inventory to match their price range. Filling the check off boxes on the wish list. The real estate property listing descriptions should be quick, helpful, easy. To help filter out the good, the bad, the ugly to save everyone precious time.

One by one having to tour each property to determine if it is worthwhile or not limits the selection process is not user friendly. It hurts the quality of what is picked because much is missed that the buyer was not able to consider due to time and financial constraints. That make a buyer run the roads every time a new real estate listings hits the market.

I remember before buying a new pair of summer sneakers. My mom would push down on the toe. To locate the big one on the end. Then ask a few questions.

How’s it feel? Is that your big toe? Like the color? Before hop up, the take a spin around the stool. The one the shoe guy sat on to properly size junior’s foot properly. With the silver tool and sliding front and sides that pull in to reveal the proper size. That he jumps up, goes out back to find something better for you to try on. Property listing real estate descriptions better fit the needs the same way. As the ones used to locate a comfortable article of clothing. Keep it simple. Make it easy. Don’t waste time. (Repeat)

So lots of new housekeeping chores to perform with every new real estate buyer. When the caller on the other end of the  cell call or email message has experience with Maine, that saves a lot of time. He or she does not need to be brought up to speed about what’s it like living in Maine. If they did require the local information, special blog posts that answer the FAQ are sent out with answers to their questions. Plus the link added to drill down into the topic as far as they need to for satisfaction of the concerns. To clear up the gray areas.

My Northern Maine real estate office finds the community video play list is the best way to get the new to the area buyer feeling like they have already spent time in my home town area in Aroostook County.

Trips across the Canadian border skiing or up to Mars Hill for downhill fun are part of the offerings. So are visits to the local library, and farmer’s markets. River race canoe videos and local parades all help the out of town real estate buyer feel live and local. When an area becomes familiar, the buyer relaxes and can move on to the what’s for sale selection process. Can you see yourself living in this new area at this stage of your life? Every new relocating buyer moving to Maine asks the guy or gal they see brushing their teeth each morning that all important question. Is there something missing in my life?

maine farmstead photo
Your Own Farmstead. Slowly Turning The Buildings Around. Working The Land To Make A Living From The Dirt. Is That Your Lifestyle Real Estate Dream?

The motivation to move is often it is too expensive living just enough for the city like Stevie sang. Or the pressure of all these people, traffic, crime combine with the high cost of living to make it time to bail out and move on to Maine. Starting over after a nasty divorce or a new job when the old one is lost in a plant closure. A better way of life for a family is one of the number one reasons for the relocation to Maine. So is health… when it is poor due to stress and environmental factors, Maine is the better way of living. So the real estate property listing descriptions better address the needs of the lifestyle picker.

Lifestyle choices… the buyer wants to horse around and have the green fenced pastures around their country farm home to be dotted with animals. But do the property listing real estate descriptions convey all that is needed in the information transfer?

Horses or cows, goats, sheep, farm animals are the lifestyle that better match the property. The same farm listing could be a sporting lodge potential lifestyle choice too. Make the big homestead into a place to serve up guests hot and ready homemade food grown on the farmland… and little log cabins added slowly to rent out to the vacationing guests that tap into the recreational trails of Maine.

When the guests hear the dinner bell sounding on the open porch of the home turned sporting lodge, they come and get it. Snow sledders, ATV four wheelers, hikers, bikers, cross country skiers and more access the property. By the network of trails cleared, groomed and map marked well to help guide them into the work from home location. Real estate property listing descriptions better match the lifestyle the buyer seeks. The one he or she or they are hot to trot to locate in the website search.

It is critical to “see the buyer” when describing the real estate purchaser out in the audience. The way the images to a new listing are collected. The order of what is posted online. The style of the copy written to portray an accurate representation of what’s in the for sale hot spotlight. It is key to the real estate matchmaking. The more detail, the removal of doubt happens. As the real estate buyer sorts through whatever is in the current property listing inventory causes those eventual sit down closings.

Today you can not sum up the property with a couple run and gun shot images, a few lines of thrown together text and hope to quickly locate your real estate buyer.

One size does not fit all and specific smaller pools of buyers all a little bit different need to feel like they are recognized out in the audience. The buyer should easily connect with the local insider from the community where he is thinking of investing. It helps if the buyer gets the feeling that it is just him or her that is being talked to one on one. To help in the story of each property listing being sliced and diced for consideration. If the detail is poor, the connection is weak.

There was a time when you were born, lived, died within a fifty mile circle. Now with family unit not so tight, the Internet helping expose new areas that look so inviting, people are moving around more than ever. Over crowding in state like expensive California has right now is causing in my area an influx from that outward migration.

Those pulling up stakes and leaving the west coast mega-sized state flow into Oregon, Idaho, Colorado and the folks that sold homes to them are high tailing it to Maine.

I ask people what the motivation to move to Maine is to learn how best to match up the right property

andrew mooers maine realtor
Welcome To Maine. What Kind Of Property Are You After? What Price Range, Features Are You Searching For Today?

fit. It is interesting to hear what caused the move. It was an opportunity caused by Californians indirectly. Across the board everyone who moves to Maine is because something was missing where they lived now. Too little space, too high priced. Add in a jigger of high traffic and crime. That’s the cocktail that makes simple living rural Maine pretty darn attractive.

There are also plenty of Maine real estate buyers coming directly from California too. Southern Mainers also don’t like what is happening to the cost of living, the increase in traffic and the extra layers of regulations being too close to a population center like Boston is causing.

Many leave a city to only be elected to local Maine boards and add in what they once were trying to avoid. Luckily Northern Maine is far enough away to be isolated. From what most property buyers are trying to run from and to avoid the having to repeat the relocation in just a few years. Money left over happens when you sell in a high priced area and relocate to purchase a lower cost property in Maine.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

207.532.6573 | [email protected] |

MOOERS REALTY 69 North ST Houlton ME 04730 USA


Andrew Mooers

Welcome to our Maine real estate website. I am the father of four grown children, have listed, marketed, sold properties for over forty years. Lots of changes in the real estate industry over that many decades and daily we re-invent our job. I grew up on a Maine farm that I bought from by three older brothers. My youngest son continues in the tradition on that same Maine farm. Here to help with property searches for homes, farms, land, waterfront, multi housing rentals, small mom and pop business listings.

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