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How Long Is The Real Estate Property Listing Going To Take To Sell?

How Long Is The Real Estate Property Listing Going To Take To Sell?

The hop on and off the Maine real estate market conveyor belt, why do some properties sell quicker than others?

Lots of reasons and first, foremost is how hot is the real estate listing pool water. How’s the market for that type of real estate listing? Feast or famine, is there is surplus of just like it or an empty cookie jar competing for buyers?

The marketing of the property should play up the unique differences.

The features, the condition, the location, timing of a move that could happen quickly.

Like people, every property listing is unique in many ways.

That has to come through in the media stream.

So there is not a sea of sameness in thee copy, the images, video shoot … everything put into the real estate razzle dazzle.

To attract the interest and build desire of the buyer who hopefully is ready to spring into action if they like what they see and hear.

It is not secret that a home without lots of clutter looks bigger, sells faster.

Pack it up and move it out Cowboy. Cause if property bloat happens.

Oh oh.

The thought of look at all the stuff this seller is going to have to move can make the buyer think ouch.

To develop an upset, queasy stomach. Too much to heave ho, makes it not jive with how quickly they need to relocate.

For them to consider themselves buying this place loaded to the gills and beyond with stuff, trash and treasure.

The other empty home that is ready to go and show and sell quickly suddenly moves up a knotch in the eenie meenie miney moe property listing selection.

Clean, no smells, not a lot or any loose ends translates into a small job jar. In the minds of the real estate home buyer who has to feather the nest to their liking and take care of the slack. Tightening up what has been let go and is loose, undone and needing the TLC attention.

How long is it gonna take to sell the place depends on many factors. If the rooms one by one and outside areas are staged for the purpose they serve, the buyer can see these areas as working for their needs. Loud and clear.

Real estate is emotional, involved people and not just sticks, bricks, dirt measured in feet or acreage.

And if the place improves their life, provides an extra area for a mother in law apartment or another bathroom to keep the kids from strangling each other over who gets their turn at the waterworks, life is good. The household will run smoothly. snowmobile crossing maine property photo

Over pricing is not something buyer nod their head and dig deeper.

To be a nice guy, good fellow.

To peel off from the roll of green stuff, to pay more than a place is worth just to help out the seller.

Folks serve themselves. Take care of number one. And banks that financed a property listing have appraisers trot out and around, up and down through a real estate offering.

To make sure the value is there when compared to the current market that surrounds whatever has that for sale sign speared in the front lawn. To start the journey to the real estate closing.

Again, if a lot of places like this one are for sale, then get in line, take a number, have a seat. Be patient as the better priced ones get scooped up and sold. Or price it right so you are getting front row tickets to a real estate closing quicker, faster without the time delay which is expensive.

If there are couches added to the living room as new ones are purchased and old ones pushed deeper into the corner, that needs addressing. The real estate professional has to make the point politely that three couches is a crowd. That harvest gold one, the crushed orange velvet covered one too have to find a new space to occupy.

Here’s the number for the second hand store or charity that can put the piece of furniture to better use for someone that needs it more than you Mister and Mrs Home Owner.

Like last call, make those extra furniture pieces leave the premises with a warning about we don’t care where you go but you can’t stay here.

Old water heaters in the cellar, clutter on the basement steps, nearly empty paint cans glued shut, no light bulbs or dead ones that don’t help. Cause groping, stumbling around a basement. That is not going to help along the home selling experience. morton land property photo

The buyer will remember your place all right, in a negative way.

After nearly poking their eye out as they bump into something covered with webs, or recall not so fondly everything being darker than the inside of a cow and not so warm and fuzzy.

You want the real estate buyer to remember your property listing in a good way.

Results happen when things go smoothly, favorably. They brag up the place to others in the market, hopefully in the mood to seriously consider buying too.

Price it right, or forget the sale because it won’t sell, you don’t really want to move it.

Ignoring the market value means delay, then real estate listing inventory mold to grow on the place as it hangs around, and around. While calendar pages slowly change and years pass by. The sign fades like the the pitter batter love dub in what interests folks less and less over time. No one buying the place makes them wonder what is wrong.

And often all that is flawed is the price that the real estate agent agreed to when listing but should have spoke up. And moved on rather than giving the expectation that the place actually could sell for this much over the market value. Based on taking the pie in the sky high priced property listing and putting up all those signs that eventually get replaced with different colors and a lower to the ground price a year or more later.

Move in ready, no delay if a buyer is hot to trot works best in the availability of a listing.

Like check in time at a motel, early is better. Later for the check out works peachy keen too.

The buyer picks what works best for their time table and moving twice or more times waiting to get into a place is not comfortable. Especially when you add a large family to the herding mix.

And all the hassle in transitions while they wait and then hem and haw some more. How the place looks from the street, on all sides, not just the inside add to the sizzle. All part of real estate property marketing.

Or hurt the taste in their mouth as they scan and take in, digest what they see rolling by slowly or online with video, the image array and property paragraph run down of real estate details.maine boat waterfront property photo

How much is this property gonna cost me to operate means is one power utility cheaper than another and who does provide the juice?

How much running to school, work does this location cause and what about traffic flow… fast, slow, or inbetween. And long, especially during winter weather.

Is that attic insulated and how about those windows? Will they make the place warm as toast in winter and the insulation add to the ease using AC to cool off in summer if needed?

The repairs needed and how much they hurt the wallet or purse are mentally added up by the real estate buyer and the bank appraiser too.

The latter can ask for a long list of repairs that are needed BEFORE the closing. Who is going to tackle those and how much do they cost can derail a real estate sale that headed to a closing but suddenly, all that changes and unscrew the sale pending sign rider time.

How the property display online, all over the web and exposure using print, social media and all the formats available for all the devices out there to pick up the marketing signal.

If it is hurried and lacking or boring and not positive or filled with some creative energy, the handling of the marketing causes the days on market to suffer. The longer it is on the market, the reasons why one by one become apparent. In comments from real estate buyers who look, then flit and say pass. Go fish.

Like a menu, what looks good makes the finger scrolling down through the shiny plastic covering stop on the one that works best for this meal time stop. To service and quelch the hunger with something to wash it down and satisfy the thirst.

Hit the senses, tell the truth and present the property completely to save the time of your buyer who has little of it to waste. Just like your seller who expects the extra effort to get his or her property off line just as quick as possible. So everyone gets on with their life and moved ahead to the next piece of real estate property game board stop to locate space to call their own.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

207.532.6573 | [email protected]

MOOERS REALTY 69 North Street Houlton Maine 04730


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